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Now the drones are capable of going longer distances providing aerial photography that will provide the enemy location on which they can then develop their strategy of attack and then take that same information to lead the attack without ever leaving their office. There are many resources that are involved and with those resources comes the cost related to them. There are many cost that are associated with the production of this system as it takes precise engineering, precise manufacturing to the exact specifications, machinery, labor, and the ability to Andre the necessary preciseness of manufacturing these systems.

There are also costs associated with testing and further developing on the flawed components found by the testing, and the list goes on. For example, the two main costs associated with production of this system are labor and material costs. Direct labor costs are those associated with the actual production of assembling the systems by skilled workers trained in the operation of the necessary equipment in the prod action of these systems.

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Some of the persons for these skilled aircrafts may not be those trained in how to weld ND the various types of welding on many different types of materials. Therefore, millwrights that are well versed in repairing the equipment used in the production process as well as test the tolerances of this equipment have to be sure specifications are followed, that machine and/or equipment operators that are knowledgeable on the operation of the various types of equipment, and that there are a few others associated with the direct manufacturing process.

The Indirect Cost associated and often recovered, such as those that may man the storeroom to have on hand the necessary monuments and materials associated with the process, production managers educated in getting the best possible production out of employees, truck drivers that transport the finished product to the end user and many others such as the administrative costs. In terms of material costs, it is important to know the quantity of materials needed on hand to produce the ordered product.

It is also important to know the shelf life, if any, of all the components so that they may be utilized as soon as possible, to not interfere with production and to also not waste monies in purchasing those materials only to have them discarded. The production schedule is also of vital importance in the manufacturing process because it will aid in keeping correct quantities on hand for production. Having a proper schedule allows the time necessary to receive materials and place them into the production process when necessary.

Materials have two different types of cost, just like in labor. There is the direct and indirect cost. The direct materials costs are those directly related to the manufacture of the necessary components that results in the end product. The indirect costs are those not directly related to the manufacture of the end product, but support the items necessary in achieving the end product. In the process of the production, Pectoral must rely on the direct and indirect Cost associated with the labor.

As explained before, the labor costs for Pectoral relate to the final production of all components that make up the navigation system and requires many skill crafts persons to achieve. The direct labor costs for my company are labor intensive in that a team of highly educated and talented programmers are required to write the software to be used on the systems that will control the global positioning systems and communicate with satellites, as well as the ode required to run the controls and weapons systems onboard, should they be needed. Old say that one highly important aspect of this system is the protection from hackers. This system must be tested, both in-house as well as independent, testers to insure that the system cannot under any circumstances be overridden by hackers and utilized in a manner that it is not intended for. Testing will also be a large part to work out any internal issues that will show during testing as well as tweaking the systems to the end user specifications and wants.

There are materials that are required for the system hat are more along the Victoria side of the operation in that the drones may require more specialized metals that can withstand the rigors of long, mid altitudes of flight over varying terrains as well as quickly changing weather patterns. In adding that to the cost of those components that communicate with the operators on the ground, those that communicate with global satellites for tracking, the best way to control these costs are through testing to ensure that quality, reliable components are used and that keep costs to its absolute minimum.

This will also ensure the long term viability for all involved. The varying costs between the Ohio companies both will require highly technical labor to develop, operate and maintain the systems to meet the specifications of the contract holder. The semi variable costs are composed of fixed and variable costs, salaries, which are fixed, while any overtime labor will be a variable cost. Variable costs are sometimes necessary in order to achieve production schedules and can become a fixed cost over time as both companies work to streamline their productivity.