Case Study essay

With crimes, robberies, and riots that happen anytime and anywhere, it is not surprising that police officers or guards cannot respond quickly every time something wrong happens in a community. Estella Village, a subdivision, located in Gunpoint, Vulcan is not exempted to those problems that a immunity faces.

There are cases of robbery reported that usually happens during night time. According to a resident of the subdivision, there is at least 1 reported case of robbery every 2-3 weeks on ‘beer’ months of 2010. The place where the robbery always happens is on the dark pathway to enter the subdivision. There is no lighting and only one (1) guard watching the area. Most victims are residents coming home from work. The robbers steal their belongings and just run and escape. There’s an open field where, as they believed, the robbers use as a way to escape.

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The officials tried to solve he problem by replacing the guard to watch the area. At the first week, no case of robbery is reported. On the following weeks, since the guard is less alert and confident that no robbery will happen again, that is when the robbers resume to steal etched belongings. Because of the is, the safeness and security of the subdivision is questioned. Residents will still use the pathway feeling nervous because the robbers might rob their valuables anytime. The first plan they put into action, which is the replacing of guard on the area, did not worked.

To improve the security of the community to make t a safer and more secure place to live in, the officials came up with a better and long-term plan and that is by placing Closed-circuit Television (CATV) camera on the area to monitor the place, adding lights, and blocking the unnecessary pathways. Ill. ANALYSIS Estella Village is a community with a peaceful and harmless state. It priorities the enjoyment and comfort of all the people living there. Home Owners Association was built to speak and respond for residential needs of everyone.

They hired two (2) security guards for day and night delegated to watch over the village. The village also has two gates, one for entrance and one for exit, and an open field waiting to be used for some bargain projects. November 201 0, Angelina dell Cruz, one of the village’s residents, came home in the evening around 9 o’clock. She got out of the jeep where she rode with and as she entered the village, she noticed a tall man walked before her. At a moment, she ceased herself when the man walked closer with a knife on his hands towards her. Undoubtedly, she was being “hold-up”.

She was pulled to the other side of street no one can hear. She won’t endanger err life so she immediately gave up her bag with 2 Samsung phones and 700- peso cash inside. The man quickly ran a way out before the lady shouted for help. Some civilians tried to run after him but he clearly had escaped. The councilor, who was located near the crime scene, overheard the tumult outside and learnt what’s happening. He immediately called the bargain captain and he arrived after 30 minutes. The victim did not attempt to blotter the criminal since she came home alive.

For her, life is more important than cell phone and 700 pesos. The next month, a computer shop while at its eek, attacked by a group. The owner of the shop was pointed by a gun on his head and so the customers and the people inside shop. They had forced to give their cellophanes and cash. After those incidents, few crimes of robbery and theft happened subsequently causing the residents to be alarmed regarding the safety of their family and own selves. Home owners association, on behalf of the residents, complains to bargain officials and calls for attention.

Few weeks after, bargain captain Darers Olivarez decided to put additional 6 glowing street lights at every corner around the village and placed those malfunctioned lights using the fund of bargain Lang-Lang. The security guard was later replaced by a former “bargain tango” to reduce expenses without aggravating the security of the home owners (residents) Village lived peacefully again until year 2012. Castro family was unconsciously sleeping in their respective bedrooms when another group planned and burglar them at about 2 AM.

According to report of the bargain captain the group was composed Of four men one driver, three enters the house and which brought white car, and used a grass cutter to enter the house. Everyone inside the house was tied to prevent them from interrupting the thieves from stealing everything they could bring out and carried out the house. It was estimated that the properties stolen amounted to 500 000 pesos including cash some appliances and gadgets and jewelries. One whole family was left shocked, wishing that it was only a dream and untrue.

The fear of being harmed grow in the minds of residents again to prevent any crime to be committed next time inside the village, the home owners association and bargain officials work together to help the community rose and completely roger the encountered incidents happened during the past year. Officials have identified some suspects of that Castro family incident by remembering the faces on the criminals. It was hypnotized that the crime-makers aren’t one of the residents of the village but only outsiders. They were not able to recognized and arrest those men but those crimes led way to further improvement of the village.

On year 2012, the open field near the Walters was fence and walled. Visitors need to present ID unless accompanied by a resident, drivers have to show their drivers license; and vendors were only allowed to sell products/goods if they own a permit and sticker. Those policies made everything in order and in peace. April 2014, the bargain captain conducts a project aims to install Sect’s around the street. Only 2 – 1 for the entrance, 1 for the exit – has already been installed but there are another 2 cameras waiting to be installed.

The OCW rewinds every time the residents notice suspicious persons or experiences offensive events around them. It was monitored every two weeks (14 days) and able to sustained a 15- day record. Mrs… Rexes, another ordinary resident of the village, once implanted about the noise they heard like group of men whispering to each other one night. They got alarmed and immediately went to the bargain captain the next morning they viewed the video records and discovered that the group of men they’re talking about were Ferdinand, John, and Poppy.

They were asked by the officials what they are doing at around 11 o’clock that evening and innocently explained that they’re just going home and stopped at front of Mrs… Rexes house for a rest. The OCW showed that the men did nothing but since Mrs… Rexes house located nearly the entrance of the village. Maybe Mrs… Rexes just over reacted caused by the previous crimes happened on her neighborhood. From those accumulated steps little by little, Estella Village improved its system and policies he gave back the tranquility of their living children can be seen playing here and there and no fear and doubt can be seen from them anymore.

Streetlights, OCW”s, fences and more security guards helped a lot for achieving the aim of the bargain and village, that is make their community fear-free and crime-free. IV. CONCLUSION The researchers have concluded that the implementation of the plan to improve the security and safeness for the residents of the village is an effective one. By adding lights on the pathways and dark corners on the area, the crimes like robbery and theft were minimized. The use of CATV cameras helps the bargain officials to monitor the area, to know who are going in and out of the village.

It helps them monitor and be alerted on suspicious acts of a person that might steal others valuables. They also blocked the open field by using hollow blocks to avoid robbers in entering the village and eluding after they did the crime. Adding “bargain tangos” with 6 hours shift tit a duty of roving and guarding the entrance of the village is part of the plan to tighten the security. The safety and security of the residents should always be the first thing to consider. The authorities proposed security development was well-improved, organized, and implemented.

As a result, no more cases of robbery and theft were reported. The families and residents of the village feel safer now and free from danger. V. EVALUATION Victims The victims learned so many lessons because of the crime we’ve encountered. They are happy with what the authority (bargain and owners officials) had done in our village to restore the safeness of the residents. Because of the security guards theft placed, through the street lights they built, blocking Of another way in the village, and installing security cameras or Acts are big help to us.

Because of this, they feel safe and free from danger. Residents The residents become alarmed when the crime in their village increases. They are all worried and bothered because the crime incidents didn’t lose in their minds. So when the bargain captain and home owner’s association officials proposed that they wanted to hire security guards, and wants to blocked the another way in order to maintain safety of the residents, they’ve agreed because they wanted their families to lived in a safety environment.

Researchers The solutions they had been implemented is quite good, because it decreases the crime rate in the community. But at some point, if ever that the implemented security solutions implements as early, maybe the crime incidents may decrease or it may be prevented early.