Class Discussion essay

There are a lot of people that know their way around computer software and can also manipulate it to benefit themselves. There is a numerous amount of cybercafés that differs and can cause a major impact on someone’s life in a negative way, such as stalking bullying, pornography, and identity theft. Some criminals also commits cybercafés for profit. The products off the black market (body parts for faster heart or kidney transplant) can be results of cybercafés.

The burning or copying of certain software illegally to grow funds for themselves or even taking omen else’s identity to start a new life or to simply cause havoc on that person’s life are forms of cybercafés also. A lot of bullying starts over cyber space and can turn into something negative in reality. Causing both parties involved to be impacted negatively over stupidity. Social media plays a major role in some of these cases because people tend to post too much information. When you post where you live, how much money you have, or even info about your family makes you an easy target for some type of cybercafé.

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The most innocent things you post can make you a target for hypocrisies. Knowing your first pet name or parents name can aid in identity theft or possibly bank fraud. There is always someone watching and waiting for a loop hole. The best way in my opinion, to protect yourself from cybercafés would be to limit yourself on computers, do not put all your personal information on social media, and do not open up every pop up that you see come across your computer screen. It is very easy for a hacker or anyone else to plant a virus onto your computer without even being there.

Another type of crime that is not new but it is being more aware of is errors. It has been around for a long time but due to technology evolving and the media we are more aware of it now than ever before. When we hear the words terrorist or terrorism we automatically think the worst of things and start to live in fear. In which we start to think of out of the country type cultures such as Rabbi’s, Islamic, and so on reaping havoc on the US and its citizens. In reality, terrorism happens both international and domestic. International terrorism refers to terrorism that involves citizens or the territory of more than one country.

Such as the attack of September 1 1 or the bombing of Osama Bin Laden. As to domestic terrorism, it is forms of terrorism that is practiced in your own country against the citizens. If a citizen of a particular state does something unlawful that’s in violation of that state’s law to intimidated or harm the civilian population, than that would be considered domestic terrorism. The attacks of the ISIS group may be considered an act of both international and domestic terrorism because this group is praying on in and out of the country civilians.

Both international and mimesis terrorism is one in the same because they both are trying to inflict violent acts towards noncombatant targets to get their points across or views on a certain subject heard and seen. To me, both poses a more severe threat because you never would know when to expect it. Terrorist often send out a warning before attempting to take action but even then their actions are still unclear. Think that it may be easier to prevent a domestic act of terrorism because of it being within your own country and not in other country where you may have a hard time finding out where the terrorist actually are.