Business Report essay

This report is to show owners of a restaurant that it is important to be willing to change in the changing times of technology. This report will show that it is not only easy to adapt to this new age of technology, but also at time doesn’t cost a lot to do so. The next generation of customers is becoming dependent on their cell phones, laptops and tablets. Our restaurant should show these young people that we are willing to take the time to acknowledge this and go with it.

The report goes over three new technologies that will not only reach individuals on their phones, but also when they get to the business. The first genealogy is Faceable and to use its ability to connect to the digital world for free, advertise for low costs and to reach individuals that might not have known about the restaurant. The costs are low and the impact from using Faceable everyday could be huge. Over 60% of adults have a smart phone that uses applications to make life easier. Our restaurant could invest a small amount of money to get ourselves into the mobile app world.

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This would allow customers to see our menu, order from it and pay with a credit card, before they even step foot in the restaurant. The application could make them aware of future events that are miming up and to even buy tickets to it, if tickets are available. The costs to develop such an application could be very low to high depending on the functions that we would want to include with it. Restaurants have started to adopt tablets into their business by having them on every table and using them for day to day management purposes.

While this is the most expensive of the three technologies that I have found, it is also the most effect. Tablets would allow customers to see the items on the menu before ordering them, order the items they want directly from the tablet, be able to add or subtract ingredients and finally after the ordering is done, entertain themselves. Tablets allow customers to select songs from the Jukebox, play games or even get on their social media sites. The tablets can be bought or leased from companies that are emerging for the sole purpose of getting tablets in restaurants.

Of the three technologies that I have found that could better the restaurant; I would recommend that we adapt all three. Faceable is free to use and to advertise with them could only cost $5 dollars a day to push our status to individuals that might now even know of our business. If even one of hose people came in to eat or see our entertainment, the cost of using their advertisement has paid for itself. The mobile application could cost us around SSL 000 to develop, but could pay for itself within a few months’ time.

If more to go orders are places and more people see our entertainment schedule, the money will generate its self. Adopting the use of tablets is a larger endeavor but I believe that it is one worth doing. I would recommend that we lease the tablets from a company that provides them for lease. They provide the tablets security, so that none of them will walk out of the restaurant. The customers have to pay a small fee to play games and to play music on the jukebox. That has proven with other restaurants to pay the monthly leasing fee.

So in the end it should cost us little to nothing and give us an edge over the competition. Introduction Having a small restaurant and pub can be challenging, due to the constant change in technology and the ever changing wants of our customers. Restaurants in the past used to only have to come up with daily specials and items on the menu that you weren’t able to get at any other locations. This is what brought the customers in and kept them returning for more. While this still needs to be done, in order to keep customers coming back, there are many ways to disgusting sis ourselves from competitors. Eave found three uses of technology that will allow for more people to know about our business, order from our business and have a clear selection of what we offer once we get them in the door. Social media has taken over the next generation of customers and proven to be the outlet to which they share their thoughts, needs and wants. Whether it is someone ranting about a bad experience, sharing pictures of their food, talking about the level of service hey received or “Checking In” on Faceable to show their friends where they are, this is how the next generation is sharing their thoughts.

We need to create a better Faceable page to allow our customers to see our daily specials, our live entertainment, to give them a form to right reviews on us, answer questions and most importantly reach new customers. Customers want ease of use in all aspect of their lives. We currently are using the “Call In” method for to go orders. This will method will always be around as long as we have phones. The problems with this method are the time an employee is on the phone, the customers not knowing what we have to offer and orders not being picked up and paid for.

Spending a small amount of money would allow us to hire someone to design a mobile app that would allow customers to order from their smart phones. They would be able to see our menu, our specialties and it would have the customer pay with a debit or credit card on the spot. The application takes out the middle man and frees up the servers or managers from going through the entire menu over the phone. Once we use all of the advertising that we have available to us, it’s owe our time to “WOW’ the customer.

We want everyone that walks in the door to have an amazing experience, to tell their friends and family and most importantly, to return. Every restaurant has a menu to go through to select what you will be eating for the evening. Imagine being able to see every item on the menu and also reading reviews of the item from previous people that ordered it. Investing in tablets for the tables would allow for these to happen. It would allow for customers to see each item, read the description and read reviews of the item.

This would also help the kitchen in consistence and dieback, making them prepare each plate the same way and also telling the chef which items are not successful. Adding and deleting items off the menu as the kitchen runs out of products or removing an item because it is not successful with the customers would be as easy as a click of a button. Research Findings using Faceable to Advertise Faceable has gone from a college social website that was exclusive to college students only, to a social media site for everyone.

It has grown from thousands of users in the United States, to over a billion users all over the world in just a decade. Paradise 2015) Faceable has been a free site to use since it was founded in 2004 and allows people to communicate what is happening in their lives with other users they have “Friend”. In 2009 Faceable launched the business pages. This is where a business can post pictures, statuses, business hours and contact information. The business pages have switch from being “Friends” with its customers to the customers “Liking” its page.

The “Liking” feature allows customers to have the businesses status show on their timeline, which allows for easy communication on events or specials the business is running. Sing Faceable has to potential to generate hundreds to thousands of new customers. If businesses use all of the features that Faceable has, this will allow the business to reach its current customers but also potential customers. Faceable has made it extremely easy to link the actual business website, Twitter, Snap Chat and Mainstream using plug-ins that simplify the connection process between all of the sites.

This feature will allow exclusive users of each of these social media forms to see what is happening at your business, without having to create an account at each site, allowing the business to each an even larger audience. (Ray 201 3) Faceable also has a feature that will allow a business to pay a small fee to reach a larger audience, the more you pay the larger the audience. If a business has a grand opening or special event the business can choose to pay $5-$200 to have Faceable reach an audience that hasn’t currently “Liked” your page and to possible bring them into the business to purchase goods and or services.

The amount that a company invests determines the amount of people the post reaches. An example of this would be $5 reaches 1,200 to 3, 100 people or $200 reaches 8,200 to 74,400 people. This one-time fee of $5-$200 is to boost an event or a post that the business has posted. If the company wants to generate more “Likes” to its business, to reach a larger audience in the future, it is able to set a daily budget to have Faceable advertise for you. The business pays $5-$25 a day to generate new “Likes” to the page, from users that might not have known the business had a page or known about the business in general.

A business Faceable page has features that might be harder to manage on a traditional website. Faceable offers a business to run promotions, an e- amerce shop and even run contests that might be harder to program in HTML for the traditional sites. (Woodbine 2011) Businesses could use this feature to generate more income buy also selling products on Faceable or running Faceable exclusive promotions. A customer would simple have to “Like” the page to receive coupons for in store or web store promotions or discounts.

Analysis: If the business links their current website, which shows event lists, menu items, drink specials and souvenirs, they would be able to generate more income. The cost of using the features is free, so it won’t hurt at all to try hose features out. The current size of the business and market will justify how much to spend on a post boost, but spending $5 to reach over a thousand people would definitely be worth the time if it brought even one person Into the restaurant. Depending on the event or post, it might be worth spending a little to boast it if it is going to bring a larger crowd into the business.

Spending just a little more time a week on the business page could boost the customer base and be well worth the time. Creating a Mobile Application for To Go Orders Smart phones have become the cell phone on the market to own, in fact nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smart phone. ” (Smith 201 5) Smart phones have built in GAPS, Calendars, Cameras and you can get nearly anything that you would need for your day to day business. A lot of businesses are starting to tap into the smart phone to help their business out. Amazon has an application that will let you order items right from your phone.

EBay also has been on smartness for many years, allowing its users to be freed up from their computers to watch items they are bidding on or selling. Mobile Applications can cost anywhere from nothing to millions of dollars to evolve, depending on what functions are needed for them to work properly. A restaurant could use a simple application that would allow customers to see the entertainment schedule, browse products for sale, and see operating hours, our contact information or order food online for pick-up. The application would allow the customer to order and pay for food right in one location.

Businesses might run into credit card fees if the order is paid for online or no fees if it is paid for when it’s picked up. An App could free associates up to take care Of the customers that came into the restaurant to at, allowing for a more customer service oriented experience. Restaurants such as Chipolata have recently upgraded their mobile app to allow for payment. This has allowed for them to service customers quicker and enabled them to add six transactions for every lunch rush, which raised their fourth quarter profits in 2013. Wong 2014) You also might have seen commercials recently for Domino’s voice ordering app that was developed to show that Domino’s is also moving into the smartened era. The CEO of Domino’s believes that sticking with the changing times will give them the advantage in the long run. He believes that in the future no one will call in an order and that everything will be done on a smart phone. (“Domino’s Pizza Launches,” 2014) Cutbacks recently added a new prouder app that allows customers to choose what they want and set a time that they will be in to pick it up.

This allows customers in a rush to skip past the twelve people in line to pick up their order that is already paid for. That have even made a guaranteed statement saying “If we need to remake your beverage to make sure it’s the right temperature, we’ll gladly do it. ” (Ankara 2014) McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway and Dunking’ Donuts are also getting into the smartened applications and expect to release them within the year. It appears that most restaurants and service industry business are moving to a smart phone application to boost sales and make ordering and picking up much faster and easier.

While it does cost to develop the application and there are fees to taking credit card payments online, receiving an order that you might not have received before could make up the difference in cost. It also seems like an effortless way to communicate with customers the daily facials, entertainment schedule and menu. Switching from Menus to Tablets at the Tables Tablet computers are starting to pop up in a lot of chain restaurants such as and Chili’s all across the country. The purpose is to not only allow the customers to visually see their food, but to also entertain guests.

This gives the guests a better idea of what they are ordering and allowing the customers to better interact with each other during their meal. (Hamilton 201 3) The tablets are not only for the customers, but they also add to efficiency to the restaurant and the customers dining experience. The customers are able to order their food without waiting for a server to come to the table. This allow the kitchen to get the ticket right after the customer’s order, which would help with such problems as the servers putting the wrong orders in, losing tickets or losing the ticket of the order.

It would then be up to the kitchen to prepare the food as the ticket states, leaving wrongly Ordered food in the hands of the patrons. If a customer comes in alone, whether on a business trip or just dining solo, a tablet would allow the customer to not feel alone. Most customers will have smartened, but would be unable to interact with the restaurant the way that a tablet would allow them. (Sutton 2013) Tablets can feature such things as restaurant menus, jukebox control, social media logins, games, restaurant wide trivia and a way to pay for the bill with a credit card.

The restaurant has the potential to save money on extra employees and make money charging to use certain features on the tablets. While the costs of the tablets can vary from $1 00 to $300 per tablet, the income from the tablets can more than offset the cost of the tablets. There are also companies leasing the tablets to the restaurants, while the assistants pay a monthly fee, which again is offset by the income coming in from the tablets. (Colt 2014) This allows the business to not worry about theft as much, due to the leased tablets coming with security functions.

These security features can be anything from alarms to the tablet not functioning a certain distance from the table. While the tablets entertain the restaurants guests they can also save the business money in different aspects. The tablets are able to be loaded with training guides and videos, which frees the business from the costs of printing and shipping training booklets. Atkinson 2013) Every restaurant has operating manuals for every aspect of the business, from the kitchen to the registers and the manuals can be hundreds of pages long.

The managers would also be able to see the daily sales and who is clocked in and off for the day. For a startup cost of $100-$300 dollars would possibly allow the restaurant to make an extra income by allowing the customers to use social media sites, play the jukebox, order food and drinks or play games for a small fee to the customer. Tablets would also allow for easier access to training manuals and daily sales. They allow customers to see the food before it is ordered and also to pay without waiting for the server.

Recommendations would recommend using Faceable to advertise: I believe that we should have a monthly budget to advertise with Faceable. In the market of our business we might not want to put a daily dollar amount on it to push our business, because most people in our city already know about our restaurant. What I would recommend is spending that monthly money on pushing special events or posts that the company Faceable post. We would never have to spend hundreds Of dollars due to the size Of our arrest, but spending $10 to have thousands more see it and know about it is worth it.

If upping the views on the event even brings one more person to it, it would pay for the advertising cost. Any more than that would bring a profit to the business, which makes this a very smart business decision. Would recommend creating a mobile application: recommend this, but I don’t recommend spending a lot of money on developing it. Finding a developer that would get a cut of the credit card transaction is a possibility. I would have the mobile site list the food which and image of the food and also list our events with the option to buy a ticket hen tickets are being sold for the event.