Bruno Speech essay

Hello students and professors. My name is Bruno Hoax, this is my fourth year here in University of New York Tirana, and my major is law. It is an honor to be in front of you and having the chance to run for this Year’s elections. During 4 years that I have been part of this University I have seen many Studios Union which some of them really tried to work with each other, and not only with their member, but also with all student to create a student life. Student life is still about learning-?classes and studying remain at the center of the educational experience.

But students today, especially at community colleges, must balance complicated schedules that include not only classes, but also jobs, families and a variety of off-campus pursuits. We must learn many good things in our student life. Our main duty is to learn our lessons at school. We must “gain knowledge. Our character must be good. If we become men Of character, people will love us. Our professors will take great care Of us. A boy of bad character cannot become a great man. We must learn discipline. Strict discipline at schools is very good for us. T teaches us obedience, inequality, diligence, regularity, good manners and forbearance. If we fail once, we shall try again and again. We must learn the value of time. We should do everything in time. Time will not wait for us. If time is once gone, we cannot get it back. Our work also is not finished. Hence we must not idle away our time. We must take care of our health. If our health is bad, we cannot do anything. Our whole life becomes miserable. We must have a social life in school, because it is the one of the best of student life, it is a mix of lessons and activities, in or outside school.

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This can not be created by homeless, because as Julia say, many freshmen have some difficulties to create friends, or also to be part of our community. My first time that entered this University was a bit afraid since I was used to a different life, with different societies. I was making my choice of life, that will accompany me during my life. I made a decision, and my decision was jurisprudence. But in few months, I felt very good because I was part of many activities, created many friends, and in that moment realize what is student life.

During those years I have seen so less activity, and since this is my final year I want to make omitting good, with my team mates, to restore the pursuit of student life. We are trying and we will harder to find new ways to joint student with each other. Next year, we will make surveys and will make a discussion with freshmen what they except from university, not only for off campus activities but also for methodology of learning. We will make a new a club where we will try to help them. Every each of us, me ,Aledo, Mikhail, Sheen and Julia will be here every week, to archive our goal, and also to be united.

It will be a new voice in our school. Since we are the only group who is being candidate it is very difficult , because we have double responsibility to create a better program, and a program that would be accepted by all Of us. It was not easy to candidate for president of student union but having faith in myself, in my group, and in every student of our school, of University of New York Tirana, think and I know that a better year with many activities is in front of us. Thank you that are part of today’s discussion and hopefully will see each of you in the last day of campaign , here in the campus where we, as a group , Kerri detritus Noisy.