Disaster Recovery Plan Capstone essay

Evacuate building if necessary 4. Power Outage: a. Pre-Stage emergency power generating equipment b. Wait 5-10 minutes before implementing emergency power generating equipment c. Power off all network equipment before implementing emergency power generating equipment * Recovery Team First Steps 1. Make sure all personnel are safe 2. Determine impact of damage on facility and equipment 3. Follow BCC and DRP and communicate with all personnel and affected parties 4. Shut down all equipment for thorough inspection 5. Start reactivating system from router to workstations to reestablish business function 6.

Document the situation to determine a course of action for future reference Recovery Scenarios Minor Damage Scenarios o Description A virus has been detected on a workstation during a system virus scan. o Action plan Notify system administrator of detection. Remove workstation from network. Run another virus and mallard scan to check and see if other workstations are affected from the terminal out to en;ark infrastructure. If no other viruses are detected determine how virus got on that particular workstation. Identify users Of the workstation and figure out what was downloaded that could have possibly infected the workstation.

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After determining the causes of the virus implement additional training for employees on company policy and procedures for use of computers. Document incident and add to employee record Major Damage You arrive at work and discover that there has been a break-in at the facility and discover damage to some equipment and vandalism of the facility. o Call supervisor and let him contact the police. Assess damage and physically check all equipment. Check the server room for equipment damage. Deactivate damaged equipment. Follow a BCC and bring non affected equipment back online starting from routers to workstations.

Once the outwork is back up, check the activities log of the network (if possible) to determine if the network has been accessed and if any files have been compromised. Run virus scans to secure system data. Make sure all ports are closed to prevent intrusion once system is up and running. Document and review with supervisor extent of damage. Recovery Activities * Information Technology Team Tasks . Determine extent of damage to computer equipment 2. Get network back online 3. Run virus and mallard scans.