Call of the wild isdhh essay

His loneliness grew, causing him to leave since he was dissatisfied with the fastness of the world and the oppressive lifestyle around him. Along his journey of discovering himself and being “connected” to the world he built ties with people across the country. His self-confidence led to his fight for survival in Alaska. In Alaska, Chris realized that true happiness can only be found when shared with others. He started to miss his family and friends and wanted to go back home.

He mains imprisoned in Alaska, leading to his death from eating poisonous moldy seeds (Jon Krause claims). “Into the Wild Debunked” attacks Jon Squeaker’s claims of Chris dying from moldy seeds of a potato plant. In fact, no part of the wild potato plant is toxic. There is no recorded deaths from being poisoned by this plant. In order for people to believe the book Into the Wild Krause neglects to mention Chris had carried money, a map, and his real identification. There are also strong claims suggesting he died of starvation. 3 days without adequate food, impossible to sustain life. Lastly, Chris may have suffered a serious shoulder dislocation. From his popular photo where he was sitting/leaning on the bus it looks like he’s injured. Although both pieces are highly credible, the legitimacy must be questioned. Personally acquired information from both the article and the book, then formed my own opinion. Believe his body went into shutdown mode when he wrote his distressed S. O. S. Message. We all know he was fighting hard to arrive and his body couldn’t adapt.

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The food was not nutritious enough to keep him going which made him weak, hence starvation. The story of Christopher Mishandles’ death is indeed a mystery. Both pieces, Into the Wild and ‘Into the Wild Debunked” try to provide readers piece of mind with an explanation. My view was that he died from a variety of conditions, including starvation. No matter what side you choose, it’s best when you think for yourself or else someone will for you.