Early civilizations essay

The period of time before written records Neanderthal: A group of early people who were classified as Homo Sapiens (wise human being) Their remains are between 100,000 and 30,000 years ago They were the first people to burry their dead Homo sapiens sapiens The group of people that replace Neanderthal, includes us Begin to spread out and populated the earth Paleolithic ” old stone” Age 2. 5 million to 10 thousand B. C Sometimes called the old stone age People begin living in small groups They hunt fish and gather nomadic

Wonder around looking for food Cave painting Neolithic revolution Some where between 8 thousand B. C & 4 thousand B. C The is called the new stone age People began to grow food and keep animals They domesticate animals (train them to help them to do something for them) This was called the single most important development in all Oh history, scientist say this is the most greatest thing happen People began living in permitted villages, they don’t have to wonder around no more 4 river valley civilizations 1 . The Nile river located north east Africa . The Tigers and Euphrates rivers located middle east 3. Indus river located south west Asia 4.

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Hung He river located north east Asia Culture The way of life that a people follow in a certain area Civilization A complex culture with a large number Of people sharing some common elements Includes: 1. City 2. Government 3. Religion 4. Writing 5. Art 6. Social structure Nile river valley The longest river in water It is divided into two parts the upper Nile and the lower Nile 3 kingdoms The early civilization is divide into 3 parts: . Old kingdom- 2700 B. C to 2200 B. C, this when they built pyramid 2. Middle kingdom- 2050 B. C to 1562 B. C, golden age, the pharaoh tried to help the people 3. New kingdom -1567 B. C to 1085 B.

C, the Egyptian force their enemies out and ruled there self again Hieroglyphics: Around 3,000 B. C, a early system of writing used by the Egyptian, pictures and symbols First used by the priest Carved in stone Mesopotamia: Mesopotamia( the land between the rivers) The land between rivers Also called Fertile Crescent Us meridians: Early people who settled in Mesopotamia created several city-state Each one was independent Each city state was started by building and temple for the main god of the city They fought each other for land Hamburg: Leader of the city-state of Babylon He tried to unite Mesopotamia 1792 to 1750 B.

C He wrote a new set of laws called the code of Hamburg Based on the idea” an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth” Very harsh punishments Cuneiform System of writing used in Mesopotamia, it is the oldest system of writing in he world The pact Galoshes, a very old story written in Mesopotamia Symbols made in wet clay Polytheism.