Business Resources essay

In this assignment, I will be describing the recruitment documentation used in a selected organization. The organization that will be talking about is McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the world largest fast food restaurant, serving around 64 million on a daily day to day basis. The company was founded on May 15th 1 940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonald’s are mainly known for their hamburgers, they also sell chi chicken, French fries, dessert, soft drinks and cheeseburgers. They have recently expanded their menu by having healthy options such as salads, wraps and fruit.

The definitions of applications form; is when you fill in information about yourself on a piece paper or online, for a certain job. The company McDonald’s uses this because, it is easier to apply online rather than use a paper application form. This is because it doesn’t harm the environment and also it is an easier process as the computer categorized each application form to groups of skills. The definitions of Person specification; is a list of attributes needed by the person to perform a job, such as personality type or experience.

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On the McDonald’s website this can be found under ‘the requirements’ this show what the many wants in a potential employees to start working for McDonald’s. The definition of a Job description; is a written statement that states what the job requires from potential employees. The crew members have three main responsibilities and they are; Customer Service, Food Preparation and Hygiene. This means that crew members have each responsibility. For example for cleanliness and hygiene, the crew member will have to have learn what chemical products they have to use and what should they wear while cleaning e. . Rubber gloves. For the crew member descriptions, it is ender and called ‘Key Responsibilities’ and not job description. This done by short four paragraphs. The ‘Key Responsibilities’ can be located on the McDonald’s website, once on the website you then click on the tab ‘people’, which will found under Crew Member. Trainee mangers should be energetic, hard work and have a great attitude. These are just some what McDonald’s expect of you as a whole person. Trainee mangers should also be able to handle around 70 employees and be able see themselves run a global company.

Also they must be a team leader, who can get the job done but also listen to the voice of the employees. The Trainee mangers information is also found under ‘Key Responsibilities’ and not description. This is also done in the same way as the crew member; they both have the same layout as each other the only difference is that they are both different job roles and they both require different things. Head office staff at McDonald’s will offer training and whatever else is require for to you to be able to succeed for yourself but for also the company.

The company believes that talent is a value and McDonald will encourage, and help you apply those skills to certain projects where you can feel you can be allude. These job descriptions are located on the McDonald’s website www. McDonald’s. Co. UK under the people page on the link of ‘join the team’. The description of the job can found under the title of key responsibility which is on the left hand side. Application, in McDonald’s they have certain ways to apply. The candidate has to go through two stages.

The first stage is to do an online questionnaire, answering all the questions that require. The second stage is having an interview. If you have passed the first stage, then automatically you will be out through the second stage. The candidate will be invited inside the restaurant where the interview will take place with the business manager. Trainee mangers, McDonald’s check to see if you meet the basic criteria which would roughly be the same criteria as crew member. They particularly look for graduates who are straight from university.

However they do look for people with a good knowledge and experience in management and also know how to handle a customer and how to speak to him. Again you will have to complete a questionnaire however it will be based on your personality. You’ll then have an evaluation in the restaurant where you will be irking On the shop floor. This will last about day. The last step is you will have to have an interview the operations manager to see if you capable and right for the job. Head office staff, at McDonald’s they tend to work with recruitment agencies, that they know very well.

This is because they want to be sure as a company if you are the right person for the job. If the recruitment agencies selected you, then you are short listed and soon will have to go through a process which is the interview. Application Forms are online because it is and quick and easy way, it is also a secure way of putting our personal information that is needed for the application form, this could include personal information, your past employment. As you can see below, this is what McDonald’s application form looks like, the application form is for the position of a crew worker at McDonald’s.

The process of the McDonald’s application is to ask multiple questions about the potential applicant who is applying for a particular job within the McDonald’s Company. Here is the job description to become a crew member at McDonald’s (http:// www. McDonald’s. Co. UK/exhume/Pipe/Join-the-team/Pick-your-role/Crew- member. Tm) This shows what the job requires of the potential employee the website also includes the ‘Rewards and Benefits’ of the job, this is effective as if the candidate decides to apply for the job they will see the benefits of being a crew member and the rewards that they will gain.

Also McDonald’s included a video of a crew worker, so that the worker can explain what her job role is and how it benefited her. The crew member description uses simply language as it is not a high position. Here is a job description to be head office part Of the McDonald’s business (http:/whom. McDonald’s. Co. UK/ chemo/People/Join-the-team/Pick-your-role/Head-office-positions. HTML) McDonald’s clearly shows what is needed and required to be able to apply for the head office position. They also show the ‘Rewards and Benefits’ this again, will show the candidate what would benefit them once they apply for the job role and actually get the job.

The head office position description uses more of a sophisticated language because it is a higher job position. (http:// www. Treacherousness’s. Com/essay-on/Describe-The-Recruitment- Documentation-Used-Len/248486) UP In this assignment, I will be describing the main employability, personal and immunization skills required for a specific job role. The organization I will be talking about is McDonald’s and the job role is the crew member. The first quality an employer will look for in an applicant is the qualifications they have.

Are the qualifications suitable? Have they got a satisfactory amount? Sometimes the qualifications don’t matter depending on the particular job, but most of the time, employers will only take on people who have sufficient qualifications. The qualifications show that they have put a lot of effort into their education and care about their future. It is possible that the job they are applying for is a particular career path that they Want to pursue for a long time; this would mean they would have had extra education, showing their dedication.

In this case, the job is a crew member at McDonald’s, so personal skills would be more important than the qualifications they have. They may need to have a certain number of qualifications, to show they are well educated, but what they are wouldn’t really be a primary concern. Another quality that employers look for in a candidate for a job is the experience they have in this field. Some employers would regard this as higher importance than the qualifications, depending on what job it is.

For example a builder would need plenty of experience to get a job at a big firm, rather than their qualifications. At McDonald’s, experience with interacting with customers would be a big necessity, as they will be interacting with customers every day. These personal interaction skills are essential in a crew members job, more so than qualifications, or experience in other fields. The applicant would have to have knowledge of some products and services that exist in the store. This loud be tested by a trial, or if the applicant had had previous experience in another big superstore.

If the applicant had no idea what the store stocked, and the services they provided, and a customer asked about them, they would look incredibly unprofessional and under-trained, which would reflect badly on the company and themselves. Employers would like to see the effectiveness the applicant has in meeting team and personal targets within the company. If an applicant showed a very lazy attitude, and didn’t really show any interest in meeting the targets, it shows a weakness in the many, and other team members begin to get agitated and lose focus.

In McDonald’s, if a crew member slacks in meeting the team objective (e. G. Meeting a specific profit target within the month) it could make the whole work force at the branch slow down. Personal targets are just as important, and you are letting yourself down if you slack and don’t achieve them. Employers also want professional employees, that make the business look professional and themselves. This doesn’t only mean dressing smartly and appropriately, but how you interact with customers and clients.

A candidate f McDonald’s would need the ability to observe and raise professional standards, which means they would have to observe the professional feel of the company, and apply it to themselves, making sure every customer is satisfied, even if it seems a lot of effort. There are more qualities that employers look for such as: Patient, Hardworking, Team worker, Interpersonal skill, Co-operation, Negotiation and Interviewing skills. These personal aspects are important, as employers want to employ people that the customer will get along with, and that they will get along with, to create a costive working environment.

The customers will more comfortable around people who possess these qualities, raising the customer satisfaction. Patience is vital for working with customers, as employees may encounter difficult customers, or people who require a lot Of assistance. They have to have a lot of patience to be as helpful as they can to the customer, and to avoid being rude. Employers will always want hard-working employees, as the company as a whole will benefit and have the best outcomes. At McDonald’s, teamwork would be a quality that is essential, as there would be many tasks hat would require good teamwork.

For instance, the crew members need to work together to observe stock levels, and to create a good working environment. To have good team work qualities, you would have to have nice personal qualities, so people will find it easy to get along with you. This links in with the co-operation skills. It is imperative that you get along with your colleagues, to have a good working environment. Co-operation skills are vital not just for cooperating with co-workers, but with customers as well. Willingness to work hard and complete deadlines is a big quality that employers will look for.

As McDonald’s is such a big business, there will be a variety of tasks that will need to be carried out, and they will need willing employees to do these tasks quickly and efficiently. Although the role available is just a crew member, negotiation skills would be a good quality to have, as it shows initiative, and the possibility of a promotion in the future. They also come in when dealing with customers issues or problems efficiently. Interpersonal skills are a huge part of the role of crew members, as you re interacting with the public, and are the face of the business.

Interviewing skills are important in any job as they determine to the employer if you are right for the job, and will be a good representative of the company. Interviewing skills gives you the opportunity to outshine other candidates, and shoe Off other important skills like employability and personal skills. It is important to have good communication skills, as a lot of customers will want to ask questions and have queries about certain products and services, and you would have to communicate in a professional and clear way. (http:// www. Aromatherapies. Com/essay-on/UP-Describe-The-Main- Employability-personal-And/204923) Physical Resources – Physical resources are resources that the business needs to maintain in order to carry out its activities. They mainly include things like facilities, buildings, machinery and more. These are resources that are available to a business’s organizations in form of buildings and other machineries needed for the day to day running of the organization. McDonald’s have many physical resources such as their toilets, buildings, seating Cat’s.

Toilets is a good resource to have within a good organization as it can attract more customers to not feel shushed into eating because they need to go toilet they can eat at their own pace and use the toilet when they feel to. Another physical resource for McDonald’s is the car park so customers can park within McDonald’s car park and not have to worry about receiving a ticket, or checking their time to get back to the car before they get a ticket, this will also attract more customers to eat at McDonald’s.

A recent physical resource that McDonald’s has brought in is the drive-thru; this is good for customers that want to get their food quickly as McDonald’s can be quite busy on some days they don’t want to wait n the long queues so they can use the drive thru which is time effective. Buildings Permanent or temporary structure enclosed within exterior walls and a roof, and including all attached apparatus, equipment, and fixtures that cannot be removed without cutting into ceiling, floors, or walls. Materials The matter from which something can be made.

Material can include but is not limited to raw and processed material, components, parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies, fuels, lubricants, coolants, cleaning agents, and small tools and accessories that may be consumed directly or indirectly. Plant and chicanery – Like materials and buildings, each business has specific requirements for the type of plant and machinery. As McDonald’s don’t own factories to where their products are produced they pay for another source to produce their products or have suppliers. Most of McDonald’s products are from suppliers.

This means even though they may not own the factory they have to pay the right amount to the suppliers for them to produce their products for them. Equipment Equipment is essential for a business to operate smoothly. Equipment is critical for profit and non-profit organizations like McDonald’s. In some organizations lack of equipment means a job or service cannot be carried out. Equipment is crucial for McDonald’s as they deal with selling a range of products from food to drinks and other consumable substances. Within McDonald’s they will need tills so that people will be able to purchase the food from their store.

Tills help them to take payments from customer, without the tills they couldn’t take payments from customers or record profit or loss within all the McDonald’s stores. Also in a McDonald’s store they need to provide CEQ intent like fridges/ovens to stock the products within the store, thou the equipment, the store wouldn’t appeal to customers as it isn’t diverse I. E. A customer only likes drinks from the fridge not with ice. On a staff level they have to provide the retail staff with uniform. For McDonald’s it’s essential that the customer face staff have uniforms as it looks more professional.

Technological Resources Intellectual Property Is the knowledge, creative ideas, or expressions of human mind that have commercial value and are predictable under copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret laws from imitation, infringement, and dilution. As McDonald’s designs different products they oldest want competitors to copy what they have designed so they would hold intellectual property. It’s important that McDonald’s has intellectual property as the fast food market is a big market and competition is tight.

The intellectual designs aspect covers the features of decoration of products, such as colors, lines, materials, shape or texture. Accumulated experience and skills Accumulated experience means experience gained over a number fears when a person has to come across lots of different issues to do with the job. It’s important for McDonald’s to keep their employees happy as the longer hey work in their position the more experience they get and become better people at their job. For McDonald’s to keep employees that have been working at the business for a long time and have good experience would be to pay them more.

By Tests paying the staff more they will feel more privileged and would want to stay with the business for longer. It’s important for McDonald’s to build employees skills. Software McDonald’s would invest a lot of money in software and its day-to-day use. Sometimes software will be designed for a business or they will use someone else’s software and pay a license fee to use it. One software which some internal office staff may use would be Microsoft office, excel and maybe publisher for the head office. For the branch workers maybe CATV technology to monitor the premises and deter thieves. Http:// www. Treacherousness’s. Com/essay-on/Business-Resources – IMP 69488) up In this assignment, I will be describing sources Of internal and external finance for a selected business. The business I will be talking about is McDonald’s. Internal Personal savings: This is most often an option for small businesses where the wine has some savings available to use as they wish. Retained profit: This is profit already made that has been set aside to reinvest in the business. It could be used for new machinery, marketing and advertising, vehicles or a new IT system.

Working capital: This is short-term money that is reserved for day-to-day expenses such as stationery, salaries, rent, bills and invoice payments. Sales of assets: There may be surplus fixed assets, such as buildings and machinery that could be sold to generate money for new areas. Decisions to sell items that are still used should be made carefully as it could effect capacity to deliver existing products and services. External Shares: Limited companies could look to sell additional shares, to new or existing shareholders, in exchange for a return on their investment.

Loans: There are debenture loans, with fixed or variable interest, which are usually secured against the asset being invested in, so the loan company will have a legal shared interest in the investment. This means that the company would not be able to sell the asset without the lenders prior agreement. In addition the lender will take priority over the owners and shareholders if the business would fail and the cost will have to be repaid even if a loss is made. There are other types of loan for fixed amounts with fixed repayment schedules. These may be considered a little more flexible than debenture loans.

Overdraft: A bank overdraft may be a good source of short-term finance to help a business flatten seasonal dips in cash-flow, which would not justify or need a long-term solution. The advantage here is that interest is calculated daily and an overdraft is therefore cheaper than a loan. Hire purchase: Hire purchase arrangements enable a firm to acquire an asset quickly without paying the lull-price for it. The company will have exclusive use of the item for a set period of time and then have the option to either return it or buy it at a reduced price.

This is often used to fund purchases of vehicles, machinery and printers. Credit from suppliers: Many invoices have payment terms of 30 days or longer. A company can take the maximum amount of time to pay and use the money in the interim period to finance other things. This method should be treated with caution to ensure that the invoice is still paid on time or else the firm might risk upsetting the supplier and jeopardize the future irking relationship and terms Of business. It should also be remembered that it’s not ‘found’ money but rather a careful balancing act of cash-flow.

Grants: Grants are often available from councils and other Government bodies for specific issues. For example there may be a council priority to regenerate a particular area of a town and who are happy to help fund refurbishment of buildings. Alternatively there may be an organization that specialists in helping young entrepreneurs to launch new businesses. Assessment for grants can be very competitive, is very individual and not automatic. Venture capital: This source is most often used in the early stages of developing a new business. There may be a huge risk of failure but the potential returns may also be big.

This is a high risk source as the venture capitalist will be looking for a share in the firm’s equity and a strong return on their investment. However the significant experience these investors have in running businesses could prove valuable to the company. This is what the TV programmer ‘Dragon’s Den’ is all about! Factoring: This involves a company outsourcing its invoicing arrangements to an external organization. It immediately allows the company to receive money based on the value of its outstanding invoices as well as to receive payment of future invoices more quickly.

It works by the firm making a sale, sending the invoice to the Customer, copying the invoice to the factoring Company and the factoring company paying an agreed percentage offbeat invoice, usually 80% within 24 hours. There are fees involved to cover credit management, administration charges, interest and credit protection charges. This must be weighed up against the benefit gained in maximizing cash flow, a reduction in the time pent chasing payments and access to a more sophisticated credit control system. The downside is that customers may prefer to deal direct with the company selling the goods or services.