Bottled Water Reflection Essay essay

To ban or not to ban, that is the question. Everyone has heard about this everlasting ongoing debate. 80th sides have large amounts of evidence and contradict each other whenever mentioned. Nonetheless, my group and I believe that water bottles should be banned since they aren’t being disposed in the correct manner and increasing pollution levels all over the world.

Through our research, we found that according to the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SAVED) seventeen million barrels of oil are used to manufacture water bottles and a staggering two and a half million tons of carbon dioxide are released in the air which worsens the global warming pollution issue. Water levels are also decreasing. Filling bottled water results in dried up rivers, lakes, and aquifers, and as a result of our neglectful character, we harm habitats and the environment which will eventually backfire on us.

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So after realizing the negative effects of water bottles, my group and I decided banning water bottles is the best solution. Debating and discussing with my fellow peers was fun and beneficial and found it thrilling o think in someone else’s shoes, wondering what they would say and how to counter their argument. There were also some difficulties in our process. Since some group members were absent we couldn’t function as well as we could’ve and our thesis was lacking.

My group decided to then focus on one main point instead of two or three like we had planned. After all that was settled we were a bit behind and had to catch up to the other groups. Our group’s dynamics were strong and everyone had a very important role. Ream was the writer, researcher and spokesperson. She led our team and did a terrific job. Omar being our researcher and spokesperson brought new ideas and perspectives to the table.

Tuba and Helen were also assigned the role of researching and contributed corrections that made our argument stronger and more convincing. And then there was me, the researcher and spokesperson. Throughout the process of writing our multiple drafts, I made sure the speech had enough facts and statistics, but also entertaining and attention grabbing. Loved this activity and I don’t think I would change anything. Ally enjoyed the creative process and learning about debate and putting myself in other situations and thinking outside of the box.