Assessment Task essay

Expand the brand to provide more choice to customers More choice for customers- Increase sales Doubling the number of stores around the greater city area from 8 to 16 Head office Source suitable locations, establish budgets, timeliness and priorities, hire staff ND open 8 stores in the next 3 years Open 2 stores in the first year of operation. Source all 8 locations by the end of first year Sales target achieved. 1/12/2015 In progress Be the retailer providing the widest selection of locally manufactured as well as overseas manufactured high quality goods More customers in store- Sales increase proportional to additional open hours. Be recognized as the industry leader/’best in class’ within 3 years Store managers Increase the shelf space to facilitate the new lighting range All current 8 stores to stock the new lighting range within 3 months Rate of customer implants Goods returning customer rate. 0/06/201 5 Appendix 3: Performance management plan Name/position: Rosa ‘staff Manager: Tony Review period: Reference from Operational Plan Key result area Indicator of success/ performance By when Status report as overseas manufactured high quality goods Variety and industry leader in range Put forth at least 5 proposals per month in regards to researched and suggested new lines and homeward item’s Monthly starting from November 2014 In progress. Initiate and implement the ‘Go Green’ project to promote the sustainability features of our products to customers

Sustainability/Green management Communicated policy and procedures (once established) and these are understood and followed by all members of staff. Provide policy training in interpreting and following the policy to staff members 30 December 2014 Policy to be implemented by 30 Suppose Manager’s comments Tony’s significant knowledge, he can be instrumental to the company’s growth, he needs to take a leadership role in growing the product range and providing shelf space for additional products.

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His knowledge will be needed to train the new staff. The respect Tony has as an experienced team member outs him in a great position to promote the green image of the company Signature Date: 20/08/2014 Staff members comments Tony is very knowledgeable but is difficult to ask questions with. It would be very useful if he would pass on the things he knows with us having to learn them from our mistakes Date Appendix 4: Performance development plan Rosa Manager: Tony Skills to be developed: How skills are to be developed: Priority BY When?

Skills gained (Y/N) Coaching and mentoring Provide formal training. Tony is a good coach when he wants to be – we will develop this skill by providing him incentives to coach and mentor staff High 5 of January 2015 Yes Work as part Of a team Provide Tony with the reasons why the company IS not following some of his ideas.

Tell him that his support for the company vision would be appreciated and that his knowledge is valuable should be shared with younger staff provide incentive to Tony that if company goals are met he will be rewarded High 12 of February 2014 Ménage’s comments: Tony is negative because he believes management are not listening to his ideas regarding online sales – he believes experience and abilities should be given more consideration when listening to his ideas for online sales. Tony needs to embrace the company vision and plan.

Although experience is valuable some of his current habits are destructive in a team environment Signature Date 2/01 /2015 Staff members comments: Tony would benefit from formal management training. That would be useful if we could easily have a questions answered. Date 1/01/2015 Appendix 5: Coaching session -? Observer’s evaluation sheet Coach’s name Richard phone no. 0430185621 Observer’s name Phone no. 04301 58456 Assessment site Richard office Coaching date/s 25/01/2015 Time/s 1 Mom Employee’s name 0430456123 Standard of performance Satisfactory NO Did the coach utilities the GROW model for coaching his or her employee? / Did the coach identify the performance issue? Did the coach utilities a number of communication skills to reflect and clarify the employee’s answers? Active listening clarifying summarizing Did the coach ask probing questions? Did the coach allow the employee time to think before replying to questions? Did the coach use body language cues to help put the employee at ease? Did the coach acknowledge the employee during the coaching session using positive feedback? V’ Did the coach provide constructive feedback to the employee during the session? Did the coach provide strategies for contain souse improvement for the employee?

Did the coach identify his or her strengths and weaknesses as a coach/ manager? H/ Did the coach identify areas for self improvement? Comments/feedback to coach It is a very effective form of teaching new skills and providing positive feedback. Only suggestion would be to ask probing questions that encourage thinking outside the box more Appendix 6: Coaching session Listener’s name 0430158456 City office, Sydney 28/02/201 5 Barn 04301 56789 -? Coach’s self-reflection sheet Coach’s name Respond to these questions with your feelings and thoughts about coaching. What was your initial reaction to the coaching exercise?

My initial reaction was that have an significant opportunity to help Tony to develop and succeed with his career. As he is very knowledgeable he can easily take leadership role in the company but his skills need to be improved What was your overall assessment of your performance as a coach? Give reasons for this assessment. I had a really good experience and communication with Tony. We discussed about his work role in a company, issues which has to be developed. Operational plan presents the best opportunity for him as he is the longest serving employee in his branch and as the best knowledge of the product lines.

What do you think were some of your strengths during the exercise? I think some of my strengths were communicational skills; I could express myself clearly, simply and positively. Also could adapt myself to new and different situation, compromise to reach agreement, and avoid conflict What do you think were areas where there was room for improvement? As a coach I have to have the ability to influence teem members. So I think I need to improve my techniques and strategies, planning and preparation What kind of strategies can you think of to help improve your coaching skills?

Because a coach guides the process, I think everything needs to be well planed and prepared so I think these are two things need to improve. Good planning and preparation are essential for successful coaching. Because being a coach you need to act as a solution to a workplace problem, I think I have to have more practice and motivation in these areas What do you think will be the cost of not implementing new strategies into your role as a manager? Good managers are essential to any successful organization as they are responsible for planning and directing the work of other people.

I think the cost of not implementing new strategies can be fundamental as manager has to manage people efficiently and effectively and get the best out of them What are some valuable skills that you have learned today to help you in your role as manager/coach? I learnt that I have to know what I am talking about. I mean have to have pretty good understanding of the problem to help to find the way forward as coach is responsible for the outcome of the project, for ensuring success. -on-one session notes address and role-play incorporates Main discussion I Date: 02. 02. 015 Place: City office, Sydney Name of Employee I Rosa Name of Manager I Tony New Operational Plan Product range will be increased, new stores will be opened and opening hours will be extended due to 12 weeks. Houseflies will be recognized by its customers, suppliers and the general public as a ‘Green Business and with ecological consciousness’ I Employee role in Operational Plan I Arrangements to source and accommodate new range of domestic and imported products. Hire/Recruit/ promote more staff (Human resource management). Element the promotion of the ‘Green’ culture and image of the company.

Employee’s Strengths I Has many years experience, the longest serving employee in a branch and has the best knowledge of the product lines, effective coach for new staff I Employee’s weaknesses I Doesn’t have any formal qualification in this area His attitude to the job is turning negative:- company doesn’t follow some of his ideas * allows his friends to use company recourses for personal enterprise Doesn’t want to share his knowledge and experience Some Of his habits are destructive in a team environment Comment of improvement I – Coaching and mentoring skills needs do be developed.