Century Project Final essay

There have been case studies that show how medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for certain conditions and symptoms, but the use of correctional marijuana is not a necessity and does not add enough societal benefit to outweigh the negative consequences. On November 5th, 1996 fifty-six percent of voters approved Proposition 21 5 in Californian . Proposition 21 5 would remove state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess a “written or oral recommendation” from their physician that he or she ‘Would benefit from medical marijuana. 12 Patients with a medical marijuana identification card are allowed to carry to twenty-eight point five grams for arsenal consumption; anything over this limit will lead to six months in prison. In order to obtain a legal cannabis card certain steps must be taken. A cannabis doctor must ensure that your condition is worthy of a card and then must write a prescription for your card, after all documentation is completely filled out a SSL 00 fee is required to then receive your personal card. In some rare cases a minor will be prescribed medical marijuana.

In order for this to take place both a doctor’s signature and a parent signature must be signed on the proper documents. Following California, twenty-one more states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. This shows that California had taken initiative to provide the use of marijuana in order to benefit the patients that need it. Other states that have followed California are also starting to see the benefit in medicinal marijuana. Currently twenty- two states have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

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In 2009 attorney general Eric Holder said that he would not spend federal resources to prosecute medical marijuana users who are complying with state laws on medical marijuana. 5. He also states that he would go after illegal activity using medical marijuana as a front. Other States have started to kick into legalizing marijuana but continue to only recognize traditional drugs for medical use. Washington State sees medical marijuana as a sensible treatment for patients with certain conditions and legalized it in June of 1998.

Activists who believe in medical cannabis work with other state activists to rally and push the legalization of medical marijuana nationally. Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant. For medicinal user its compounds are extracted directly from the plant ND are not made in a laboratory. There are two main strain groups of marijuana, cannabis static and cannabis indict. These can then be broken down into different strains within these two groups. Many strains are cross- hybrids between two or more different plants that each have unique qualities including denseness, color, taste, smell, and feeling.

Generally speaking, static strains give a more uplifting feeling and contain more TECH (Delta- Transcendentalism’s), the psychoactive chemical giving the “high” sensation. On the other hand indict strains tend to give a heavy and relaxing lending and tend to contain more CB (cannonading) levels that help more with pain relief. Studies have found that Cubs can reduce the growth of cancer cells. Deaths have been recorded from the misuse of laboratory made medications. No deaths have occurred from the overdose of marijuana.

It is important for people to know that marijuana has been studied extensively. It has been determined that its different properties are effective for different symptoms and conditions. Marijuana is a safe and natural treatment. Seventeen year old Chaw Moore is one of forty-one legal cannabis users under he age of eighteen. He lives in Colorado and has a rare disease called Nucleons Diaphragmatic Flutter that causes intense spasms in his diaphragm. These spasms are so intense the doctors say it is the equivalent of running a marathon.

Chaw was told by his doctor that he is one of only fifty people in the world with this disease. He was born a healthy kid with only mild asthma that he was outgrowing, but then about at the age of fifteen he started to get mysterious spasms in his diaphragm. Chaw was given lots of pills to help calm his attacks but nothing seemed to be working. The doctors suggested trying medical marijuana but his parents did not like the idea. By this time he was taking sixteen pills twice a day. The Mores had no idea what to do but after three months of research they decided medical marijuana was the only choice.

Each time Chaw has an attack he intakes a small amount of the cannabis by smoking or eating marijuana edibles and his symptoms seem to disappear shortly after. The strains that he is given are low in TECH so Chaw does not have to experience the high feeling. Medical marijuana has gotten id of all of Chaos’s past medications and has lowered his emergency room visits from one hundred and seventeen In a year to zero after starting medical cannabis. Teethe above example shows that medical marijuana was the one affective treatment after all other prescribed medications failed to treat his rare condition.

This is a reliable source that includes the true story of a person who was positively impacted by medical marijuana. The source comes from the gazette which is a trustworthy news article website. Countries all around the world include marijuana as a medicinal choice, these countries include Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Unlike the United States, the country of Canada legalized medical marijuana to all of its citizens in 2001 through their health ministry called Health Canada.

Canadian citizens can have a doctor fill out a prescription to treat their medical conditions for up to one year. Canada wants to regulate local growers and start mass producing the medical marijuana, in order to do this factories will grow marijuana will three different levels of TECH. The doctor chooses the level depending on the severity of the tangent’s condition-9 Starting in the year 2000 more countries are accepting and legalizing marijuana as a legitimate medical treatment. The source used for this paragraph is reliable because it is an informatory blob posted onto the Huffing Post energy and health website.

You must get permission from the website and editors in order to post any blob onto the page. I believe that medical marijuana will be legalized in all fifty states within the next ten years. Medical marijuana activists are working on fine tuning regulations and laws in order to provide proper access to people in need of deiced marijuana. As pharmaceutical companies keep increasing their prices for synthetic drugs the public will be looking for naturopath methods which include marijuana.

As more states legalize medical marijuana it becomes more mainstream and more difficult to be a state against its use. As medical marijuana becomes more legal, scientists will be able to find more uses for it. Once all states legalize medical marijuana the taxes charged from purchasing it in dispensaries will help fund the government to raise money for schools and other necessary items. Marijuana must be accepted in the modern times s medicine that can be accessible to patients in need.

Before researching and writing this paper thought of medical marijuana as an excuse for people who mostly wanted to use it for getting “high. ” Although these people were in pain and sick did not fully understand the effective component of its use. Some of the prescribed marijuana comes in liquid form and does not contain the chemical that gets you high. I did not realize that marijuana could be broken down into different components to treat different symptoms. I now realize the true value of medicinal marijuana as an effective reattempt where other traditional treatments have failed.