Death cure book report essay

It is showing how little trust that the group has in Teresa because f how much she lies to the others. “On the outside, in the streets, they call people like you Monies, they really, really hate you” This is an example of setting development, this quote lets us see the real hatred of people in the book who are immune to the deceases like Thomas and the group that he is in, it also helps me understand why some things happen when they happen. Section 2-Discussion Questions 1. In this book the characters have to make a lot Of hard decisions.

And because of the situation there in with not a lot of time, they not always make the right one. One decision they made that was good was the decision to escape WICKED. Because all they wanted was to abuse them. However one decision they made that was bad was later in the book deciding to trust WICKED, because when they did WICKED started using them for experiments. 2. In this book there is a lot of conflict mostly between Thomas and his group against WICKED, but there is also conflicts between the group, and other people, both inside and out of the group.

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To deal with the conflicts inside the group is quite simple for them, they listen to Thomas because he is the leader of the group. However to deal with the conflicts with WICKED or the rest of society, they just keep running away from the problems or fighting their way 3. Believe that in this book both the setting and the atmosphere are effective. Even though there is no specific setting I feel that if the author had have chosen any other setting or atmosphere to set this book in that it would not have worked out.

I think that they both are perfect just as the author has it. 4. At the end of the book The Death Cure, the main character Thomas was still plays the part of the leader of the group. As well as being the only one ho Can provide the information On the cure WICKED needs. 5. Yes, I can make connections to my life from the book; one connection I can make is being put into a hard situation where you need to make very important decisions very fast without a lot of time to think about the consequences.

Just like in the book when Thomas or another member of the group has to make very tough decisions in very difficult situations. Sometimes in life, I am, just like anyone else am faced with similar circumstances Section 3 Thomas is a 16 year old boy who has lost his memory. The book does not give very detailed physical description, but what do know is that Thomas is Ft in with dark brown hair and in very good shape. Thomas really doesn’t know what to think of himself, but from what can tell he feels as if he is doomed for a life of running and hiding.

And that he will never truly be able to live a real life because he is constantly hiding from WICKED. Thomas, at the beginning is not sure what to think of the group of friends he has because there has been so much betrayal in his life. However ass the book winds down and he starts realizing what’s actually going on he becomes more enforceable round his friends sand begins trusting more. Other characters in the book appear to look up to Thomas as a leader.

And even though he makes huge mistakes sometimes, they still respect him as not only a friend or a member of the group, but someone that they can look to for advice. My personal opinion of Thomas is great. Think that he is a one of a kind guy who has many valuable skills to offer others. He is a strong leader and a respectable guy and a great secret keeper. As see in the book by when Teresa tells Thomas all she knows about WICKED true intentions. I would definitely want Thomas as one of my friends.