Counter-terrorism essay

Analyses the impact of war and conflict on one I-J public service. Assessment Criteria – Achieved To Date This assignment is submitted as partial fulfillment of this unit. Please read the statement carefully and sign below: confirm that the work that have submitted has been produced through my own effort, and any work taken from other sources has been referenced correctly. I have read the college policy on plagiarism and academic misconduct (see student handbook) Sign: Date: Understand the Impact of War, Conflict and Terrorism on Public Services Assignment 1

As a war and conflict correspondent for a public service journal, you have been asked to create a poster and fact sheet on the impact of war and conflict on UK public services. The poster is to be included in next month’s ‘special edition’ for students. Task 1: Poster Working alone, produce a poster that describes the causes and impacts of war and conflict on LIKE public services. Present a balanced view in your response Task 2: Fact sheet Working alone, create a factories that expands upon the content of your poster and analyses the impact of war and conflict on one UK public service.

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Base your analysis on a public service which has direct involvement with wars and conflicts on the international scene. Assessor Feedback Form Assessment Report Unit: Understand the Impact of War, Conflict and Terrorism on Public Services (AY) Lecturer: Adam Booth Student: GENERAL COMMENTS: Achieved P 1: Describe the causes of war and conflicts. Yes/No PA: Describe the impact of conflict on UK public services. MI : Analyses the impact of war and conflict on one UK public service.

Yes/ No This report will analyses the impact of war and conflict on a UK public service, which will be the police. I will use personal knowledge and information from the internet which will be referenced fully. The impact of war and conflict towards the police can be seen by the public but the real changes and impact happen within the service and are only noticeable from those who are inside the organization. This includes increased security, an encouragement to challenge possible intruders, and making sure computer systems are locked after every use for example.

The changes the public will see will include an increase in the amount of armed and foot patrols in and around buildings such as airports, train stations, overpayment buildings such as Downing Street or Parliament, changes to legislation or emergency powers granted. The police also make it its duty to deter terrorism and protect the public from it in any form. West Yorkshire Police and the Metropolitan Police have the two largest counter terrorism units in the UK and are constantly studying and investigating individuals or companies who may be linked to terrorism.

The threat level right now is Severe, meaning that an attack is “highly likely’ so police staff and officers are constantly vigilant in looking for possible terrorists or terrorist groups around the ASK. SO 15 or the CT (Counter Terrorism Command) are in charge of the CONTEST (anti-terrorist strategy for the ELK) plan and is divided into four strands; prevent – to Stop terrorist attacks. Pursue – to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Protect – to strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack.

Prepare – to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack. When a terrorist attack happens or is suspected to happen imminently, powers are given to allow the police to investigate possible terrorists or terrorist plans without having to follow the set guidelines that could not serially apply to terrorism, releasing without charge after 24 hours if there is no evidence, for example has been heightened under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 to 14 days if they are suspected of terrorism.

This act repealed the powers known as ‘Section 44’ which was, essentially less fair stop and search powers, requiring minimal reason to use. They were replaced with new stop and search powers which enable the police to protect the public but make sure there are “strong safeguards to prevent a return to the previous excessive use of stop and search without suspicion”. Increased patrols and police presence are the changes the public will see clearly and most of all, as they are in the public view all the time.

It is also noteworthy that, calling in a fake bomb threat, as you’d expect, are viewed and punished a lot more harshly in times like right now where the threat level is severe and everyone is encouraged to be extremely vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may see. Border control is also extremely tight, searches on bags, further background checks into immigrants from other countries to find out their real reason for coming to the UK.