Chinua Achebe essay

China Achebe wrote his first novel Things Fall Apart is the most widely rear d book in modern African literature. Things Fall Apart was published in 1 958 that soon b comes a classic of world literature and required reading for students, selling more that n 10 million copies in 45 languages. This novel is set in pre-colonial Nigeria in the late 1800 s through the early 1 sass highlighting the fight between colonialism and the tragic fall of the e protagonist, Awoken, and the Gobo culture (Notes on Things Fall Apart, China Achebe, an d Nigeria).

China Achebe has received many awards such as the SST. Louis Literary Award in 1999, Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 2002, and the Man Booker Internal Anal Prize in 2007 (“China Achebe Awards and Honors”). China Achebe was born in Nigeria in 1930 and is a famous Nigerian novelists hat was soon called the “patriarch of the African novel. ” China Achebe, the son of Isaiah O Kafka Achebe, a teacher in a missionary school, and Janet Oleaginous.

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His parents, though the eye installed in him many of the values of their traditional Gobo culture, were devout Evangeline cal Protestants and christened him Albert after Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. In 1 944 Achebe attended Government College in Minimum. Like other major Nigerian writers including Whole Sayings, Leech Amid, John Skibob, John pepper Clark, and Cole Moots, he was also educated at the University College of Abidjan, where he studied English, history y and theology (“China Achebe”).

China Achebe and Christopher Skibob, a renowned poet, expounded a public SSH inning company, the Citadel Press, which they intended to run as an outlet for a new kind of Oaf ratiocinated children’s books. Two years later, Achebe toured the United States giving elect rest at various universities.