Career Exploration Analysis Paper essay

The career path in which I would like to follow is becoming a Project Manager. Some of the aspects of a Project Manager is to create a realistic project plan, estimate time and effort to complete the project. Learning in the Management course at the Generosity of Phoenix that a manager oversees the efficiency and effectiveness of the business group.

The way to approach this s the manager needs to use the four management functions effectively in their approach. Two of the most important features of being a successful Project Manager are the skill to keep your work organized and your teams informed. Organizing is a management function that involves structuring work to be accomplished. When a Project Manager start projects, things need to me organized about goals, budgets, timeliness, and most of all level of effort.

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Communicating with your team is also another vital function of a Project Manager. Understanding the personalities, attitudes towards work and how each person interacts within the team is crucial to getting the project done. Especially as a PM you’re dealing with people doing different jobs and skill sets. You need to know how to approach each personality to get most useful work of out them. This course has given me a base to start to figure out how to manage people and assets in the private sector.

I thought it was eye opening because owing through Officer Candidate School you’re taught managements skills. But they are geared towards managing Marines and military assets. They are so many more things a manager needs to focus on in the private section, finical and customer needs are to name a few. With this course I believe I can become a good project manager; by clarify goals, streamline processes, and increase revenue for the business I work in. References Robbins, S. P. , & Coulter, M. (2012). Management (1 lath deed. ). Boston, MA: Prentice Hall.