Decision making essay

Everybody imply decision making process in their daily life, even its for tiny or crucial things, our brain immediately making some calculations to choose best one for us. Let can be even buying a gum, we are comparing prices, tastes and amount of gums inside in box. However, we are not take decisions suddenly if impact our life or projects. Len this paper, I evaluated one of my decision taking process about my educational life, which will be play essential role in my future.

The firstly, before I decided to making master, my current feelings and experience of my relatives had important role on that. L was feeling only SEIZE parchment wasn’t enough to have a good curriculum vitae and my cousin was talking about how his sunny program helped to him find a job in an international corporate, so it started with carrying some intuition decision making characteristics like combination of experienced based decision and affect-initiated decision.

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So, the problem was at the beginning, boosting my curriculum vitae with a rational way and I decided to solve it with making master degree program. The secondly,after identified my problem, I started to identifying decision criteria-elf wanted to take master degree from prestigious university, I had to pass some exams to related to which university I want to go. For example, in Turkey generally universities demand to ALES, HYDE and over 3. 5 GAP. On the other hand, American Universities demand GMTA or Toefl with good GAP ratio and U.

K Universities demand LILTS and good GAP ratio. L gave points to related with which are more necessary for my preferences-I prefer to European universities, because there are more scholarship options or there are more universities which has low tuition fee. Therefore gave 10 necessity points both TOEFL and 3. 5 GAP, other exam have less than 5 points, because they are no so necessary to get admission from European Universities. Len addition, had mistake when put target to achieve 3. GAP, because I only check a few universities demand for gap ratio and it created anchoring point in my mind. The thirdly, implied developing alternatives process. L checked most registries first hundred universities European the first look, Lund University success to get my attention, but I expeditiously eliminated that university, because even they only give government scholarship to 1 0 Turkish students, maybe I displayed unconfined, but it looks so low chance to get that scholarship-The second, alternative was Vienna University.

Their tuition fee so low and they don’t demand any exams these exams except Bal level German language, but Austrian people are kind of German folks, so they are so disciplined people and think they don’t like Turkish people so much. Don’t want to show representatives bias, but I meet some people and they were suitable with that representatives. The third alternative was Charles University. According to the websites, Charles University is listed in first hundred universities around the world. Checked the demands of universities and it was matching with my identified decision criteria. Moreover, checked the average spent amounts for students and it was acceptable. Furthermore, Czech Republic located almost mid of the Europe, so it will be easy to travel round the Europe region-Normally, the next stage is implementing decision, started to study TOEFL exam already and my courses to achieve 3. 5 GAP. Moreover I want to make Erasmus to evaluate cities and education level of countries myself, before applied to master degree for Charles University.

To sum up, I identified the problem at the beginning and started to thinking to choose best solution for that. During that period, I followed my emotions and observed experiences of my relatives and decided which path will hose under these manifestations that, identified criteria to reach my goals, I tried to keep them rational as possible-Furthermore, defined to alternatives which are suitable for me and which are not, so I kept which alternatives coherent with my preferences and eliminated which are not.

Finally, after decided, what really want, started to study to achieve identified decision criteria. L didn’t complete last stage of decision making process yet. I will evaluate decision effectiveness after I started my job career. L hope, I will reach my expected outcomes, the time will show it.