Compare And Contrast Cask essay

These two stories have many similarities not only because they both contain revenge but all throughout the story there are some similar ties as well such as how both stories contain some ignorant narcissist “villain”, also both stories s have the revenge plan their attack very carefully, and both Robinson and Mentors b our their victims alive and underground but in plain Sight. These two stories both Cask Of Amontillado and Dollar’s Cadillac both have a narcissistic villain that has done wrong to the revenge. In Cask of Amontillado Fortunate disgraces mentor’s family name and mock’s him.

Mentors finds out that Fortunate has done HTH and feels betrayed and hurt by this. In Dollar’s Cadillac Robinson loses his wife because she witnessed some of Dolan horrible acts and was executed because she testified against him. Robinson is then filled with hatred of Dolan and revenge consumes him. Another thing that these two tales of revenge have in common is the revenge r plan their attack very carefully and strategically according to their target. In Dolan Cadis lace Robinson makes sure to plan his attack on Dolan very carefully because he wants to ma eke sure he get it right and to make sure he doesn’t get caught.

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He spends 7 years Of his life w itching Dolan to watch his moves and what he does on a daily basis. In the Cask of Amontillado ado Mentors knows that Fortunate loves wine especially old fancy kind of wife such as ammo amontillado. He also knew that if he waited later at night Fortunate would be drunk by then, so he waited until the right moment when Fortunate was well drunk and not thinking straight to lea d him to his doom. Mentors also knew that Fortunate had no idea that mentors knew what fortunate had said about his family’s name so Fortunate would never see this coming. Don’t think that anyone could have seen this coming.

Dolan Cadillac and Cask of Amontillado are both wonderful stories that port ay revenge In a its darkest way. In the story of Dolan Cadillac Robinson knows that Dolan all says rides in his silver bullet proof Cadillac with all his security guards in it. He knows that he c ant get him out of the car so what does he do? He decides to dig a hole in the road big enough h to fit his car but not able to open the car doors. Robinson decides to bury Dolan alive in hi s car that he loves and feels protected in. Robinson then continues to talk to Dolan as he b egging to shovel the dirt onto the car and finally buries the whole thing.

Robinson comes back a few hours later to check up on Dolan and continues to talk to him through the dirt which is eve ray cynical. In the story Cask of Amontillado Mentors leads Fortunate down into the deepest a ND darkest part of the castle saying that the best wine is down there. Along the way Monterey r keeps giving Fortunate different bottles of wine to distract him from noticing how dark cool d and thick the air is getting. Finally Mentors leads him into a cellar type room and has Fortune tat prop himself against the wall while Mentors looks for the Amontillado bottle.