Color in jewelry design essay

The color is a visual effect of light through the eye, brain, and our life experiences generated by the light of our eyes seen, is very narrow avalanche range of the electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic performance of different colors for different wavelengths the feeling of color is visually recognizable by the electromagnetic radiation after a visual nerve stimulation caused. Len Physics, Electromagnetic wavelength and intensity can be very different, one can feel in the wavelength range,which is known as visible light, sometimes referred to as light.

If we put a light intensity of each wavelength are listed together, we can obtain the spectrum of this light source. An object determines the spectral optical characteristics of the object, including Its lour. Different spectrum can be received for the same color. While we can be a color is defined as the sum of all these spectra, but different animals to see the color is different, different people feel the color is different, so this definition is quite subjective-People say that,there is one thing,there is color.

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The color is an important visual language, which transmit information, so the color is an important factor in consumer confirm the value of design. Scientific evidence: Human perceive external information through the eyes of 80% is obtained. Under normal people observe objects, first causing vision fleets the colors. Color as human beings “first Vision,” is most likely to shock the mind and to convey emotion. Understanding of people of color, using the sublimation process from the emotional to the rational process.

The so-called rational color, is to make use of the unique human judgment, reasoning, deduction and other abstract thinking ability, directly from nature feel to be complicated color impression reveals regularity, thus forming color theory and law, and colors used in practice. But think after the color sublimation to the rational, we will eventually have to return to insensibility. Expression of the color data is the most effective, such as the use of spectroscopy, density, color trillium’s values , chromatic of color to be expressed or evaluated.

Such a measure to control the density of color shades, through a number of indicators to evaluate the color of ink, paper and print quality, etc. Importance of color in our life In our life,color plays an important roll,usually through the vision giving us different emotions,changing our feelings,even can leading us what to do next! Color is essential to people’s lives, it is not only enrich people’s living environment, to the people pleasing mood, so that we can distinguish between the role of the color, and give us a better life in this world! For example,clothes.

Color of the clothes, there are many variations in the crowd. Just past the cold winter, warm spring arrives, people wear bright colors bright-colored clothes. Since spring is the season of flowers, people wearing bright-colored clothes feel very happy mood. Summer, people wear light-colored clothes, because the summer is very hot, dark clothes easily absorbs heat, wear light- colored clothing so people can feel very cool, and I feel naturally good. People also wear autumn color in bright clothes, but fall and spring are not the same, because the fall is more beautiful than in the spring, the scenery more beautiful.

Change of clothes people richer, more comfortable feel. Winter and summer just the opposite, because the winter cold, people are put on dark clothes, warm and endothermic. Naturally feel more than comfortable. Or trees. Most of the trees there are a lot of changes in the four seasons. Everything in spring, awakening trees, branches sprout spit just issued a touch of light green, eyes are thriving fresh views. Summer trees grow new branches have become a strong dark green, rain cover for our sheltered sun.

Fall foliage becomes golden yellow, Durian fell to the ground, as if the whole world has become a golden yellow, it is the harvest season. In winter, bare branches there are some sad feeling, but the sky like snow save them, they become more attractive, snow This is the most beautiful gift of nature to the winter. And we can talk about cars. The car also has a lot of color change in life, especially some car-specific. Police car, blue and white colors, is considered the best of Its lights, blue and De and white alternating flashing when performing tasks, especially bright in the daytime.

Ambulance, white, it is a warning light color, blue. Fire engine, red body, and it’s the same color as the body as well as its warning lights, is red, whether it is day or night are particularly conspicuous. The color is army green military vehicles, its main purpose is to disguise the enemy without being detected. There are a number of construction vehicles, their body color is usually yellow. Most also with lights are yellow, so people and easy to distinguish. Inside the store are usually stocked with a wide variety of goods, ND different commodities emerged in different colors.

Therefore, many prefer to shop decoration goods colors, lighting, etc. To determine the store decor. Decoration and interior design is to create a better environment stores indispensable link. In order to ensure that customers in a pleasant relaxing mood for shopping, store lighting should be bright and soft, interior shades to be pleasant-Flower decoration should be simple in color with light colors, crisp-based. Can store more than family and other innovative ideas, unique layout, elegant. Charismatic artistic atmosphere, gives a high-quality cultural enjoyment.

Florists can play soft music so that consumers, including static, carefully choose a cozy atmosphere. Warm in general is very easy to get the color, shop fitting example red, yellow and other colors, which are more suitable for younger strata shops in the same color, pink, red, yellow and other women of color preferences for women infants and young children fine stores and clothing stores, and other products ornate senior shop more appropriate. The Psychological effects of color There are some colors stand for Psychological effects.

Red: The thrill and excitement of the nervous system, increasing the secretion f adrenaline and enhance blood circulation. But too much contact with the red, will produce anxiety and emotional mental and physical pressure. Orange: generating energy, induce appetite, helps to absorb calcium, which will help to restore and maintain health. Yellow: to stimulate the nervous and digestive systems, strengthen logical thinking, but golden decoration but could easily lead to instability and arbitrary behavior.

Green: beneficial digestion, promote body balance, and can play a calming effect on the mind and body that is beneficial good move or repressed. Blue: can regulate animosities, blue in the bedroom, you can eliminate tension, helps relieve headaches, fever, syncope, insomnia. Purple: The motor nerve, lymphatic system and cardiac systems have depressing effect, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, there is a feeling of quiet and promote love and concern for others. Indigo: Adjustable and muscles can affect vision, hearing and smell, reduce the role of the body’s sensitivity to pain.

Gray: Black and white mixed colors. Gray not have their own characteristics, and the surrounding environment and easy integration. Brown: land of wood and original color, it makes people feel safe, warm, and comfortable. Stocked with brown furniture in the room makes it easier to feel at home. White will reflect all the light, clean and with a sense of expansion, so the home layout, such as the space is small, it may in white, so that the space increases spacious feeling. Gold is a luxurious color itself can send gorgeous and gorgeous sparkling light, so people have a sense of dizzying.

Meaning of color symbolism Color is a physical phenomenon, which itself does not have the emotion, personality, people can feel the emotion of color, because the result of people living on accumulated experience. We want to convey emotion through color, color performance character do understand it is very important. Whether it is a color or no color has its own personality traits, to say the character traits of each color, just as difficult to tell everyone in the world character. It also symbolizes the color content of an idea summed up the feelings in the long form, the process of understanding and use of color, a consensus formed.

Here a list of meaning of some color symbolism: Red represents passion, lively, lively, warm, happiness, good fortune Orange presents a bright, gorgeous, exciting, sweet, happy Yellow represents clear, happy, noble, hope Green represents fresh, calm, peaceful, soft, comfortable, youth Blue represents a profound, timeless, quiet, sensible, honest, cold Purple represents elegance, elegance, charm, pride White represents purity, innocence, simplicity, sacred, crisp Gray on behalf of melancholy, passive, modest, ordinary, silence, moderation, lonely Black represents the noble, solid, serious, energetic.

The use Of color in painting If the lines are resorting to mind is that the color and feel of recourse. Give us he optic nerve of the most effective, the most direct and fastest form of visual expression is painting color language. Different people of different color relationships can cause emotional changes, resulting in a unique artistic appeal. Therefore, the color can be said that the art of painting life. Thousands of the world, colorful, color is objective in nature, is a feeling. In the painting, the colors and lines the same language as the expression also has the role of both rational and emotional aspects.

The former creates characters, depicting the scene. The latter is the creation of emotional expression. Referred to color” the full name of both color and color. Color is the sum of the color perception of colors and the feeling is generated by the decomposition of the light into the eye to the brain to convey the feeling. The color is the meaning of multistoried, largely contains the elements of color perception, and perception is the corresponding; addition of color sensibility, is a color stimulus. Color and light, but also the corresponding.

Color composition very helpful for us to a deeper understanding of color science. Admittedly color to create characters, depicting a scene, you can enhance the role of works of art effect. Increase the luster of fine art, giving the impression more intense, more profound, shaping the image of the art, can be more real, more accurate and more vividly express and reflect the reality of life and, therefore, more attractive and artistic appeal. With the “composition” as a scaffold, we need the “color” grace.

With the “flesh” This will have a life of art-Len the painting, that is the color of the color of rational interaction, from human color perception and mental telepathy starting with the scientific method Of analysis, the reduction of the complex phenomenon of color as the basic elements, the use of color in space, the quantity and quality can transform nature, according to certain rules to constitute a combination of mutual relations between each, to re-create a new color effect process.

Paintings in a variety of colors in the spatial position of the organic combination, according to a certain proportion, order, rhythm interrelated, interdependent and mutually echoes, which constitutes a successful overall harmonious color screen. Therefore, the role of color in the painting can not be ignored-We often see some paintings, although the composition in general, but because f the color handled properly, can still attract viewers.

Color in Jewelry Design Modern jewelry industry with its highly market-oriented, international, human culture, science and technology, diversified and personalized distinctive characteristics, becoming beautify life, an indispensable force to promote economic development, has become an expression of the feelings of the people factor. With economic development, opening up people’s thinking and jewelry industry also developed. But most of our jewelry products or with rare, rare, elegant, expensive and rich cultural implication, etc. But began to focus on the shape of the design, attention to jewelry meaning.

Now people are choosing to wear jewelry when design began to focus on shape and decorate beautiful emotions in life, while expression. East and West from the Western point of view jewelry design features: a conventional design inspired by European and American jewelry designer regarded provenance and logic very seriously, anything out of a toad design should be appropriate, a stow that is clearly and logically designed concept production. Meanwhile, the shape and structure is the primary consideration, decoration – color and suture, and other piecemeal then placed second step to be achieved.

Western emotion is usually direct, hot, catharsis is also changing-For Eastern modern jewelry design, whether it is in Japan, Korea or China’s jewelry modern jewelry boutique, mostly first pursuit of emotional expression, interpretation is very careful surface decorative effect. In fact, in the conceptual stage designer jewelry also consider the effect of the plane, followed by attachment can only think about one of these decorative shapes. Thus, the surface elements of jewelry lot, very delicate, so that the viewer has room for pondering. In addition, the color gradation is also very rich, unlike the simple and strong Western models.