Attendance essay

On the first day of class many students hear about their professors’ attendance policies as they go over the expectations for the semester. School Attendance Policies Most schools expect students to attend all of their classes. After all, what would be the point in enrolling students to get an education and then figuring they didn’t need to actually show up? Specific attendance policies can vary from one school to another or even from one class to another.

The Responsibility of Students There are many reasons why students might miss class, ranging from flaky seasons like they overslept or didn’t plan for enough time to find parking to more legitimate reasons like being sick or having a family emergency. Part of being an adult is knowing how to prioritize your life and manage your time so you can meet all of your obligations.

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If a student decides that something else is more important than attending class it becomes his or her responsibility to make up the work and find out what was missed. The student may also have to speak with his or her professor after class or during office hours to talk bout the situation because it shouldn’t be the professors’ responsibility to seek out all students who missed classes and get them caught up. Being Treated More Like an Adult Enforcing attendance policies could actually be treating students more like adults.

Once students graduate and enter the workforce, their job will typically only allow them a certain amount of absences or vacation days, just like colleges might only find a small number of unexcused absences acceptable. And similar to in college, there are real world consequences for kissing too many work days, like loss of pay, being put on probation or even getting fired. If colleges are supposed to help prepare students for the ‘real world,’ attendance policies are one way they’re accomplishing that goal.

Along with helping reinforce a sense of responsibility in students, these regulations can also encourage students to develop other qualities that will be important even after they’re done with school. To make sure they get to class while meeting all their other obligations, students will have to perfect time management skills. In the process of learning how to balance all their responsibilities, students could become better at multi-tasking as well.

How to Avoid Attendance Problems If you’re worried about falling victim to attendance policies, here are some tips that can help you stay on the right track and hopefully avoid some problems. Only miss class if you absolutely have to. It can be very tempting to decide to skip class in favor of sleeping late, hanging out with friends or to get caught up on homework, but really it will only make things harder since you have to try to find out what you missed ND complete a homework assignment without having actually heard the material covered.

If you have a legitimate reason for being absent, talk to your professor. Are you going to need to miss a few classes to help a sick family member or because you have your own health needs to take care of? Speak to your professor in advance if possible to let them know the situation and show them that you’re not just flaking out. They might actual be sympathetic to your situation and willing to work with you so you wont fall behind. Don’t schedule vacations when you have class.

As vacation time gets closer, you might want to try get in a few extra days by missing some class, or maybe the people you want to take a vacation with have a different schedule than you. Resist the urge because a class is still important no matter how close it gets to a vacation period. When you’re in class, participate. Participating could show your professor that you take the class seriously and are learning the material, which might make him or her a bit more forgiving if you do happen to miss a class.