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The two artists that we have studied over the last term are: William Double, his painting ‘Joshua Smith’ and Joy Hester with her painting Women in Black. The visual qualities that William Double used in his artwork, ‘Joshua Smith’ are, that he used rich and harmonies colors which he has built up many layers of paint. William Double has used tech unique such as distortion, elongation and caricature. Joy Hester has used visual qualities in her artwork ‘Women in

Black’ by using bold flowing lines with obvious brush tones. Joy Hester uses black and white, strong and raw brush tones. The emotions people feel when they view Double’s artwork are they feel the colors are warm and soothing. Some people were outraged and angry as some reported that it should not have been viewed by young kids or pregnant women. Joy Hester artwork ‘Women in Black’ has strong black lines to describe her emotions of the subject.

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Hester art making was expressive tit a raw and direct way of working, which gave strong connections between artist and audience. Double used oil on a canvas, he could mix the colors well, he used rich harmonies colors. Hester used dark paint, making thick strong brush strokes. William Double wanted to paint a portrait of Joshua Smith. He aimed to capture the personality or the character of the person he was painting, and not just to show what the person looked like.

If he thought it was necessary to store or exaggerate a person’s appearance he would, so he could capture the person’s personality. Joy Hester was diagnosed with terminal Hodgkin lymphoma during that time she felt depressed and sad, she drew many artworks in that time to show her emotions including ‘Women in Black’. In conclusion both artists William Double and Joy Hester have strong pictures about what they wanted to paint with many emotions and techniques tied into it.