Corperation satirical Essay essay

They employ hundreds or -thousands or-millions They enable quick production of products They enable larger amounts of supply by the faster production They compete with other corporations, allowing the consumer to win, because when they compete the quality goes up and prices go down as they try and lure the customers into their stores/businesses Negatives of Corporations They run out small businesses that allow public sovereignty They exploit less developed countries for work They pollute extensively They contribute to political parties so they will not have laws made against them When they go down, everyone feels the aftershocks

They globalize, set up trusts, and undermine economies and governments with their money They hold influence over other corporations/banks so the consumer cannot win Single person- corporations have feelings too Nothing is More Important than Corporations (Satirical Essay by Bobby Chou) Corporations are great. They are caring, generous, and supportive. Its almost as if Corporations were actually real people, and on the surface its just that- corporations are a group of people who are treated as a single person by law.

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But if you look deeper, you will discover that corporations are to only one of the economic powerhouses of our society, but also one pillars we rely on in our everyday life. This is why I am writing to inform you about just how great corporations are, and just how little we can do without them. We humans are greedy. We always want the best; always want to be the best looking, the strongest, and the smartest.

And because of this, we search for things that make us closer to these qualities, material items that give us a boost in society, that give us a boost in self-esteem, and through this, we are able to do amazing things. It’s obvious a scientist can’t research cancer if they onto have the best equipment right? Having the best can never go wrong. This is where corporations come in. They do what society craves the most; give us great material items, and lots of it. What could be greater? The perfect cycle, they make and we buy.

One might start worrying about not getting the newest smart phone, but being as great as corporations are are, they even got you covered on that. You can go work at minimum wage, just like millions of other people, to get the money you need for that shiny new phone! Corporations are kind enough to not only provide products you need, they also allow you buy it by working for them! It’s essentially free stuff you are getting, only needing to trade away your life, and also your sanity. But who cares about that!

Look at your shiny new smartened, and that 50 inch plasma TV! Aren’t corporations ever so nice? Looking at the fact that they make all this great items, isn’t it also great how you they chose what you need for you? Why would you want to spend time telling corporations what you want them to make, when they can make a perfect product without your help or advice? After all they are caring and know that you don’t have that much mime to think about that sort of thing when you are busy working for them.

Sure, the product might not last as long and it might not be what you really wanted, but it’s new and it’s fresh, and will make you cooler, at least that’s what the advertisement says. But speaking do advertisements, when has advertisements ever lied to you? All they do is provide you with information you had not known about and products you didn’t know you need. Why wouldn’t you want to buy it? Look at that lame store brand cereal on the bottom of the shelves, and now look at the flashy brand name cereal made by corporation, placed right at your eye level.

Even though you know they probably have the same nutrients, and probably taste pretty similar too, you must also remember how much more work was put into the wrapping of the brand name cereal. The flashier one must have taken much longer to make and must be better due to the better quality of the wrapping so the 50% price markup must be worth it! Corporations would never try to rob your money with attractive advertisement, no way, it’s just that they don’t only sell candy, they also sell eye candy.

Aren’t corporations ever so caring and considerate? Do you know what else corporations do for the greater good? When demand by consumers rises, corporations find places to expand. One way they do this by buying up smaller and businesses, buying up space for all that merchandise. They also help smaller businesses in many ways. One method they use is by pointing out how the smaller business’s idea of public sovereign idea is totally time consuming and useless, why would they want consumers to choose their products?

Ifs just time consuming and ridiculous. Not only this, they also persuade smaller businesses to sell their business since corporations can run them much better. It’s obvious they are worried about your money and times are getting wasted away doing business so they took care of it for you. Corporations are kind enough to even end your business altogether, as it would be stupid to compete against them. They helped you make a right choice by ending it before it gets ugly. Aren’t corporations ever so thoughtful, caring, and considerate?

Corporations also help the environment too! When demand for their product rises, the stress put on the environment increases, as more products are being made. With something like sovereign consumers, you may be able to choose to not have s much of an impact on the environment by buying environmentally friendly products. But when you buy from a corporation, sure they will cause some pollution but when it gets really bad, I’m sure they will clean it up. Not only this, most of the pollution won’t even be near our continent, no it will be overseas.

That sort of pollution doesn’t reach us until a few years; still tons of time to enjoy that fresh air! That’s our corporations, responsible as ever. There are many countries in the world where people do not have a quality of life that is as good as what we are used to everyday. Sometimes, people in those countries can’t even feed themselves. This is where corporations come in. When demand for new products of more products arises, some corporations would even try to improve on the quality of their products by firing inland workers and employing thousands of oversea workers to work for them.

Since they have to pay the oversea workers a fraction of the wage of an inland one, they can make even better products. I always wanted that extra screen protector for my new phone! It’s incredible, not only are corporations are generous enough to share their wealth not only in one or woo countries, but they also spread their wealth all around the world, giving millions to billions of people new opportunities in life, new pathways for them to take on. Corporations are in fact, the cure to poverty.

It’s when poverty is brought up the government really starts to get jealous. They get jealous that even when they are ones that are actually supposed to be helping people, corporations do it better. This is why they even try to put restrictions on corporations, and as demand by consumers grow, and the amount of lucky people corporations hire also grows, governments try to make sure that no rowers are “exploited” by the corporation, even though we all know corporations are caring and generous, so they would never do that.