Business Plan motor car wash essay

Also, with the aid of engineering-based knowledge, we would like to share some information regarding the maintenance of car and motorcycle so as to prolong the lifespan of our customers’ cars and motorcycles. In our company, there are 7 shareholders and each of the shareholders contributes capital in equal share which is RMI O. As such, our capital has a total of ARMS to start our motor-car wash service business. Since we are doing this service as one day business, we plan to buy basic equipment including car wash shampoo (mall), sponges and microfiche water absorbent cloth.

For other equipment such as pipe, pails and vacuum cleaner, we are able to get them as free rental. This greatly reduces the expenses for our business. For financial part, we will not have any basic salary for any shareholder. Our income is 100% based on the profit gained from our motor car wash service which will be distributed equally among all the shareholders. In University of Malay, all the students and staffs have their own mode of transportation for studies or work. They may drive a car, ride a motorcycle or a bicycle or even walk to any place in COM.

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For those who will be driving a car or riding a motorcycle, most of them will contribute less time in maintenance of their vehicles due to the packed schedule in their studies and work respectively. From our observations throughout all the vehicles in LLC, there re more than 70% of cars and motorcycles are in bad condition in terms of the surface cleanliness of the vehicles. Besides, it is believed that at least of them need immediate exterior cleaning service for the sake of their vehicle’s lifespan and functionality.

Thus, if we operate this business in I-JAM, we believe that it is a good opportunity to start this kind of service business. Furthermore, motor-car wash service is not a one-time service, thus, it will be a great demand in campus. Our business is planned to be operated in Faculty of Engineering for one day and 7 hours for that particular day. The exact location is the vacant space in front of block D of Engineering Faculty. We choose this location due to several factors. The vacant space is large in terms Of area which is necessary for motor-car wash service.

In addition, Engineering Faculty is a strategic area where it is situated just beside the main road after entering the KILL gate of UM campus. It is believed that the traffic flow and volume through KILL gate is very high everyday, thus it is strategic to put Engineering Faculty as the area for our business. For business hour, we plan to operate business at full time from am to pm. We will have workers to take turn to go for lunch, so that we will have continuous manpower for our business in order to maximize our profit gained.

The period from pm-pm is important to us because most of the staffs are having break time during this period, and thus it may be the high profit gained period for our company. For marketing part, our market target is mostly students and staffs of UM who owns a car or motorcycles, followed by JIM outsiders who pass by I-JAM areas. In order to promote our business, we will have some marketing strategies to attract more customers. First and foremost, we will advertise our cuisines through flyers and posters to increase our business’s popularity.

Social websites such as Faceable page and Twitter account are created in order to introduce our business to all students and staff. Moreover, in terms of sales strategy, the flyers that we give out will also serve as a voucher which customers can get a rebate of RMI if they bring along the flyers to our motor- car wash service. For financial analysis, we predict our one-day business will have income from different aspect of cleaning of vehicles including exterior and interior where exterior cleaning for car is the major income. Thus, in a one-day cuisines, there is about REARM. 0 of income will be funded. After subtracting the expenditure which is ARMS. 60 of equipment and raw materials and RUM 10. 00 of registration and promotion (flyer printing), we will gain a profit of REARM. 40. Thus, our payback period is about 3 hours of service only. In conclusion, we plan to be a successful company in University of Malay campus by providing high quality services to our beloved customers. Opportunity given to us would be fully and wisely utilized for the company growth. Part 1: Introduction 1. 1 Introduction University of Malay has more than 27,000 students and 1500 academic tiffs.

From such amount of these students and staff, it is estimated that 4% (1080) of students having own car and 10% (2700) of students having own motorcycle for their mode of transport in LIME. In addition, it is also estimated that around 67% (1000) of staffs come to JIM by car and 13% (200) of staff with motorcycles for working day. Try to imagine the condition where 50% of the total cars and motorcycles come to UM central areas such as JIM main bus stop, library’, Preparedness Complex, Chancellery, Science faculty and Engineering faculty to search for parking slots to park their vehicles.

The robber of limited parking slot will always run through their mind everyday. Due to the limited parking slot, most of the owner of vehicles will then park their cars or motorcycles at places where there is no shelter for their vehicles. This causes their vehicles are highly exposed to rain, dust and dirt. Thus, in just a few days to one week of exposed to surrounding, the external surface of cars and motorcycles are covered with stain that could not be washed off easily. Moreover, most of the vehicles owners do not have the awareness of car maintenance and therefore the appearance and the condition of the icicles become unfavorable.

Because of the problems such as inconveniences and time management, customers opt to ignore it. Therefore Fleecy Motor-Car Wash Service is established to provide motor and car wash at a lower price for students and staffs in university of Malay. Our business provides exterior washing service for both motorcycle and car, and also interior cleaning service for car. After reviewing the problems stated above, therefore motor and car wash service is needed and it has a great business opportunity. Basically, Fleecy Motor-Car Wash Service is founded by seven engineering dents as a group and leaded by Chic Hi Eng as the director of the company.

The main purpose of the company is to provide motor and car wash at a lower price for students and staffs in University of Malay. Our main target customers are the students and staff of I-JAM in which they are reasonably charged for our service. We will also share some information regarding the maintenance of motorcycle and car to increase their awareness. With high demand of business opportunity, we have decided to set our service business in front of Block D in Faculty of Engineering where the size of vacant space there suits our desire business area.

Faculty of Engineering is also a strategic place where most of the cars will pass by the faculty when entering JIM campus through KILL gate. With the knowledge gained by enrolling in Basic Entrepreneurship Culture course, we believe that we are able to manage this business well with the right planning and strategy besides gaining experience about entrepreneurship throughout this project 1. 2 Description of Business Fleecy Motor-Car Wash Services provides motor and car wash at a lower price for students and staffs in University of Malay. We also share some information regarding the maintenance of vehicles to increase their . Business Name The business name is Fleecy Motor – Car Wash Services. “Fly” brings you hope and inspiration. It reflects our mission and vision to provide flying-fast and efficient service. While “Much” represents every owners of the company who are pursuing Mechanical Engineering course. 1. 4 Vision, Mission, Objective and Logo of the Company To help and improve the community in University of Malay by providing quality services. 1. 4. 2 Mission To provide quality motor and car wash services to customers. To instill the correct information about vehicles to customers. 1. 4. 3 Objectives

To provide a better quality of car wash service to the customers who have time constraint in car maintenance. To make use of car wash service as income source. To help members and customers to gain knowledge of basic car maintenance. To help members to gain experience of entrepreneurship from business 1. 4. 4 Logo of Company 1. Car It represents our motor-car wash service. Car is also our main target for our business besides motorcycle. 2. Bubble shape It also represents our motor-car wash service. The company would be memorable and easy to leave impression on the customers. 3. FLY MUCH Fleecy is the name Of the company.

The word ‘Fly brings customers hope and inspiration while ‘Much’ represents every owners of the company who are pursuing Mechanical Engineering course. 4. The blue color Blue and white color represents water and bubbles for our motor-car wash service. It also symbolizes the trust and loyalty which are our principles when dealing with customers. 5. The white color White color represents the bubbles for our motor-car wash service. It also symbolized cleanliness in which we will clean up our customers’ vehicles thoroughly. 1. 5 Form of Business Ownership The business ownership of our business is based on partnership.

The advantages for this selected type of business ownership is we are able to mobile more capital and expertise with the other partner in this business; management capability amongst the partner is able to be improved with the inputs of partners; the partners are fully responsible for all liabilities and risks therefore business risk can be shared amongst all the partners; each of the partner able to access to different experiences and skills; Lastly partnership brings to a more efficient decision making and able to view the problem arise room different perspectives and angles. . 6 Ideal Customer The ideal customers are mainly those who possessed a car or motor. In other words, the ideal customers are consisted of students and staffs in University of Malay and they possess cars or motors. The rest of our potential customers will be the population which pass by University of Malay or the residents from Potentiality and Bangs area. 1. 7 Our Advantages Our business has the uniqueness as shown in the following: uniqueness: 1. Fast, efficient and informative We assured that the whole car wash service process will be done in between to 20 minutes.

Tips on how to cut down petrol consumption and some basic maintenance tips will be given to the customers so that they will not have to waste their time while waiting their car to be cleaned. Pamphlets containing these tips will be distributed to them. Also, an auto detailing checklist will be given to the customers as to ensure their cars are in good condition. 2. Priority booking Customers are allowed to make priority booking via phone call, SMS or social network such as Faceable and Twitter service. Therefore an extra RMI will be charged for each priority booking.