Atmospheric Issues essay

Each of the businesses would have an impact on water and air pollution, which impacts the health of the residents, as well as the surrounding environment. The warehouse company would bring in more truck traffic and emissions to Saukville. Emissions are a Nippon source of pollution into the air, and also leads to the water from the acid rain from the effects of the emissions. Although the warehouse is small in nature, it would still have an effect on the water pollution because of sewage. Sewage would be a point source pollutant because it is coming from one particular area, similar to the car company.

The hybrid car manufacturing company would also lead to more air pollution because of the trucks or train that would bring in parts, as well as emissions from the added traffic. The traffic would be a Nippon source pollutant, similar to warehouse truck emissions, but even more so from the added traffic, and also related to how the traffic would be with the oil refinery. The car company is also a larger company that would have to deal tit waste on their own, which would be a point source of pollution into the water, which also works similarly to the oil refinery.

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Although the oil refinery will have regular waste, that waste may also include chemical waste from the oil that is entered into the water system. Overall, each of the businesses impact water and air pollution. The pollution impacts on the air and water can affect the health Of the citizens, damage the environment, as well as the ecosystems within that environment, as well as the economy. Starting with lath effects, “air pollutants may cause many immediate effects on human health, from shortness of breath to eye irritation to death” (Chairs, 2013, peg. 417).

While water pollutants cause “health problems including rashes, stomach or liver illness, respiratory problems, and neurological effects” (EPA, 2014, Para. 3). Air and water pollution affects not only health, but also the environment and ecosystems around us, along with the economy. The air and water pollution from these businesses would impact not only humans, but also the other living organisms and species in the area. “Air pollutants oaken trees, making them more susceptible to a host of biotic and biotic factors. The economic impact of such losses could be in tens of billions of dollars” (Chairs, 2013, peg. 17). Air pollution effects the environment because of the changes it would bring about from less desirable air quality, as well as effects the economy. Also, in a study “data indicated that indoor concentration was consistently affected by outdoor concentrations” (Guy, Morass, He, Ghana, Kooky, & Cacao, 2010, peg. 1276). That means that the outdoor air pollution can also affect the air quality indoors. Water pollution works similarly. Water pollution can affect the species within the lake ecosystem and could cause the fish that keep the environment sustained to become poorly affected or even die completely.

That would badly affect our economy because we would be losing money from tourists that come to visit each year for the bass tournament, as well as the resources for our community. Although the effects can seem scary, there are some potential solutions to protect the environment from such severe impacts. Those solutions include emissions checks for truck engines, and keeping an eye on he amount of chemicals being emitted from the businesses. Other solutions include educating the townspeople on how to dispose of hazardous waste properly, as well as environmental education to factory workers.

Commuting via public transportation to avoid the amount of car emissions would also be a helpful solution. Also, the oil refinery plans to implement state of the art equipment to help limit chemical excess into the environment. This information leads us to the decision the council, and have made. The council and have decided to implement the oil refinery. It is the option that ill bring in the most jobs, and will have limited effects on the environment with proper handling and care for the facility, as well as following legal regulations.

Although this decision does mean there will be effects on the environment, the effects are limited to not destroy the sustainability of the town. Although the refinery has chemical waste, the business is properly disposing of the chemical waste instead of letting it drain into our environment. Also, the facility will have state of the art equipment to help protect the amount of chemicals that are being released into the air. The equipment and proper disposal of toxins will limit adverse effects on the environment to keep the sustainability.