Disruptions In Automotive Two Wheeler Industry essay

Disruptions in Automotive / Two Wheeler Industry Self-Driving Cars – Google unveiled the self-driving car creating an opportunity to look forward at the changes disrupting the industry and how we get around Focus of innovation in automobile electronics is shifting from hardware to software. In-dash GAPS system with audio- information provided through the speakers and headset cables Electric two-wheeler Maidenhair Genre Features: Touchstones display, which shows your speed, range and charge level, plus energy consumption and ca reduction.

Air bags in two-wheelers: Air bags for two wheeler users are specially being developed. These air bags will be fitted inside jackets that needs to be worn by riders. In an event such as a crash or a collision, these air bags inflate from within the jacket and prevent any serious injury happening to a bike rider. Cruise control: Adaptive cruise control is an active safety system, widely used in Foreign countries. The camera in the vehicle is used for lane assist and obstacle detection and RADAR mainly detects the vehicle in front. Did Cooled Engines: As engine generates mechanical power and waste heat energy at the same time, they need cooling to prevent them from over heating and break down Liquid cooled engines use a mixture of water and other chemicals like anti freeze and rust inhibitors. , air cooled engines use air but no water or other chemicals to cool themselves.

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