Case metrics essay

While other motels had a sign at the border of the highway, Sleepy Inn choose to let the visitors find the motel, which attracted less visitors as compared. Moreover, there was hardly any advertising or marketing of the motel, which was required as it did not have any additional features to attract the visitors. Area wise, the strategy goes into toes as well because Of the similar destination resorts with full services rendered to the visitors. Therefore, Jack Roth decided to bring in a few changes.

He changed his motel into a full service hotel, his focus had hefted to prices and thereby, he started investing on signs and distributing brochures. He had vested interest in a particular study that was carried out by regional tourist bureau. It stated that 78% people preferred to stay at motel with recreational facilities when it comes to choice of accommodation. This made him think and therefore, the changes were brought in consideration. Since, his motel wasn’t doing really well, he than strategists to join hands with other motel. Q. What should he do? Explain. In my point of view, after reading the case study about Sleepy Inn motel, I have concluded that there are two choices, collaborate with Holiday Inn or stay Sleep Inn Motel. In the event that he keeps on running the motel freely as The Sleepy Inn, he must be willing to modify his present marketing method and to include a few features he had not initially needed to. In the wake of considering the visitors demographics, his present marketing technique is not suitable. Initially, a relatively lesser pricing point is pointless.

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Second, since suitors have a tendency to stay 3 days or more, he must give comforts and additional features that will divert and draw in these guests. In like manner, he ought to add a little eatery to expand visitor activity and verbal exchange about the motel. Third, he ought to raise his costs to be similar to those of the motels he is competing. Lastly, if not a pool, the visitors staying at his hotel should be benefited with no less than a clubroom or a workout room. If he decides to become part of a franchise, he should choose to become part of

Holiday Inn. The venture will be justified, despite all the trouble considering the demographics of Holiday Inn guests are more like those of current region visitors. It would be a full administration motel, and he will have admittance to their reservation databanks. Because of this reservation databanks access, he can Offer higher yet still aggressive rates. Besides, he will not have to build spending on promoting and advancements in light of the fact that the reservation databanks will give his motel those guests.