Coalwood essay

Among many Coaled residents each individual trained its youth to be valuable members of society. Some individuals in that community might believe that training the youth to be valuable members is by guiding them to abandon Coaled (which is focused purely on mining) and take off to college, ironically other individuals believe to train the youth to work with the mining company for the future.

Although they both contain different opinions on how youth shall be trained, ultimately both sets of people have one goal in mind, which is to assure that youths become very valuable members to society. Towards the beginning of the Rocket Boys times not much was expected from the boys. Although you may believe that it was a cause of personal dislike concerning the boys, it wasn’t, as addressed on peg 1 18, “Despite the fact that we were off company property, we would later hear that some people in Coaled were still unhappy over what we were doing”.

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This couldВ«owe been particularly a case for anyone in that town, hence that no one attempted too try anything new in this tiny and tedious place. Excitement was nearly not visible as can infer, “Coaled had it’s routine for the beginning of winter, just as it did for every season” (peg 63). Clearly from this statement we an interpret that Coaled was a very compacted town which carried out the same old, same old daily routines every year. To most residents of this town, it was repetitious and wasn’t used for anything much other than for coal.

Miraculously in this town there were very few people at the beginning that in fact did support the Rocket Boys and their dreams, Miss Riley was one of the few that stuck with them since the start. Miss Riley played a big role in the boys. If it wasn’t for her constant motivation and pushing the boys to persevere none of what they have eventually accomplished would have ever occurred. Small phrases that are said can be very huge meanings for the rocket boys because any kind of support that they had was greatly important nothing was too big nor too small such as Miss Riley assured Mr..

Turner, “But I think the boys have wonderful ideas” (Peggy). Her words were very empowering to the boys: “All I’ve done is given you a book, you have the courage to learn what’s inside”. This was Miss Riley way Of training the youth and the future of her town. However, not everyone did support the Rocket boys at the beginning, for example Mr.. Turner. Mr.. Turner, the high school’s ironical, simply believed at the start did not want “a bomb club” at his high school.

He did not provide moral support once so ever, but surely he eventually with time he warmed up to the idea of the boys and their rocket building ” You’ve brought great honor to this school, Not bad work for a bomb builder’ (peg 411 This seems to demonstrate that he just had thought at the beginning that the club was just an irrelevant club like all of the other not expecting the boys to have a great future as a cause of this, he ingenuously just thought the boys to have futures like other students either: working in coal mines, working in the service, or attending college” (peg 132).

In the memoir, October Sky by Homer Hickman there are people such as teachers, principals, and now perhaps two people who don’t know much about the Rocket Boys yet they still decide to help them. One being Eke Bookish and the other being Jake Mossy. Mr.. Bookish was an older man who knew Homer Jar. When he was a little boy and worked as a welder in the night shift. He decides to help the Rocket Boys build their rockets, although he isn’t technically supposed to due to the pipes being property of the company and cause he built it during Company working hours as well.

This led to Homer Hickman Sir. Eventually discovering what he was doing with company property in order to help the Rocket Boys causing Mr.. Bookish too lose his job as a welder and put to work in the mine. This not only shows how helpful he was but how he sincerely believed in the boys. He lost his position as a welder because he believed that there would eventually be a magnificent outcome. He saw great potential in the boys, this was Mr.. Booking’s way of training the youth to become much more than just ordinary Coaled miners.

Nevertheless, Jake Mossy, whose father is wealthy and he himself did not live in Coaled provided a great amount of help morally and financially. Mossy was looked upon by Homer Jar. Because he as self-confident, popular with women, and enjoyed an adventurous life. One night Mossy had a surprise for the boys, he had let them look through his telescope in order to see Jupiter. As each boy went up to the telescope and gazed into the sky all they could think of was “wow’. Being able to see Jupiter so perfectly well inspired each one of them even more to continue on their journey and hopefully one day et away from Coaled. As Homer Jar. S eyes beamed he pondered, “l went back to the telescope and tried to use it to look at Coaled, but discovered I couldn’t focus it close enough. I thought about how ironic it was that Sake’s telescope could see stars a million light-years away, but not the town it was in. Maybe I was that way myself. Had a clear vision of my future in space, but the life led in Coaled sometimes seemed to blur” (Peggy). In my own personal opinion I believe this was one of the most important quotes throughout the book because I, myself can partially relate to it. From personal experience catch myself about everyday thinking about my future.

Not one day goes by anymore where I don’t think “wow I can wait until leave to college have my own career and eventually become successful”. I can associate my thoughts with his for the reason being that my future is clear for me elsewhere not here in the ‘Valley’. Mossy was also helpful to the Rocket Boys when it came to providing them with money to buy equipment. Despite that he knew nothing about the boys a few months ago, he soon became a great factor by helping them. And now, some of the most important roles wrought this memoir, Elsie and Homer Sir. Hickman, portrayed as Homer Jar. S biggest supporters and his least supporters as well. Elsie Hickman was one of her son’s greatest supporters through his life, therefore, she especially supported her son’s rocket club. All she ever wanted in life for her son is to get out this town and away from mining because, ironically she wanted her son’s to do and be the exact opposite of what their father was. At some point as Elsie and Homer Jar. Both stood in the same room they heard his father picking up the black phone and making urgent decisions getting ready to run ever to the mine, as Elsie witnessed this she later whispered to Homer Jar, “l am-counting-on-you.

Show him you can do something! Build a rocket” (peg 53). This validates that Elsie believed that her son could do greater and bigger things other than being in the mines his entire life. Her constant insisting and encouragement in fact did result in an excellent end result. On the contrary, his own father, Homer Sir. , did not believe in training his own son to do anything other than work in the mine. Due to the fact that Homer Jar. Was partially an engineer his father actually attempted to designate Homer Jar. o work as an engineer in the mine. As came across this I thought how could a father not want better for his own son?

I wondered why his father was ambivalent about promoting education for his and other children, but then I realized that perhaps some of the reasons why he is ambivalent may be because he might be afraid that the youth (including his son) will forget about mining and leave town in order to further their own education, leaving the company with a shortage on workers in the future. Homer Hickman Sir. Does provide a good reason as too why he wants his son ND other youth to stay working in the mines. If everyone eventually does leave after the current workers begin to wear out and the youth have gone away from Coaled who will keep the town running?

What would happen to that small amount of residents who decided to stay? There wouldn’t be a sufficient amount of workers in order to keep the town moving forward. Soon enough, there won’t be Big Creek high school or the infamous mining company, the long generations that once lived there would no longer continue. However, at the end what would really be more important, a mining many that transferred black lung disease to many tired and frustrated workers whom died or having the ability to leave the town too help cure different diseases?