Career Exploration Analysis essay

Dry. Mindanao completed the career exploration tool in Week 1 of the class and it gave me an option for a career as a Human Resource Manager. In this field I would be involved in recruiting, hiring, and training of employees. I would work with executive management to develop and implement staffing and compensation plans, and work to attract and retain qualified employees. Oversee training and development initiatives. Manage compensation and benefits structure and provides information to employees.

Monitors compliance with employment-related regulations. Implements company policies and deals with staffing or disciplinary issues as needed. Although I have been in management before, this class has given me more insight on different styles of management. I learned how to conduct a SOOT analysis, which is the process of identifying a company’s mission, goals, and strategies. It identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This tool can help make a company more successful by taking advantage of strengths and eliminating threats. As a human resource manager this can be very helpful.

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This class issued leadership and different theories on how to lead. As a manager leadership plays a major role in an organization and its continued success. This class also discussed how to control and measure performance. Controlling helps determine if the organizations goals are being met. If goals are not being met, controlling can help figure out why. Am glad had the opportunity to gain some knowledge on the subject as it directly reflects the requirements of being a human resource manager.