Celebrities Should Not be Given the Right to Any Privacy essay

The social media nowadays are booming with countless news on celebrities. Countless celebrity gossips of who is currently dating who, what they did when they had gotten drunk, which celebrity was arrested and even which starlet has ruined whose relationship (Rotor n. D. ). The gossips on celebrities from media are endless. So who are these celebrities and why are they making headlines so much and invading our new feeds? Well, celebrities are also known as public figures and they are dollied by the general public (Dearth 2014).

Be it for the good or for the bad reasons for gaining fame, if he public finds interest in a person from their singing, dancing, acting or even down to the silliest things they do, that person gets well-known, then the news will start to spread and the paparazzi which are the media will come along and that person will start to become more and more well-known. That person automatically becomes a celebrity (Dearth 2014). For years now, newspapers are known for having a reputation on exclusive celebrity news that involves the private lives of celebrities (Hosannas 2011).

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The most common problem encountered by celebrities is the invasion of their privacy. This problem has been around for quite a while with numerous debates on whether these celebrities should or should not be entitled to privacy. Celebrities often press charges against newspapers or the paparazzi in order to prevent them from publishing and revealing any possible misjudgment (Hosannas 2011) and yet, the relationship between the two, celebrities and the media are in such that it is perhaps that one cannot at all exist or survive without the other (Hosannas 2011).

Yes, celebrities are people too but are they entitled to privacy and have the right to have a private life? Although celebrities should have a right to a private life, as celebrities and public figures are also people therefore entitled to some space of privacy in their lives, it is more accurate to say that celebrities should not have a right to a private life as they are role models because a majority of them use their fame to bring change which has a great impact on society, they are the subject of interest to the public and they are paid for their lives to be exposed to entertain people.

It is argued by many that celebrities should not have a right o private life because celebrities and as well as public figure are also people and so they are entitled to some space of privacy in their lives (Hodgkin 2002) so that way, they do not have the invasion of their private space (Dearth 2014), they are able to live their lives as normal without being followed by the media. As stated, it is weak because celebrities should not be given the right to any privacy (Rotor n. D. ).

First of all, celebrities have to give up part of their life when they have sign up for something that puts them into the spotlight ND in the eyes of billions of people because they are all the time in the spotlight and virtually, everything single thing they do is in the publics eye (Glenn 2013). In showbiz, fame and fortune is number one whenever they decide to seek celebrity status. People tend to only see the good side of showbiz but overlook the bad that would be giving the most important part of their life away which is their privacy.

They as public figures and movie stars, choose to be in the limelight, the centre of the attention and with that, they have to trade in for their freedom and privacy for fame, adulation and as well s to keep the riches company (Glenn 2013) as they should expect to have their behavior to be the focus of attention. One of the many possible consequences that celebrities should have considered is what they would face before entering in such a line of work. Sacrifices will be involved and that would be sacrificing part of their privacy and most celebrities cannot give that up or even handle the full public attention on them (Dearth 2014).

By choosing the FAA life as celebrity, they are bind by the fact that their personal life will be under constant surveillance and publicized. Celebrities are role models that have great impact on society thus they should not the rights to a private life as most of them use their fame to bring Out change (King 2014). Celebrities are able to influence people to join charitable organizations to help the people in need (Trauma 2008) by using their power, money and publicity.

Celebrities such as Angelina Joliet who is a well-known philanthropist join the Office of the Ignited Nations High Commissioner for refugees (MUNCH) to help authorized, lead and co-ordinate international actions to protect and resolve refugee problems worldwide Armada’s 2013). Michael Bloomberg donated more than $1 billion to his alma mater, John Hopkins University as his pledge to give away most of his wealth to charitable causes. In addition, celebrities are good role models to teens and younger generation.

People look up to them in life for how to live their own lives, copy them and emulate them (King 2014). Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift has impacted the younger generation in so many ways. Michael Jackson has inspired dancers with one of a kind dance despite dying from drug overdose he is still being dollied by everyone. Performers pop the one and only King of Rock and Roll because of his unique singing and style of performing. Taylor Swift who is adored by teens and young adults of both genders has touched everyone’s heart with her meaningful lyrics.

Celebrities are seen by so many eyes thus becoming a source of inspiration through the media (Oliver 2014). For example, Opera Winfred being one of the most famous African-American philanthropists, she has become one of the most influential women in the world. She has changed people’s everyday culture and also influenced people in so many other ways. Opera has always eloped others around the world that are less advantaged than her by putting her talents, efforts, power, fame and fortune to good use (Frazier 2014).

Celebrities are the subject Of interest to the public and they should not have a right to a private life (Dearth 2014). Celebrities’ leaves the people’s great demand for wanting to know more and more about them is never enough. Celebrities who have been in the publics interest lately are the Sardinian family. Since the start of their own reality television show they have been the center of attention to the media (Dearth 2014). Through their talent, liberties’ wants to be loved by all by putting themselves out there wanting to be recognizing (Ingram and Hansel 2008).

A really good example would be Kim Sardinian as she is always out and about and making headlines like, her recent obscene photo-shoot for a magazine called “Breaking the internet’. Celebrities are public property (Ingram and Hansel 2008) as they are already in show business where it consists of signing a contract for a company and it is only fair that the company and the media have part ownership of them. Celebrities should not have a right to have a private life because celebrities re paid for their private lives to be exposed and just to entertain people.

Celebrities have the job to entertain and to make themselves famous. Celebrities are performers, public figures who all want the same thing which is fame, fortune, being recognized for their talent or just simply because they Want to perform and do what they love to do. Celebrities are paid loads of money for their lives to be exposed. It is only fair that lack of privacy is what they should have (South China Morning Post 2008). Famous celebrities such as Victorians Secret Models such as Candace Swansong, Adrian Lima, Hide

Glum just to name a few, all of which are paid to have their lives publicized to the world simply because these models have the ability to captivate the public and gain loads of press with their flawless physiques. In order to be recognized celebrities need to be famous (South China Morning Post 2008). Celebrities should have realized the consequences because they choose to be in the spotlight as being famous has a price and they should suffer from the lack of privacy. In conclusion, most celebrities want the attention, and then complain about not having any privacy in their lives.

It is by choice that celebrities are on this career path whereby they cannot exist without the mass media and vice versa. It is the mass media’s duty to fulfill the publics unlimited wants and needs to know more about their favorite idol. Therefore, celebrities should understand that once they are in this business, there is no way out of it and they cannot buy privacy back. Moreover, celebrities should not and cannot expect to live their lives like everyone else. Finally, celebrities should have realized the consequences otherwise they should learn how to deal with it instead.