Bali Nine Speech essay

I know they may have stories behind what happened tit the drugs but it is no excuse for trying to smuggle drugs over to another country. The death penalty has been in Ball’s law for a very long time and to then try and smuggle drugs over to Australia and not expect a harsh penalty in return is a bit dumb. Do think the death penalty is harsh for this case but now that the Bali nine have received the penalty, they are trying there hardest to get out of it but I think if you have tried to smuggle drugs over to your own country for a plot to get so much money don’t see why they don’t deserve a enmeshment.

A death penalty, yes it may be very harsh but I don’t have anything against the people, I have someone against the act they pulled. Australia is trying hard to get the Bali nine off the death penalty because we are so against it. It is not like we are saying that what they did was the right thing to do but Australia can’t turn a blind eye on this case because we don’t support death penalties ourselves. Australia I feel is supporting the Bali nine to get them out of the death penalty, if what they planned actually worked hen how could Australia support them then when they have gone against there own country?

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They still did plot this in Australia so I’m sure the government here may be against against what they did but they have to fight against the penalty because we’re so against it. Also wonder why the Bali nine did what they did. Chapel’s CORBA just got out of jail for drugs and the things she went through were horrendous. Even now that she is out of jail she is still mentally scarred, as her experiences were so terrifying.

Bali has had harsh laws for a long time and shooting them is a very disturbing and cruel way but not expecting a harsh penalty for smuggling drugs is a bit ridiculous, It is Ball’s laws and you have to respect and obey that, people won’t learn if the law keeps getting repelled against. Chapel’s was lucky not to get the death penalty and to have been let out so soon, we don’t want to hear another story like this, we don’t want Australians to keep getting in trouble with Bali laws because of drugs, its a dumb decision so why should we help? Owe the death penalties are harsh and I know the Bali nine may have had bright futures ahead but that is there fault for getting into trouble with the laws in Bali. Support the death penalties and Ball’s laws as it is there country and there right to have what law they want.