Cause Effect essay

Problem Statement Testing Paraphrase Why is there a turnover rates of mechanics? 180 Degree Why is there a low turnover rate of mechanics? Broadening the Focus Why do the mechanics not want to work for the company? Redirection Why does the company need mechanics? Why ask Why Why is there a high turnover rates of mechanics? The mechanics are unsatisfied with the hours they have to work. Why are the mechanics unsatisfied with the hours they have to work?

The mechanics have to work every single weekend with no time for their families. Why do the mechanics have to work every single weekend with no time for heir families? There isn’t enough mechanics to work on the weekends. Why isn’t their enough mechanics to work on the weekends? The company needs to hire more than one mechanic. Final problem statement: Why isn’t there enough mechanics to work on the weekends?

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Clarification of changes The changes in my problem statement are based on the application of the restatement process. The reason for the change was after asking why and why again, was able to get to the bottom of the original problem which was the high turnover rate for the mechanics. I realized the reason for the high remover rates was more than the employees being dissatisfied about having to work every weekend… T was a deeper issue with the company not having enough workers to cover the employee should the employee need the time off; hence leading me to see that there was not enough employees in the department. Newly discovered problem knowledge: discovered how to use the problem restatement process and how using the different restatement helps one to see the problem from many different viewpoints. Such as the 180 degree viewpoint. Sometimes in order to realize the actual problem, we have to look at what causes companies to not have hose problems.

I focused on companies with low turnovers to understand what makes a company have a low turnover; thus allowing me to focus more on the reason the company is having a high turnover. The broad viewpoint also allowed me to look at the employment issue from a company standpoint… What problem do these employees have with the company? This allowed me to see the bigger picture and not focus on the narrow reason that assumed was the problem. I need to further investigate if by hiring more than one employee if that would help the turnover problem.