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Put differently, cosmetic resurges not just bring you a better appearance but also many side effects. First of all, doing cosmetic surgery may become an addiction. To become more attractive, a friend of mine received her first cosmetic surgery last year. She got what she wanted: a pair of beautiful eyes; still, this did not fulfill her needs so she received more cosmetic surgery and eventually turning herself into a monster. She wouldn’t have lost her appeal had she understood the peril of receiving cosmetic surgery. So frightful is the cosmetic surgery that becomes an addiction.

When a person found out that they can become more molly through cosmetic surgery, their brain’s reward system will squirt out a chemical messenger, giving them a little wave of satisfaction and encouraging them to make a habit of receiving cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery, in the other words, is a kind Of gambling, ruining one’s life without benefit oneself. Not only do cosmetic surgeries bring you a risk of being disfigurement, but also a risk of being bankrupt. According to The University of Hong Kong, the total spending on cosmetic surgery was estimated to be over $93. 1 billion.

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As we can see, cosmetic surgery is a heavy financial burden. Some procedures, such as Bottom injections, have to repeat every six months. It required a large amount of money which can contribute many charities. Honestly, looking more appealing does not mean you are a nice person. In the past, plumpness was a symbol of beauty. The standards of beauty; however, influenced by cultural preferences. Nowadays, like many actresses, slimness is a symbol of beauty. As the standards change as time passes, why should people waste their money to change their appearance? The value of inner beauty is much more important than our physical beauty.