BSB Portfolio essay

These tests can be done and used so that people can rediscover and improve through self-reflection, for daily skills such as job hunting or learning how to get along with others in a team and community environment. The objective of this portfolio is to build up and explore personal knowledge of interpersonal effectiveness. Moreover, the portfolio selected the Jackson’s (coca) Learning Styles Profiler (LISP) to analyses my personality and also understand more about myself through this test. Lastly, set up the “SMART” goal for personal marketing career. 0 Interpersonal effectiveness Interpersonal effectiveness can be defined as to understand yourself and what your strengths and weakness are, furthermore, to clarify your goals. 2. 1 Learning Styles Profiler Jackson’s (coca) Learning Styles Profiler (LISP) provides an indicator of self- development learning according to a neurophysiology model where learning is separated by two different types; instinctive and conscious learning. A high Sensation Seeker is more prone to involve his or herself in new events, which generates new chances of learning.

A high level of Deep Learning Achieving shows that a person who is in the process of learning highly enjoys this stage and is also open minded to new ideas. A high scoring Conscientious Achiever is a clever and dependable learner who uses goals and complicated higher level learning to understand information. 2. 2 Analysis and Reflection of Results The result of my LISP (Chart 1) indicates that am a high scoring Conscientious Achiever but my low scores is a Goal Oriented Achiever and Emotionally Intelligent Achiever.

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Those factors show that I am a person who revived re-expression of instinctive urge to explore so that positive goals and outcomes can be achieved. It also means that am able to absorb and learn easily but what I learn is to avoid activities that lead to mistakes, therefore, I do not prefer to learn how to overcome the mistakes. As a result, I lack self-discipline and do not act on logical emotions.

In addition to this, I am inclined to compare my performance with others, be more interested in avoiding failure than achieving success, have little confidence in my chance of achieving the goals or simply do not appreciate the advantages of goal eating. Chart 1 . Learning Styles of Hi-Sheen Tests Through this test I was able to discover interesting outcomes about myself. Firstly, according to the result, as a moderate Sensation Seeker, will display a reasonable amount of excitement and enthusiasm at the prospect of new sensation seeking learning chances and experiences. However, I will not rush head first into them.

Secondly, the results surprisingly indicates that have learnt and have insight into complex social rules and with that reliability and responsibility are highly valued. Moreover, I tend to have high self-standards. M always an easy-going person and I do not set standards for myself, because I am afraid the more I expect, the greater the chance of being disappointed. Lastly, the results reveal that I am a Reasonably Functional Learner and I am able to do crisis management. Since I can remember, I have always been the type of person to panic easily but discovered I became calmer recently due to focusing on other learning functions.

I believe that I have the potential to solve a crisis now. In short, I have abilities at developing a deep and wise understanding of the issues and independently understanding the basic problem and is somewhat keen to reflect and deeply consider issues and problems. 2. 3 Goal Setting SMART goal stands for: S- specific, stretching, significant M- measurable, motivational, meaningful A- achievable, acceptable, attainable R- relevant, realistic, reasonable T- timely, time-bound, tangible It provides a definition that assists people to be successful in personal life and business situations and learning curves.

The main objective is to develop the less and low scoring optimal learning styles. I expect to achieve the goal within one and half year. If want to improve my style as an Goal Oriented Achiever or Emotionally Intelligent Achiever learner, I will need to focus on those points below: 1 . Allow myself time and opportunity to reflect on past experiences and dreams for the future. 2. Plan beforehand and be the first, which will encourage goal development. 3. Aim not to limit my focus to only those similar problems of direct concern. 4.

Allow myself to focus on understanding situations; instead Of using all my energy into making certain things happen. 5. Set hard but also achievable goals and allocate my sources towards realizing them. 6. Read more books. 7. Try to see the value in understanding abstract concepts and arguments. 8. Understand that avoiding control is not an adaptive learning style as the long- term consequences are seldom positive. 9. Develop a scientific and logical understanding of the problem so that in the future it can be solved more efficiently 10. Think deeply about things and learn by questioning all aspects of what is of interest.

There is still a lot that I need to change and learn about but these ten points are a great stepping stone for me to become a better arson if I can gradually work on achieving all of them. 3. 0 Conclusion TO summarize, the Learning Styles Profiler assists a lot in this portfolio. Not only does it allow me to understand my interpersonal effectiveness, but also I discovered a better version of myself. In short, the results from LISP indicate that am quite enthusiastic about initiating new learning activities, and fairly interested in setting goals and developing self-confidence to achieve these goals.