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HP moneys http:/ /www. Studded. Com/essays/16th-May-Emma-Tutors 16th May EMMA tutorial By Dauntlessness Welcome to Final Tutorial Focusing on the EMMA: Due Due 26th May 2015 Module Review EMMA guidelines planning an essay Submitting the EMMA Welcome ; Have you registered for your next module? If yes then share with the group what you are doing next. Module Overview ; In groups you have 10 minutes to discuss one of the 3 parts of Investigating psychology: – part 1 (Chi. L – 3) ‘Why people do harm to others? ‘ – Part 2 (Chi. 4 – 6) ‘What determines human behavior? ‘Psychological processes that Anton be directly observed’ ; Think about the studies and concepts in each of the parts and be prepared to discuss your ideas when you are called back. Module Overview: Part 1 Why people do harm to others? ; Exposing the authoritarian personality ; Just following orders? ; Learning from watching Module Overview: Part 2 – Apart (Chi. 7 – 9) What determines human behavior? ; Changing behavior ; Determined to love? ; Making friends Module Overview: Part 3 psychological processes that cannot be directly observed ; Language and the brain ; Paying attention ; Witnessing and remembering

EMMA deadline Tuesday 26th May (Noon) ; One part: a 1500-word essay -two options. ; Attempt one question, either Option A or B. ; Option A (1 00% of the mark for this assignment) – Drawing on examples from Chapters 1 , 5 and 9 of Investigating Psychology, discuss the claim that experience shapes behavior. ; Option B (100% of the mark for this assignment) – Drawing on examples from Chapters 3, 6 and 9 of Investigating Psychology, discuss the value of experiments for researching human behavior and performance. – What are these questions asking you to do?

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Note on the EMMA How is the EMMA essay different to those you wrote for Tama 02 and 03? It draws on material from across Parts 1 to 3 of the module. You need to make connections between separate topics and select relevant examples to address a question focusing on a broader issue. The ‘process’ word is different, you need to discuss a particular claim or contribution. ‘Discuss’ builds on previous essays by requiring you to explain and evaluate concepts, and consider their implication for a particular claim or contribution. The word limit of 1500 is considerably higher.

What will the EMMA marker will look for? Evidence of understanding of the relevant material ; Good paraphrasing skills and writing in your own words ; Clear and concise writing ; The ability to structure the essay in a logical way that addresses the question ; A balanced argument with evidence of evaluation ; The ability to provide evidence from all three chapters to support points made in the essay ; Referencing of sources ; Keeping within the word limit of 1500 words Option A: Relevant material (Claim) what claims in each chapter?

Chapter 1: This chapter looks at a large-scale study by Adorn et al. (1950) on the authoritarian personality. Section 2 introduces the study, with Section 2. 3 looking at the causes of ‘authoritarianism’, which is of particular interest to this question. Section 4 looks at subsequent developments, which are also useful in the assessment of the claim. Chapter 5: This chapter focuses on the topic of attachment, in particular the work of Harrow and Insinuators. Section 2 explores Harrows studies using monkeys, with Section 2. 2 of relevance, as well as Section 4 which looks at Insinuator’s work.

Section 4. 3 is also worth revisiting. Chapter 9: This chapter focuses on memory. Section 4 is particularly useful or this essay, looking at false memories with a number of studies discussed which have explored this issue. You may also find it useful to draw on the audio-visual material linked to Chapters 1 , 5 and 9 where it contains information that you find relevant for addressing the set question. Nature v. Nurture issue ; You might want to discuss whether the material you present demonstrates the influence of nature or nurture – e. G.?

Option B Relevant material (value) Chapter 3: Section 2 provides an example of experimental research in psychology and explores in more detail the features of an experiment. Box 3. : Why do it this way? Is especially relevant, as it considers an important advantage of the experimental method. Chapter 6: No experiments are discussed in this chapter, however, the essay question requires you to discuss the value of experiments. Consider if there are certain aspects Of human behavior and/or performance that cannot be meaningfully investigated using experiments.

What are the alternative methods of studying behavior? Sections 2 and 3 of Chapter 6 are relevant in this respect. Box 6. 1 describes some of the advantages of qualitative methods, while Section 3 discusses the use of interviews and ethnography to duty friends pips. Chapter 9: Sections 2, 3 and 4 provide information relevant to the question, they describe a number of experiments carried out in order to enhance our understanding of memory. Section 3 and Box 9. 2: Why do it this way? Re especially relevant, as they consider some of the limitations of experiments with regard to the application of memory research to real-life contexts. You might want to reflect on this when evaluating the contribution Of experiments to the understanding of human behavior and performance. Quantitative vs.. Qualitative ; What are the strengths of the experimental method? What are the limitations? ; Consider the above in relation to quantitative and qualitative methodology Using audio-visual material ; Try to use at least one piece of audio-visual material to support the argument in your essay. use audio-visual from any of the weeks linked to the chapters of the option you have picked. ; You probably will not be able to do this for each chapter as this will quickly use up the word limit! Preparing for writing the EMMA essay ; Online Activity 29. 1: Preparing for the EMMA – advice about how to complete the final assignment, including how to choose which option to answer and owe to develop an argument in the essay. ; Online Activity 10. 2: Essay writing (Part 2) – Essay planning. Visit this activity to help to create an essay plan for the EMMA. ; Online Activity 13. 2: Constructing an argument. How to present material in a logical and coherent way, so that it addresses the question. ; Online Activity 15. 3: What is evaluation? – refresh your memory of the demands of an evaluative essay. Although the process word in the EMMA is ‘discuss’ rather than ‘evaluate, the answer should include the evaluation of the claim found in the question. Structuring the EMMA (1) Title – Give the essay a suitable title based on the option question. Introduction – Clear and brief should be about 10% of the word count – Set out the main issues you will address – Describe how your essay will approach the question – Say what you will be arguing (answer the question) Structuring the EMMA (2) ; Main Body – Give a balanced view, but you do not need to provide an equal number of points in favor and against the claim. – At least 1 example from each of the 3 chapters. For each say clearly how it is relevant to the question. – Make sure you allocate roughly the same amount of rods to each chapter. Conclusion ; Make sure you answer the question – Summarizes argument and addresses essay question about of the word count – DO NOT include any new material in the conclusion! Structuring the EMMA (3) ; Word count Specify the number of words in your essay – do not include the title or the references section in the word count ; References – Check accuracy of reference list and in text citations – Have you referenced everything? Keeping word count down ; Briefly introduce research but condense down to the absolute minimum. Try now for Amalgam: Amalgam’s experiment in the 1 sass investigated whether people would follow instructions of someone they believed to be in charger an authority figure. Participants administered potentially lethal electric shocks to fellow human beings, demonstrating obedience to the authority figure (Banyans, 2012). 41 words including reference! Can you do better? A burger approach to writing the EMMA… Top bun – Introduction You will explain in one paragraph what the essay is about. 150-200 words – 1st chapter to discuss Burger 1 This is where you will consider the first chapter of your option.

This is not to say that you won’t have sub paragraphs or even make links to the other chapters. -400 words Burger 2 – 2nd chapter to discuss This is where you will consider the second chapter of your option. Again you might have sub paragraphs and/or make links to the other chapters. Burger 3 – 3rd chapter to discuss This is where you will consider the third chapter four option. Again you might have sub paragraphs and/or make links to the other chapters Bottom bun – Conclusion use one paragraph to summaries the main points of your essay. -?1 50 words Finishing the essay – have you: Removed sub headings?