Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights essay

To succeed in today’s marketplace, companies must know how to turn mountains of marketing information into fresh customer insights that will help them deliver greater value to customers. Let’s start with a good story about marketing research and customer insights in action at P&G, one of the world’s largest and most re. Suspected marketing companies. P makes and markets a who’s who list of consumer misbrands, including the likes of Tide, Crest, Bounty, Charming, puffs, Pampers, Principles, Gillette, Dawn, Ivory, Breeze, Swifter, Lola, Cover Girl, Pentane, Scope, Inquiry, Durable, and dozens more.

The company’s dated purpose is to provide products that “improve the lives of the world’s consumers. ” P’s brands really do create value for consumers by solving their problems. But to build meaningful relationships with customers, you first have to understand them and how they connect with your brand. That’s where marketing research comes in. P: Deep Customer Insights Yield Meaningful Customer Relationships c reading customer value. Building meaningful customer relationships.

All this sounds pretty lofty, especially for a company like P, which sells seemingly mundane, low-involvement consumer products such s detergents, shampoos, toothpastes, fabric softeners, toilet paper, and disposable diapers. Can you really develop a meaningful relationship between customers and a laundry detergent? For P, the resounding answer is yes. But first you have to get to know your customers well-?really well. More than 60 years ago, P’s Tide revolutionized the industry as the first detergent to use synthetic compounds rather than soap chemicals for cleaning clothes.

Tide really does get clothes clean. For decades, Tides marketers have positioned the brand on superior functional performance, with hard-hitting ads showing before-and-after cleaning comparisons. But as it turns out, to consumers, Tide means a lot more than just getting grass stains out of that old pair Of jeans. So for several years, P&G has been on a consumer research mission: to unearth and cultivate the deep connections that customers have with its products.

Under this mandate, a few years back, the Tide marketing team decided that it needed a new message for the brand. Tides brand share, although large, had been stagnant for several years. Also, as a result of its hard-hitting functional advertising, consumers saw the Tide brand as arrogant, self-absorbed, and ere male. The brand needed to recapture the hearts and minds of its core female consumers. The Tide team set out to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional connections that women have with their laundry.

Rather than just conducting the usual focus groups and marketing research surveys, however, marketing executives and strategists from P&G and its longtime ad agency, Chitchats & Chitchats, conducted research at a deeper level. They engaged in a two-week consumer immersion in which they tagged along with women in Kansas City, Missouri, and Charlotte, North Carolina, as they worked, shopped, and ran errands. The team also sat in on concussions to hear women talk about what’s important to them. “We got to an incredibly deep and personal level,” says a Tide marketing executive. We wanted to understand the role of laundry’ in their life. ” But “one Of the great P&G, one of the world’s things,” adds a Chitchats most respected marketing strategist about the research effort, “is we companies, knows that didn’t talk [to consumers] to build meaningful about their laundry relationships with habits [and practices]. We customers, you must first talked about their lives, understand them and how what their needs were, they connect with your how they felt as women. Rand. That’s the role of And we got a lot of rich stuff that we hadn’t marketing research. Aped into before. ” Chapter 4 The immersion research produced some remarkable consumer insights. The Tide marketers learned that, although Tide and laundry aren’t the most important things in customers’ lives, women are very emotional about their clothing. For example, ‘there was the joy a plus-size, divorced woman described when she got a whistle from her boyfriend while wearing her “foolproof (sexiest) outfit” According to one P account: “Day-to-day fabrics in women’s lives hold meaning and touch them in many ways.

Women like taking care of their clothes and fabrics because they are filled with emotions, stories, feelings, and memories. The fabrics in their lives (anything from jeans to sheets) allow them to express their personalities, their multidimensional as women, their attitudes. ” The marketing research impacted everything the brand did moving forward. Tide, the marketers decided, can do more than solve women’s laundry problems. It can make a difference in something they truly care about-?the fabrics that touch their lives.

Based on these insights, and Chitchats developed an award-winning advertising campaign, built around he theme “Tide knows fabrics best. ” Rather than the mostly heartless demonstrations and side-by-side comparisons of past Tide advertising, the new campaign employed rich visual imagery and meaningful emotional connections. The initial “Tide knows fabrics best’ ads had just the right mix of emotional connections and soft sell. In one television commercial, a pregnant woman dribbled ice cream on the one last shirt that still fit. It’s Tide with Bleach to the rescue, so that “your clothes can outlast your cravings. Another ad showed touching scenes of a woman first holding a baby and then cuddling anatomically with her husband, all to the tune of “Be My Baby. ” Tide with Breeze, said the ad, can mean “the difference between smelling like a mom and smelling like a woman. ” In all, the “Tide knows fabrics best” campaign showed women that Tide really does make a difference in fabrics that touch their lives. The most recent incarnation of the Tide campaign-?”Style Is an Option. Clean Is Not. “-? connects Tides cleaning prowess with powerful emotions such as style and self-expression.

Linking laundry to style and self-expression isn’t really that big a leap. “In watching consumers use [their detergent], many of hem talked about how it maintained their clothes in the same way that shampoo and conditioner nurtured one’s hair,” says a Tide assistant brand manager. In the “Style Is an Option. Clean Is Not” campaign, “Tide celebrates the expression of personal style and helps to give people a sense of pride and dignity when they walk out the door knowing that what they Wear is clean,” says another Tide marketer.

It links Tide and cleaning “to something that is really important to people: our clothes, and the way we look. ” So back to the original question: Can you develop a relationship with a laundry detergent brand? Insights gained from P’s pep-immersion consumer research showed that Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights 97 such relationships aren’t just The Tide marketing teams’ possible-?they re inevitable. The deep immersion research key is to really understand the true with consumers revealed nature of the relationship and some important insights. Shape it by creating real value for The most recent Tide customers.

Such an understanding campaign connects Tides comes from marketing research, cleaning prowess with not only on a company’s products powerful emotions such as and marketing programs but also style and self-expression. N core customer needs and brand experiences. No brand is more successful at creating customer relationships than Tide. Incredibly, P’s flagship brand captures a more than 40 percent share of the cluttered and competitive laundry detergent market. That’s right, more than 40 percent and growing-?including a 7 percent increase in the year following the start of the “Tide knows fabrics best” campaign. As the P Tide story highlights, good products and marketing programs begin with good customer information. Companies also need an abundance of information on competitors, resellers, and other actors and marketplace forces. But more than just gathering information, marketers must use the information to gain powerful customer and market insights. Objective OUTLINE Explain the importance of information in gaining insights about the marketplace and customers. Marketing Information and Customer Insights (98-100) Define the marketing information system and discuss its parts.

Assessing Marketing Information Needs (100) Developing Marketing Information (100-102) Outline the steps in the marketing research process. Marketing Research (103-119) Explain how companies analyze and use marketing information. Analyzing and Using Marketing Information (119-121) Discuss the special issues some marketing researchers face, including public policy and ethics issues. Other Marketing Information Considerations Author Marketing information by Comment itself has little value. The value is in the customer insights gained from the information and how these insights are used to make better marketing decisions. 121-126) Marketing Information and Customer Insights (up 98-100) To create value for customers and build meaningful relationships with them, marketers must first gain fresh, deep insights into what customers need and want. Companies use such customer insights to develop competitive advantage. “In today’s hyperactivity world,” states a marketing expert, “the race for competitive advantage is really a race for customer and market insights. ” Such insights come from good marketing information. 2 Consider Apple’s phenomenally successful pod.

The pod wasn’t the first digital music player, but Apple was the first to get it right. Apple’s research uncovered a key insight about how people want to consume digital music-?they want to take all their music with them, but they Want personal music players to be unobtrusive. This insight led to two key design goals: make it as small as a eek of cards and build it to hold 1,000 songs. Add a dash of Apple’s design and usability magic to this insight, and you have a recipe for a blockbuster. Apple’s expanded pod and pod Touch lines now capture more than a 75 percent market share.

And they’ve spawned other Apple blockbusters such as the phone and the pad. Key customer insights, plus a dash of Apple’s design and usability magic, have made the pod a blockbuster. It now captures a more than 75 percent market share and has spawned other Apple blockbusters such as the phone and the pad. Although customer and market insights are important for building customer alee and relationships, these insights can be very difficult to obtain. Customer needs and buying motives are often anything but obvious-?consumers themselves usually can’t tell you exactly what they need and why they buy.

To gain good customer insights, marketers must effectively manage marketing information from a wide range of sources. Today’s marketers have ready access to plenty of marketing information. With the recent explosion of information technologies, companies 99 can now generate information in great quantities. Moreover, consumers themselves are now generating tons of “bottom-up” marketing information. Not long ago, the only way a consumer could communicate with an organization was by mailing a handwritten letter.

Then came the call center, followed by e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging and, indirectly, blobbing Backbone, Twitter, and so on. Each one has contributed to a growing tidal wave of “bottom-up” information that individuals volunteer to each other and to organizations. Organizations able to … Elicit and use such [volunteered information] will be able to gain much richer, more timely customer insights at lower cost. 3 Customer insights Fresh understandings of customers and the marketplace derived from marketing information that become the basis for creating customer value and relationships.

Marketing information system (MIS) People and procedures for assessing information needs, developing the needed information, and helping decision makers to use the information to generate and validate actionable customer and market insights. Far from lacking information, most marketing managers are overloaded with data and often overwhelmed by it. For example, when a company such as Pepsi monitors online discussions about its brands by searching key words in tweets, blobs, posts, and other sources, its servers take in a stunning six lion public conversations a day, more than two billion a year. That far more information than any manager can digest. Despite this data glut, marketers frequently complain that they lack enough information of the right kind. They don’t need more information; they need better information. And they need to make better use of the information they already have. The real value of marketing research and marketing information lies in how it is used-? in the customer insights that it provides. Based on such thinking, many companies are now restructuring their marketing research and information functions.

They are creating “customer insights teams,” headed by a vice president of customer insights and composed of representatives from all of the firm’s functional areas. For example, the head of marketing research at Kraft Foods is called the director of consumer insights and strategy. At Milliner, marketing research is done by the Consumer and Market Insight division, which helps brand teams harness information and turn it into customer insights.

Customer insights groups collect customer and market information from a wide variety of sources, ranging from traditional marketing research studies to mingling with and observing consumers to monitoring consumer online conversations about the company and its products. Then they use this information to develop important customer insights from which the company can create more value for its customers. Thus, companies must design effective marketing information systems that give managers the right information, in the right form, at the right time and help them to use this information to create customer value and stronger customer relationships.

A marketing information system (MIS) consists of people and procedures for assessing information needs, developing the needed information, and helping decision makers use the Information to enervate and validate actionable customer and market insights. Figure 4. 1 shows that the MIS begins and ends with information users-?marketing managers, internal and external partners, and others who need marketing information. FIGURE | 4. The Marketing Information System Marketing managers and other information users Obtaining customer and market insights from marketing information Marketing information system Developing needed information This chapter is all about managing marketing information to gain customer insights. And this important figure organizes the entire chapter. Marketers start by guessing user information needs. Then they develop the needed information using internal data, marketing intelligence, and marketing research processes.

F-anally they make the information available to users in the right form at the right time. Assessing information needs Target markets Internal databases channels intelligence Marketing environment Competitors research Publics Analyzing and using Micromanagement forces 100 part TWO Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers First, It interacts with these information users to assess information needs. Next, it interacts with the marketing environment to develop needed information through internal company databases, marketing intelligence activities, and marketing research.

Finally, the MIS helps users to analyze and use the information to develop customer insights, make marketing decisions, and manage customer relationships. Author The marketing Comment information system begins and ends with users-?assessing their information needs and then delivering information that meets those needs. Author The problem isn’t finding Comment information; the world is bursting with information from a glut of sources. The real challenge is to find the right information-?from inside and outside sources-?and turn it into customer insights.

Money Tree: The Good Luck Charm essay

My mom didn’t have a job causing her shop logic self to spend my dad’s money he had earned. That wasn’t fair to him so he had to end the marriage. After the divorce, my dad was barely able to buy food because we were so close to been g broke, and our only option was to live in a one bedroom trailer. My dad was very close to my grandpa and had asked him for some help with our situation but my grandpa’s reply was, “This is your own journey you need to o overcome on your own. These experiences you make together, will make you and your daughter onto people that you will be glad you became. My dad respected his words, and my grandpa g eave my dad a peachier aquatic tree as a gift to our new future and said farewell. The Apache a aquatic tree is an gaggle token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune. Another name of r it is the “good luck tree” but we liked to call it our money tree. The money tree has a braided trunk with shiny green leaves. The green leaves reminded me of money and as a child I actually thought “the money tree” would actually grow money. It’s shop,n. Flowers growing with the leaves have long, narrow petals that open up like a banana peel to reveal hairline yellowish orange stamens.

My dad and I took turns watering the money tree on our tiny dining room table e everyday, watching it prosper and grow. It never died because we nurtured it like there was actual money growing from it that we needed to save, something my mom never knew how to do. We moved at least 7 times in the course of 3 years and the money tree never I oft our minds or dining room table. My dad was getting better paying jobs, my mom changed and we darted having holidays together, and our money tree was fully grown.

My dad d and I felt accomplished, and realized that the tree was a symbolic tool that we used to attract wealth, money, and prosperity into our lives. The tree was apart of our family, and granted us with good luck. After the 3 ye ears of finding our path and going through many hardships, my dad opened up 2 bus ninnies of his own and bought a 4 bedroom house with 3 acres Of land. Don’t give the money try e credit for his accomplishments, but I feel it gave him hope. I thank the peachier aquatic for that.

BSB Portfolio essay

These tests can be done and used so that people can rediscover and improve through self-reflection, for daily skills such as job hunting or learning how to get along with others in a team and community environment. The objective of this portfolio is to build up and explore personal knowledge of interpersonal effectiveness. Moreover, the portfolio selected the Jackson’s (coca) Learning Styles Profiler (LISP) to analyses my personality and also understand more about myself through this test. Lastly, set up the “SMART” goal for personal marketing career. 0 Interpersonal effectiveness Interpersonal effectiveness can be defined as to understand yourself and what your strengths and weakness are, furthermore, to clarify your goals. 2. 1 Learning Styles Profiler Jackson’s (coca) Learning Styles Profiler (LISP) provides an indicator of self- development learning according to a neurophysiology model where learning is separated by two different types; instinctive and conscious learning. A high Sensation Seeker is more prone to involve his or herself in new events, which generates new chances of learning.

A high level of Deep Learning Achieving shows that a person who is in the process of learning highly enjoys this stage and is also open minded to new ideas. A high scoring Conscientious Achiever is a clever and dependable learner who uses goals and complicated higher level learning to understand information. 2. 2 Analysis and Reflection of Results The result of my LISP (Chart 1) indicates that am a high scoring Conscientious Achiever but my low scores is a Goal Oriented Achiever and Emotionally Intelligent Achiever.

Those factors show that I am a person who revived re-expression of instinctive urge to explore so that positive goals and outcomes can be achieved. It also means that am able to absorb and learn easily but what I learn is to avoid activities that lead to mistakes, therefore, I do not prefer to learn how to overcome the mistakes. As a result, I lack self-discipline and do not act on logical emotions.

In addition to this, I am inclined to compare my performance with others, be more interested in avoiding failure than achieving success, have little confidence in my chance of achieving the goals or simply do not appreciate the advantages of goal eating. Chart 1 . Learning Styles of Hi-Sheen Tests Through this test I was able to discover interesting outcomes about myself. Firstly, according to the result, as a moderate Sensation Seeker, will display a reasonable amount of excitement and enthusiasm at the prospect of new sensation seeking learning chances and experiences. However, I will not rush head first into them.

Secondly, the results surprisingly indicates that have learnt and have insight into complex social rules and with that reliability and responsibility are highly valued. Moreover, I tend to have high self-standards. M always an easy-going person and I do not set standards for myself, because I am afraid the more I expect, the greater the chance of being disappointed. Lastly, the results reveal that I am a Reasonably Functional Learner and I am able to do crisis management. Since I can remember, I have always been the type of person to panic easily but discovered I became calmer recently due to focusing on other learning functions.

I believe that I have the potential to solve a crisis now. In short, I have abilities at developing a deep and wise understanding of the issues and independently understanding the basic problem and is somewhat keen to reflect and deeply consider issues and problems. 2. 3 Goal Setting SMART goal stands for: S- specific, stretching, significant M- measurable, motivational, meaningful A- achievable, acceptable, attainable R- relevant, realistic, reasonable T- timely, time-bound, tangible It provides a definition that assists people to be successful in personal life and business situations and learning curves.

The main objective is to develop the less and low scoring optimal learning styles. I expect to achieve the goal within one and half year. If want to improve my style as an Goal Oriented Achiever or Emotionally Intelligent Achiever learner, I will need to focus on those points below: 1 . Allow myself time and opportunity to reflect on past experiences and dreams for the future. 2. Plan beforehand and be the first, which will encourage goal development. 3. Aim not to limit my focus to only those similar problems of direct concern. 4.

Allow myself to focus on understanding situations; instead Of using all my energy into making certain things happen. 5. Set hard but also achievable goals and allocate my sources towards realizing them. 6. Read more books. 7. Try to see the value in understanding abstract concepts and arguments. 8. Understand that avoiding control is not an adaptive learning style as the long- term consequences are seldom positive. 9. Develop a scientific and logical understanding of the problem so that in the future it can be solved more efficiently 10. Think deeply about things and learn by questioning all aspects of what is of interest.

There is still a lot that I need to change and learn about but these ten points are a great stepping stone for me to become a better arson if I can gradually work on achieving all of them. 3. 0 Conclusion TO summarize, the Learning Styles Profiler assists a lot in this portfolio. Not only does it allow me to understand my interpersonal effectiveness, but also I discovered a better version of myself. In short, the results from LISP indicate that am quite enthusiastic about initiating new learning activities, and fairly interested in setting goals and developing self-confidence to achieve these goals.

Apology Letter essay

Dear, Mom & Dad: understand that stealing is wrong and illegal and what happened in the past couple weeks made me realize that the consequences are just not worth this illegal action. I myself have no good reason for what I did but I just want you to know that if I would’ve really thought about it, would have never done such a stupid and foolish thing. Surely deserved a punishment for what I did because I needed to learn a valuable lesson. I wish didn’t do it because now I’m embarrassed. I know I probably lost all respect from you guys.

Normally I wouldn’t get into any trouble, but this time I did and for the most foolish act Seibel. I was with the wrong people at the wrong time. I should’ve took myself out of the situation before it turned into this chaos. You guys always tell me the consequences Of shoplifting and went against your rules and did it anyways. Know you guys are embarrassed because of what did. Having to get that phone call and be shocked hearing author child committed a crime. Having to sit in a room and be told what has to be done so this problem can go away.

I know it was extremely hard for you guys. You guys were probably like “are you sure you have the right number, because this doesn’t sound like my child”. I know tears were shed. Egret doing what I did. Learned that it’s not fun having to get called out in front of a crowd of people. I’ve also learned that it takes a lot of time out of my life because I have to do many different things to get myself out of the situation. I even had to miss a class or TV because I had to go to a sheriffs office. It’s embarrassing to walk in that door and have to sit and talk about what I did.

This experience was the worst ever. I could’ve done a lot to prevent this situation from happening. I could have stayed home, I could have not been with the people I was with, or could have paid for everything. It was a stupid mistake. I lost a lot because of this stupid mistake. I lost trust in you guys and respect and my dignity. I regret that entire day. I realize I made an immature decision. I got caught up with someone else that was doing it and even though I knew it was wrong I still engaged in this action myself. I wasn’t thinking before did it. Isn’t considering the consequences that would happen if I was to get caught. I intend to correct my actions by completing this program, doing everything right, and focusing on improving myself from now. I would never in life for any reason or under any circumstances make it so that have to deal with this situation again. Also, I will make it so that you guys don’t ever have to deal with this situation again. It’s embarrassing for the entire household. Know you guys didn’t expect this from me. Knowing that I’m a good student in school, I do good things when I can, and that I’m your child. Admit I felt horrible having to sit in a room with officers taking down my information because just committed a crime. Having to stay in a room for almost three hours with officers that see me as a criminal. Also felt horrible when I had to explain to you guys why I did it, how it happened, who was with, and what made me do it. Not only did get questioned by you guys; also got questioned by the officers. Felt like I was getting interrogated which isn’t the best feeling in the world. Having to be in a room with you guys yelling at me for about an hour was horrible.

I couldn’t leave the room either because I put myself in the situation so I had to stay there and listen. Got lucky because if this program wasn’t around I’d be in court dealing with a judge. This will be the first and last time i shoplift. It wouldn’t be pretty if ever shoplifted again and have much worse things to do. I’d have to deal with a judge and probably worse. I’d lose all respect from o guys if i ever shoplifted again. It’s not worth it; it wasn’t worth it the first time and it sure won’t be worth it a second time.

Shoplifting is a selfish and unreasonable act. It’s unfair for me to benefit from shoplifting because I’m breaking the law. I understand why I’m in this situation. Accept all punishment. I understand that I deserve the punishment am receiving. I take full responsibility for what Eve done. Took things that didn’t belong to me. I didn’t work to get any of things I took, which means I didn’t deserve them. It didn’t feel right taking the things took. When took them felt guilty on the inside . I felt that it was wrong. But, I let peer pressure get to me.

Even though felt the way I felt still did it because of the other person that did it. Know now that I should be my own leader and let others actions guide me to do the wrong thing. I know what the consequences are of shoplifting. Know what I lost because of what did. None of this was worth it. Learned a very valuable lesson. I may have learned it the hard way, but I deserved to learn this lesson. Promise you guys I will never do anything like this again. I apologize for the embarrassment, the tears I made anyone shed, and the time I took out your lives.

Ethnocentrism In Your United States essay

Many assumptions such as this one has led to such conflict because when you think that a single race or person is going to act a certain way, you will act a certain way as well towards them. The other day online I saw that a few individuals put a project together in Texas. They had one African-American man and one Caucasian man carrying a gun out in the open, which is a right that every American has.

When a cop saw that the white male was carrying this gun, he approached him with no defense and asked him questions as to why he was carrying it around, a very peaceful conversation, and then let him on his way. When this same situation was tested with the black male, a police officer stopped him and drew out his weapon in self-defense and called for back up. This is a perfect example of owe ethnocentrism is portrayed as a negative social experience.

In the United States, personal space is something that is stressed so strongly, and in European culture, personal space is something that is not taken in to effect and is invaded quite often. Can see ethnocentrism as being something positive because it can bring social solidarity in particular groups to make the connection and bond stronger. This is a positive thing in different countries because it displays nationalism and patriotism. I have personally seen ethnocentrism with being involved in the Christianity religion.

There area a lot of assumptions about the religion and what it stands for and what people believe. Growing up, my church had very strict views and out-castes the people that did not follow similar ones. The preconceived idea of Christians is that they are very opening and welcoming and not suppose to judge anything or anyone, based on what is said in the bible. But there have been many cases where that have not been the case and people have been judged and mistreated because of their views, sexual orientation and interpretation of what God wants from them.

The Silence of the Lambs Essay essay

The Silence of the Lambs Critical Analysis Essay Silence of the Lambs entire plot is based around three fundamental character s. Clerical Starling who is an intelligently clandestine FBI student who is put into the p session Of attempting to unwind the brain of an insidious virtuoso, Humanitarianism’s Lectern, to discover the answers expected to catch the serial executioner, Came Gumbo, to heresies called Buffalo Bill.

The mental foundation is exceptionally solid in the majority of the characters, loaning to their trustworthiness, with the exception of some delicate relations hip between the characters Lectern and Gumbo. The interest of Gumbo with moths is especially is unification, since there is almost no proof Of former culprits being reported as having used the Starling is the hero in the film, and most of the storyline happens from her pee respective. She is driven by memories of her childhood, which Lectern has ulterior motive eased interest in.

She uses these recollections for mettle, and they give her the quality of will to fulfill whatever assignment it is she is going to perform. Hannibal Lectern is neither an enemy nor hero, yet more like a broker all thro ugh the movie.

Long Essay Rewrite essay

The Cold War’s foreign policies encouraged the growth of anti communist whys terra and the spread of democratic ideals which had a profound impact on domestic life e in the United States. Being prepared for nuclear war became a way of life. Air raid sirens we re installed, bomb shelters were built, and duck and cover drills were practiced. The government started to build an interstate highway system in case of an evacuation. This helped spread people e to family centered suburbs such as Elevation. America lived in constant fear that a bomb would be dropped due to people like McCarthy who exaggerated this communist threat.

America had 10 Eng feared differences in society such as the Salem Witch Trials portrayed in The Crucible . The government had attempted to remove these perceived threats from America. However, eve en stronger fear and paranoia was to get rid of communism in America. McCarthy captured and put on trial Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for believing they were spies and revealing secrets. They were e later executed heightening America’s fear and paranoia. House Committee on Americana Activities targeted Hollywood to determine if communist ideas were reflected in films.

Labor Nun ones were stripped of their rights and with Deflectable Act which required labor unions to confirm that none of their leaders belonged to the Communist party. Furthermore the backdrop of the Cold War helped people realize that African American struggles for freedom were condo emend as Americana. President Truman desegregated US military troops and the decides ion in Brown v. Board of Education ended segregation in schools. However, these Civil Right r forms in the early Cold War were not well implemented and much De facto segregation still I occurred.

It was ore just proof of change to impress people internationally. Propaganda was key in showing that only with democracy these racial changes could happen. Martian Luther King J r. Used the Cold War as leverage to influence the domestic audience. But these changes in doom cities life were significantly due to the global war America was fighting and the many foreign policies that came with it. Containment of the Soviet Union and communism shaped 20th century foreign n policy. The dropping of the atomic bomb depicted in the book Hiroshima by John Hershey began the atomic age and the advancement of the arms race.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome essay

The study will be broken down into the following units: protection of human participants, type of data collection utilized in the study, data management and analysis, findings and interpretation of these findings and finally the inclusion of the study and its findings. Protection of Human Participants This study goal is to differentiate the efficacy of colliding versus Phenobarbital in adjunct therapy with morphine sulfate in the treatment of NAS. One Of the benefits Of this study is the importance Of standardization Of a weaning protocol.

The weaning protocol did not change from day to day and provider to provider as can be the case outside of the study. Another benefit is the predefined measures for each study group that were considered adverse events. These measures worked as a safety net to ensure he study was done safely and not causing harm to the babies. One noted concern/risk noted by the author was the potential for prolonged exposure to Phenobarbital on a baby’s developing brain. The concern is the Phenobarbital may cause behavioral compromises in the babies in the future.

Informed consent was obtained from parents or the legal guardians of the babies after the babies had been identified as at risk for NAS (Curran, et al 2013). The parents or legal guardians entered the babies into the study voluntarily. The Institutional Review Board of testate Children’s Hospital approved this study ROR to the enrollment of the newborns. Data Collection The major independent variables are noted to be the two adjunct therapies for NAS being studied. Colliding along with the morphine sulfate dose deemed appropriate by the provider is one of the two adjunct therapies.

Phenobarbital and morphine sulfate as dosed by the provider is considered the second independent variable. The data collection for this study was collected from June 201 0 until June 2012. The Modified Finnegan score was chosen by the study as the basis for the dosing protocol that was developed. The Modified Finnegan score provided for the escalation and De-escalation of the morphine sulfate dosages (Curran, et al 2013). The Modified Finnegan score was also utilized to dictate the dosages of both the colliding and Phenobarbital.

Each baby in each of the two study groups was given a specific dose of morphine sulfate and adjunct therapy drug. The babies were scored every three hours using the Modified Finnegan score. The morphine sulfate dose was reduced by ten percent every twenty-four hours if the Modified Finnegan score was less than eight. The babies on the colliding adjunct harpy were monitored for changes in their blood pressure and brickyard, as these are two major side effects from colliding. The babies given Phenobarbital were monitored for over sedation.

The data was collected to study the time needed to wean the babies off of the morphine sulfate. This was considered to be the primary outcome of this study (Curran et al, 2013). Analysis. The statistical analysis data was entered into Stats version 12. 1 as a means clinical analysis. The invariable comparisons of data across the study groups were reported using the Wilcox rank-sum test (Curran et al, 2013). The sample size was estimated using the computer program called PASS (Curran et al, 2013). This was a randomized non-blinded trial at a single NICE.

The potential for bias might be great if the hospital had not retrained their staff on proper scoring using the Modified Finnegan scoring tool. This along with continuity of care by nursing, following the weaning protocol and strict adherence to the study protocol all but eliminated biases. Findings. The study started with 82 participants 68 of whom were randomized and placed into the clinical trial. The 68 were divided into groups and each was score using he Modified Finnegan score to determine the weaning process.

The researchers viewed both adjunct therapies as equally efficacious in controlling NAS Symptoms. The researchers found that the babies treated with morphine sulfate and Phenobarbital had clinically non-significant shorter inpatient stays. These babies actually went home on the Phenobarbital and some remained on the therapy for up to eight months after discharge. The babies on the colliding went home in approximately the same amount of time as the babies on the Phenobarbital however, upon discharge the babies were completely off of all medications. Therefore, reducing health-care costs greatly.

The researchers listed the following limitations to their study: the inability to blind the two groups for the study medications, the different dosing units (micrograms versus milliards) and different dosing intervals. The presentation of the data was logically expressed in a coherent manner. The implications of these findings will allow IONIC nurses and providers to allow for different adjunct therapy based on the needs and criteria of each baby who shows signs of NAS. This study clearly defines colliding as a viable option for the treatment of NAS.

Benzoin Lab Report essay

Vacuum filtration was used to wash and dry the product. Introduction/Background: Introduction: Discussion of the mechanism of the performed reaction; discussion of why evenhandedly is air-sensitive. Step 1: Depreciation of the thiamine: Noah attacks thiamine and depressants it. There is a formation of a carbine, which is very reactive. Step 2: nucleoli attack of the evenhandedly by the depredation thiamine: Step 3: A carbine is formed and attacks another evenhandedly molecule. Step 4: thiamine is kicked out Safety Precautions: Table 1 contains safety data for all chemicals used in the experiment.

Physical and safety data was obtained through Across Organics All chemical structures were drawn on Chemical Ultra 8. 0 [2]. Precautions taken in lab: Safety goggles were worn in order to protect eyes from harmful irritants. All open chemicals were handled in a ventilation hood. Protective clothing (i. E. Long pants, closed toed shoes, etc. ) was worn. All chemicals were kept away from open flames. Material/Chemical List Glassware 25 ml round bottom flask 100 ml round bottom flask 25 ml filtration Erlenmeyer flask – 50 ml beaker Pasteur pipette Solvents H2O (82 me, 95% ethanol (43 ml) Reagents Evenhandedly (4 ml) Thiamine HCI (1. 03 g) Sodium hydroxide Equipment Water-cooled condenser Vacuum filtration Analytical scale Consumables Filtration paper Experimental Procedure: An analytical scale was used to weigh thiamine HCI (1. 003 g) and was placed into a 25 ml round bottom flask. The thiamine HCI was dissolved with H2O (2 ml). A stir bar and 95% ethanol (8 ml) were added to the round bottom flask and placed in an ice bath on a stir plate. A Pasteur pipette was used to earners 2 M Noah slowly to the flask over a 2 minute time period. The solution turned a dark yellow.

The solution continued to stir until the yellow color faded. Evenhandedly (4 ml) was added to the round bottom flask. The solution turned milky. The round bottom flask was hooked up to a water- cooled condenser to heat the solution. Once the solution began to boil, it was left to reflux for 75 minutes. A solution of H2O and 95% ethanol was made with 10 ml of H2O and 5 ml of 95% ethanol and were placed in an ice bath. A vacuum filtration apparatus was set up. After 75 minutes, the flask was cooled to room temperature then placed into an ice bath while continuing to stir.

Crystals formed. The solid was filtered and washed three times with the ice-cold H2O/ ethanol (2:1) solution. The filtered solid was placed into a clean beaker and stored in the cabinet. A reflux apparatus was set up using a 1 00 ml round bottom flask. The benzene crystals were transferred to the round bottom flask using a powder funnel. H2O (40 ml) and 95% ethanol (20 ml) were combined in a beaker to make a 2:1 solution. Approximately 1 CM of H2O/ethanol solution was added o the round bottom flask to cover the solid. Solid milky color.

After the solution began to boil, the H2O/ethanol solution was added slowly using a Pasteur pipette until all solid was dissolved. Solution turned clear as solid dissolved. An additional 30 ml of H2O/ethanol (2:1 ) solution was made. When the solution was completely clear, the flask was cooled to room temperature then placed into an ice bath. Thin needles began to form. The H2O/ethanol (2:1) solution was placed in an ice bath. The crystals were filtered using vacuum filtration and washed with the ice cold H2O/ethanol solution.

Ramifications of Participation Contacts essay

The provider can use the plan to increase the provider’s revenue ND number of patients. The plan is broken down into parts that include an introductory section, the purpose of the contract, covered services, the physicians’ responsibilities, the obligations of the managed care plan, billing guidelines and compensation. Though there are several financial opportunities available for provider who chooses to participate with certain insurers. Although, the providers may still experience less revenue because the plan pay less than the providers scheduled fees.

It is important that the revived also ensure that the plans protocols do not interfere with their judgment on patient treatment. Depending on the plans the providers participate with, they may get extra exposure due to some plans encouraging the providers to advertise through the radio, television, and local newspapers. Before making any decisions, the provider has the opportunity to view several plans. This allows the provider to choose a plan that meets their practice and financial needs (Bases, 2008). Plans can have positive and negative ramifications that are associated with it.

With the discounted fee-for-service plan the main problem is that, preventive care is not covered. This form of insurance plan is offered through the preferred provider organizations (POP) plan and the providers are paid based on a discounted free from their schedules. The benefit to this plan, is that the provider receives his payment based on services not monthly income. Therefore, the providers are more inclined to provide a variety of services or treatments which will increase the provider’s income, versus limiting reviver’s practice to only a selection of services (Bases, 2008).