Communication essay

This assignment will be talking about my time at placement (Waltham House) and how i participated in a one-to-one interaction and also a group interaction. Then it will be explaining how assessed their communication and interpersonal skills in relation to each of the interactions. Finally will be evaluating factors that influenced the effectiveness of each interaction.

One- to-one interaction For the one-to-one interaction I played dominoes with resident A in the dining room after they finished dinner whilst some of the other residents were asleep. Whilst I played dominoes with resident A, I used different immunization skills like listening and showed that I was listening by giving head nods and smiled at resident A. Also used non-verbal communication such as eye-contact with resident A, felt that this worked because the resident was nodding and that showed me that they were listening and understood me. Poke slowly and clearly with resident A so that they could hear and understand me and I knew that the resident could hear and understand me because they responded straight away and wasn’t asking me to repeat myself. During the game of domino’s I asked resident A questions, such as “did you enjoy dinner? “, “are you k? Feel like this made the resident feel more comfortable around me. There was the use of silence when we were playing dominoes but it only lasted a few seconds.

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After we had finished a few games of dominoes I got up and patted resident Ass shoulder and said “well done”. The proximity between me and the resident was good because the resident could hear me clearly and I knew this because they were replying back to me straight away and I didn’t have to repeat myself several times. I personally think that my communication skills were effective because at first resident A was quite shy with me and it was a little bit wizard. However by the end of the few GA mess of domino’s resident A would have done anything to keep the conversation flowing.

If I was to do it again I would introduce myself first straight away instead of making the resident work out who am and if they can trust me or not. Introducing myself first would of made resident A feel more comfortable around me and it would of made it less awkward between me and resident A like it was to begin with. I think my communication skills influenced the interaction because after a while, resident A became more relaxed around me and it seemed like existent A was happier being with me because it was someone different to talk to play dominoes with.

Also think resident A enjoyed my company because I spent time with him because all the other careers were always too busy doing other things and couldn’t spend as much time with him as I could because I wasn’t busy. However not all of the residents fell asleep after their dinner s the environment influenced my one-to-one interaction because other residents were shouting and distracting from the domino’s game with resident A. The room temperature influenced my mood and interaction cause the room was very warm and so I was very warm and a little grouchy.

When resident A was asking me something, he couldn’t hear my response to the question because of other residents were shouting and talking and so I had to keep repeating myself and spoke louder until resident A heard me and the more times had to repeat myself, the more grouchy I got. Resident Ass hearing influenced the effectiveness of the one-to-one interaction because he could not hear me so I had to repeat myself several time for him to hear me.

This influenced the one-to-one interaction because I had to repeat myself and o the game of domino’s and the conversation went on for longer than necessary and because the room was too warm was grouchy and after a while I started to get a little fed up of having to repeat myself after everything say. Another reason why I think my communication skills were effective because after a few games of domino’s resident A started to talk more openly to me about his past and how he was feeling and also what he wanted or needed.

Resident A also looked very happy when I was speaking to him because I was giving him the attention that he wanted without having to go o something else like the careers would have done. Again the proximity was good because the resident could hear me because was speaking slowly and he was nodding to me as spoke so I knew he was listening and could hear and understand me when I spoke and also he wasn’t looking at me with a confused look on his face and this was another sign that I knew he could hear and understand me.

Group interaction For the group interaction I had a conversation with around 8 residents, we spoke about their past and what they used to do as a job when they were younger etc. Whilst I spoke to the residents, I used different communication kills like listening and showed that I was listening by giving head nods and smiled at the residents. This was effective because they could see that I was listening to them and appreciating them by smiling at them to make them feel more confident because I was like a stranger to them.

I also showed that I was listening by asking questions about what they were speaking about, for example resident X was talking to me about where they used to work when they were younger and asked them if they enjoyed working there and tried to find as much about all the residents as I could. I also used non-verbal immunization during the group interaction such as eye-contact to show that was listening. I also used touched because resident T started to talk about their husband who had passed away and she started to cry and so gave her some tissue and gave her a big hug to make her feel comforted. Hough that the group interaction was more difficult because had to speak to more residents which meant hade to listen to more people and I had to use a lot more communication skills like eye contact with the residents to show that I was speaking to them all and also when they were talking had to show that I as listening to them all when they spoke by smiling nodding and responding to them by asking more questions about what they had just told me about their past.

I personally think that my communication skills were effective because the residents were already used to me because I had been there a week already so they didn’t feel too uncomfortable around me. I think that when resident T started to cry though my non-verbal communication made her feel a lot more comfortable and less embarrassed.

Once resident T had stopped crying she was very close to me for the rest of the day and she anted to speak to me all day long. Another reason why I think my communication was effective because the lighting was bright and so if the residents couldn’t hear me speaking during the group interaction then the residents could read my lips so they could understand what I was saying to them.

However my communication skills were not all effective because at times I forgot where was and so I didn’t speak as clear as I should have so that the residents could understand what was saying to them during the group interaction because the residents asked me several times to repeat yeses so they could hear and understand what was saying to them. Another reason why not all my communication skills were effective was because used slang language a lot and so I had to repeat myself a lot because after had said something I then realized it was slang and the residents didn’t understand what I said.

The room temperature influenced the interaction and also my mood because I was really warm and so was grouchy and the more I had to repeat myself and the louder I had to speak the warmer I got. Another thing that influenced the interaction was the time because it was later on in he day and the residents were tired and so they weren’t talking much and weren’t paying much attention to me because they were struggling to stay awake.

Also because it was later on in the day was also tired, warm and grouchy and so got distracted easily and I was concentrating as much as I should have been doing. Also during the group interaction the environment that was in influenced the interaction because some of the other residents were speaking amongst themselves and their mumbled voices were distracting me from what I was trying to talk to resident G about.