Brooklyn by Colm Toibin essay

It can be seen from the novel that Ellis realizes her life is controlled by others wherever in Ireland or Brooklyn, however, she does not give any action to change the situation and she just follows the circumstance. But in fact, she feels her life is controlled by others in Ireland more than in Brooklyn. Jobbing suggests us Ellis as a family member has social expectations to meet as well as taking care of herself and her family in the novel. Actually Ellis feels argue pressure to be employed – as a family member feed by her sister and brothers.

Therefore she is taking a job in Miss Kelly’s shop which she was not even agree too, however she only takes this job because “Ellis realizes that she could not turn down the offer. It would be better than nothing and, at the moment, she had nothing. ” She always feels she has no choice, she can only choose let people control her life. On the visit to Lisle’s home, Father Flood like a salesman -? selling the concept of employment in America to Lisle’s family ND persuade her to America by her family soon afterwards because Ellis needs a better job.

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It had somehow been tacitly arranged that Ellis would go to America. Father Flood, she believed, had been invited to the house because Rose knew that he could arrange it. ” As Rose does not approve of her job at Miss Kelly’s. “Rose had organized everything. ” Even though America is so far away from Ireland, they still decided let Ellis go. They do not pay lots of attention on Ellis wish to go or not, wish to leave along or not. Ellis does not want to leave home, this point is rather obvious and her mother and sister new but it does not influence anything.

Because she IS a ‘good girl’, she needs to taking care of her family and this sense of sacrifice will forever plague Ellis in Brooklyn as her life there becomes a constant “struggle with the unfamiliar”, but a struggle that takes on many different hues. Like stage- directors, both Rose and her mother control her life – a passive person would never speak her feelings to others, so everyone ignored her opinion. Lisle’s life in America only needs submit to ‘adults’ rules’ and ‘society rules’, its control her life more than others.

Under her guardian Miss Echoes eyes, she should abidance by Miss Shoe’s rules, and also had to follow the rules and regulations of her new job at Barbaric’. It is cruel but real, when Ellis has homesick Miss Fortiori doesn’t allow her to keep work, “But you can’t work here is you’re sad. And of course you’re sad if you’re not with your mother for the first time in your life. But the sadness won’t last, so we will do what we can for you. ” Adults should pay for their behavior and have responsibility for their work.

Everyone in our society need follow these rules, it is not actually enthroned her behavior, however her emotions are controlled by Miss ; , . You are sad, and of course you are sad… ” She is having controlled Fortiori ” . Her emotions and feeling and not even ask Ellis real feeling but deciding that she is sad. On other respect, Tony is another character like control her mind, he keep drop her and control her to marry him, such as “l want our kids to be Dodgers fans. ” Making Ellis feel as though she does not have the control over her life that she could, after she had sex with Tony, ‘society’s rule’ decided her marriage.

Altogether, in Brooklyn Ellis feels her mind is controlled by others more than her life is controlled and almost her life is controlled by “rules”. Cool Jobbing drop us a hit that Brooklyn has more freedom than Ireland. Brooklyn is quite unlike Ireland, more ranger area than Ireland, a majority of people in Brooklyn is Stranger. Only few people can make Ellis feels her life is controlled no more than her Boss, her landlord, maybe add Tony. Although this is society rules that Ellis must be observe. So that Brooklyn is the place with more freedom for Ellis.

Her life in Ireland is controlled by others in past 20 or more years. Everyone in their town know each others, that makes her behavior is more constrained and also makes she in dependence because everyone in their town such like ‘Lisle’s guardian’ and watching her, “Sure the whole town knows you are here you better wear sensible clothes nothing too America now. ” However, she thinks she can’t defy elders who is she obeyed in past 20 years, but all different in Brooklyn. Most people do not know who she is, and do not care who she is.

Less attention but more freedom, so after she backs Ireland he has become a more confident woman and begins to stand up for herself “I have my own clothes” and decline her mothers control. Even though she cannot say ‘no’ to all people want control her, nevertheless she tried. In conclusion, Ellis feels her life is controlled by others in past years but she find herself and fighting to have independence and control over the events. However she cannot escape life is controlled, she feels everyone around her life want to control her, but through time her growing independence allows for Ellis have some self-control in her life.