Chapter Management essay

Strategic management is when Sara’s employees look at the computers to scrutinize sales at every store. In this way they can see what is being sold at every store and they are able to produce more of the popular items. Strategic management was illustrated by this case when Ezra produced most of its clothing close to home where they are being sold 2. How might SOOT analysis be helpful to Inedited executives? To Ezra store managers? Ezra is owned by the Spanish fashion retail group Inedited AS.

They recognizes that success in the fashion world is based on a simple rule which is dieting products to market quickly which involves a clear and focused understanding of fashion, the ability to adapt quickly to trends, technology, and their market. SOOT analysis is helpful to all businesses, Inedited executives, and Ezra store managers because it is an analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats. By doing a SOOT analysis the Inedited executives can study the opportunities for the company to grow and expand. They can also study about the threats to the company like negative trends in the external environment.

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An internal analysis torrents of Ezra is that stores are stocked with new designs twice a week which is very quickly because clothes are shipped directly to the stores from the factor approximately week as they get a new design from drawing board to store floor. The SOOT analysis can be helpful Inedited executives can analysis from an internal analysis the strength of the organization which is the fast turnarounds and weaknesses 3. What competitive advantage do you think Ezra is pursuing? How does it exploit that competitive advantage? A competitive advantage is what sets company apart from all others. For

Ezra, the competitive advantage is “fast fashion. ” They ship directly to the stores from the factory and get the designs to the customer quickly. Ezra has exploited its competitive advantage because it use to take clothing industry six months to get their designs out to the public, now it takes approximately two weeks to get a new design from the drawing board to the stores. They also exploit their competitive advantage by stocking their stores with new designs twice weekly. Each aspect of Sara’s business contributes to fast turnarounds. 4. Do you think Sara’s success is due to external or internal factors or both?