Discourse Community Analysis essay

The common mutual respect is so different because one minute it could be there and the next minute it would be gone, and vice versa. Between coaches, players, and referees there is a lot of potential respect but a lot of potential disrespect as well. This respect isn’t earned quickly or easy at all.

This is the kind Of respect that is so strong that it could last a lifetime or end in a minute. That’s why playing your best when you really need to is so important in sports, especially among friends and people you look up to, the people you go to when you need help with something. The experts of our community are usually the people who have been playing the longest. They are who lead us when we practice or make plays. The last thing you want to do is bring any kind of negativity to the basketball court because it spreads like wild fire.

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One sarcastic comment or snide remark that is taken the wrong way in the heat of the moment can drastically change someone?s opinion of another person. Each person is at the court to do a couple of specific things; Getting better at playing basketball, and spending time with other basketball players or friends. These are the overall goals of each player but there is also a special web of connections that each player gets by attending these pick up games.

Each person isn’t always from the same school so when we meet more people it widens each persons ‘Web of connections”. There is almost always a different group of people each time there is a game and it contributes to so many different types of people and diversifies the group as a whole. This basketball community in Lane County isn’t just about playing basketball every weekend. We contribute very much to our parks and recreational buildings. A great example is when we had a couple parks that were being neglected by our parks and recreation department in lane county.

We called and called to get our community parks that many families and citizens of Lane County use and spend time at that we need to maintain and preserve our parks a lot more effectively. We also needed to start to get more newer equipment for courts and playgrounds as well. We received many promises y employees of the parks and recreation department so we thought it was done, but after a month or two there was no progress to be shown. We continued to plead with the state and after a few months we finally started to see progress and notes empty promises.

This plays back to the respect we have for each other and the respect for our community. We hold our community to certain standards, which includes the setting and the people apart of it. We can effectively recognize when each of us isn’t respecting our community and the people in it, and can call each other out on it. When we eve organized teams through some kind of program in our city leagues or just on random teams is when we take basketball and our community the most serious and can rely on each other when we really need it.

Each person that plays basketball in our community on a regular basis shows each player what they’re made of and how they can hold their own. When we need Not many people know about how close each player is in sports. The bond between players and also coaches isn’t something you can explain but have to experience yourself. The player who is having trouble in their home life can come to any of their fellow players and coaches when they deed to talk, we support each other through thick and thin. In high school when most of us were together we had to deal with tough breakups or parents divorcing.

These type of things can take a toll on a player but also on the team. We openly talk about these things with each other because we know there is no judgment from any of us. You can’t just say its a friendship because it’s more like family than anything else because of how much respect we have for one another. It can’t be easily compared to any community because it’s such a different kind of community. Every community usually has TTS own sense of respect throughout each person apart of the community in some kind of aspect in one way or another.

Everyone in this community at some point in their life have been told that they need to do something better. Basketball is a sport you can only excel in if you practice your best every single time. Each player uses this system as a mechanism of intercommunication because we know that if this is serious game that we communicate to each other if we aren’t doing something right. We ourselves know when we aren’t trying hard enough but more importantly the rest of the team knows. This status quo is there to make us perform utter and try harder to benefit not only ourselves but the entire team.

Players in my community have such a huge respect for each other from perseverance, hard work and dedication to better not only ourselves but each other because of our strong support system. We can totally fail at something but if each player knows that we tried our hardest then it is okay. We address the issue and teach one another on how we can fix it and execute what we need to do next time. This community is effective in all aspects of the six characteristics of a discourse community. We support one another through proper communication, respect, and feedback.