Dear Santa Letter History essay

Dear Santa, This Christmas is one, which is like no other. Overseas in Europe, dictators are rising to power and it seems that the countries over there are preparing for another war. Meanwhile in my own country, the collapse of the stock market has sent my country economy in a downward plunge. Therefore, what I would like is for you to help the economy get back to where it used to be. Immediately after World War 1, my economy rose up to great heights as the war had helped create jobs and our financial position helped us loan money to other countries.

The depression has caused a ripple effect that has been reflected in the European countries as well. My second desire is for my country to be able to remain isolationist. In the instance that war breaks out, I wish that my policies hold, so that the American people will not have to endure the devastation and tragedy associated with entering another war. I also aspire that my policy, the New Deal, is a success. This has been a collection of governmental measures and policies that are aimed restoring some measure of dignity and prosperity to many Americans.

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With the success of this program, the economy would be able to gain a degree of stability and security as the American people slowly rebuild and unemployment rates slowly decline. I also wish that the number of available jobs increases so more American people can become employed. The previous world war created numerous jobs but with the crash of the stock market and investors suffering the unemployment rates have risen forcing people to wait outside factories every day looking for some labor.

By creating jobs, it would inadvertently help get this country out of the depression. Furthermore, I wish that America’s loans are repaid. Due to us being in an economically sound position during World War 1, we were able to give out loans to countries that needed them. This helped those countries suffering to use this money to develop new technology or purchase supplies to help them fight in the war. However the time to pay those loans has come as we are in need of financial support to help us get out of the depression. Insincerely want our military program to be as developed as it can be. In the case that our intervention in a coming war is absolutely necessary, want out litany to be prepared so that our intervention can be achieved with minimal casualties and be achieved in the shortest time possible. I want our technology to be advanced so that it will not fall behind in competing with other countries. In many of the countries, there is a rise in alternative forms of government, which I believe, aren’t necessarily the best ways to go.

Therefore I desire that many of the European and other powers change to Democracy. Many leaders have come to power and are attempting to enforce their policies on the world however feel that this can be prevented through democracy. Although I have implied this throughout my message, I wish that you could prevent another war from breaking out. While I understand there are conflicts in Europe regarding land issues, hope that these issues stay confined in Europe and under no circumstances is another world war caused.

While my own country suffered devastation in the First World War, other countries have suffered more and thus it is essential that another war not be caused. While I hope our military develops, there has been a secret A-bomb plan going on. This bomb, if developed, could cause a massive amount of extinction. I hope that this weapon development plan goes well as having a weapon like such would be essential to maintaining power and control in the world.

Furthermore, if we were to be dragged into the war, we would be able to utilize new technology like this to our advantage. Lastly, I hope that the American people stay content and supportive throughout the coming years. There have been some naysayer to my policies and I want to be able to maintain the interests and support of all the American citizens. Maintaining the support of the American people is key to inning a successful government and is essential in the coming years. AS.

Please also let me remain president for as long as I live. Being president is definitely a post could get used to and the perks are really quite something. I also enjoy maintaining power as a leader of a country that is a World Power. Also for Christmas, I would really like to gain control of Canada. Territorial expansion is the key to gaining power and as I mentioned enjoy power. While Canada has not stepped up as a power, it is still a growing country and gaining it would allow America to become a super country.