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Other Information Please indicate any health concerns that may be pertinent to your application: No health concerns Is there any other information that you think is worth mentioning? Was chosen by my previous job to conduct specialized training to employees within and beyond my territory. How did you hear about courses? Through the candlelight’s. Org website Please indicate if you are applying to centers? Am not applying to any other centers. Which course are you applying for? CELT 4 week course CELT pre-interview Task Name: 1. Learning How would you characterize yourself as a learner? Old characterize myself as a visual learner. I find it most effective to write down and read information. I often use hand written notes, flash cards and highlight material that have read. I also find it helpful to create diagrams and charts in order to organize information into categories. What is your preferred learning style? Prefer to learn visually. 2. Teaching How would you get students speaking in class? Would get students to speak in class by asking open-ended questions that require more than one word answers and encourage discussion. I would have them read aloud room their textbooks, instructions and course work.

I would ask students fill in missing information by using power point presentations, white boards and diagrams. I would have students play games with one another and work in groups in order to promote discussions and alleviate some pressure they feel when trying to speak to their teacher. Finally, I find it important for a teacher to be supportive, caring and positive about your students and their learning. What are some of the reasons for and against teaching grammar to students? Reasons for teaching grammar is that it prepares a student to notice, practice ND acquire language patterns.

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It also enables a teacher to use a method that can be taught, tested, and corrected. Reasons against teaching grammar is that language is better learned by communicating. By using language through communication the student will pick up the grammar just as a child does when learning their first language. Also, placing emphasis on grammar can create a preoccupation with right and wrong; versus learning different ways to say words and phrases. Which of the 4 skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking are more important to focus on in the classroom? Wink it is most important to focus on speaking in the classroom.

Your students are going to learn English faster by actively speaking it, versus passively hearing, seeing or writing English. What are the main reasons for and against correcting students’ mistakes? The reasons for correcting students is that it will help them make fewer mistakes as they keep learning. They will gain confidence by knowing what they are saying is correct and avoid embarrassment later on. You will stop a student from making persistent errors and help them to learn to proper Way to speak. Reasons against correcting students is that it can cause students to stop talking for fear of being wrong.

If a teacher corrects a student every time they make a mistake the student will always be thinking about these mistakes and that will slow down their speaking. What’s an effective way of teaching vocabulary to a group of elementary learners? An effective way of teaching vocabulary is to incorporate games into the learning process. Games create involvement between the students and their teacher and provide students with a fun way to improve their knowledge and ability to speak. 3. The teacher Think of a teacher that you admire/admired and describe his/her qualities.

The teacher that I most admired was Mrs.. Poker. She was a very supportive and caring teacher. She took time to explain things in detail to her students so they could understood the information she presented. She also showed concern when a student was having issues when learning material. Instead of pointing out a students mistakes she spent time trying to explain the information in different ways. How does/did she/he facilitate learning? One thing Mrs.. Poker did while presenting information was to make her dents feel proud of their success and strive to learn the material.

She built a confidence in her students and did not let us get caught up and frustrated by our mistakes or short comings. In the light of the above, why do you think you are suited to teaching? Know that am a caring and understanding person. It is challenging to learn a new language and I would want my students to feel comfortable speaking whether or not they make mistakes. Would highlight my students accomplishments and guide them towards what is correct without making them frustrated or feeling unintelligent. 4. Teacher talk It is not necessary for teachers to know the first language of the students.

Anything we say when addressing the whole class needs to be simple and clear enough for students with a low level of English to understand. Re-phrase the following teacher talk in language that is more appropriate for a group of elementary (low level) learners. Would you mind turning to the next page, please. Turn to the next page. B. Do you think you could tell me what you might say if you wanted to ask an elderly person how you would get to the domestic terminal at the airport. How would you ask someone about getting to the domestic airport terminal?

Jot down the answers and then swap with a neighbor. Write down your answers and show it to your neigh boor. 5. Language awareness (l) Which one is the odd one out in each group and why? I’m flying to India next Friday. She’s playing tennis this afternoon. Right now working really hard at the office. I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m having an early night tonight. Answer: The odd one out is Right now I’m working hard in the office? Why: all the others are present continuous for future arrangements whereas the odd one is present continuous for an action at the moment of speaking The teachers book

The students away The managers pay slip The teams defeat Why? All the others are possessive, whereas the students away is a state. Many people were killed in the earthquake in China. The tourist was hit by a motorbike. The cars smashed into each other. My new telephone was stolen from the locker. Why? All the others speak about something happening, whereas the locker is from something. That could have been terrible! Think I could have something to eat now. She could have passed the exam. They could have got in through the window. Think I could have something to eat now Why?

All the others speak about a past tense event, whereas the odd one out speaks about a current thought. (ii) Identify the incorrect sentences, supply the correct version and explain why the correct form is correct: e. G. He speak English very well. Correction: He speaks English very well. Explanation: the main verb needs to be in 3rd person and agree with the subject he. A. I’ve seen him 10 minutes ago. Saw him 10 minutes ago. The sentence needs to be in simple past tense. B. I’d like to buy some strange money. I’d like to buy some foreign money. The sentence needs to use the correct adjective.