Arguments Against Death Penalty essay

Arguments against Death Penalty Since the decision to the death penalty are recognized by the public debate with the participation of a wide range of scientists, political, social and religious leaders and organizations, the decision cannot be regarded as morally right decision, because the views of these people may be based on personal sympathy or experience, it cannot be objective. Therefore, to deprive a person of life based on the thoughts and opinions of other people is not right.

Innocent people. Punishment by death may be given to an innocent person, and if that happens, and if you believe the statistics, this happened more than once, the family of an innocent person respectively will be bad. In this case, do not attempt to exclude a place where a family member might be the killer because he can kill a real killer in the name of revenge for his relative. But if even an innocent man to jail, his guilt could be proved, it IS not a fact, but it is possible.

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In this case, his family will not be as emotionally bad, because he is alive, they can visit him. The Green Mile. An innocent man, John Coffey received a sentence of capital punishment in the form of an electric chair. Did someone versed in this matter in detail, he just caught for a crime that he did not commit. He was immediately sentenced to death. If he could be sent to prison, there was a big possibility that it could be released. By punishing criminals, there is a big possibility that the same exact offender already sits inside you.

People think that they are making the good and justice, but they just do the same hinge that made this a criminal, a simple solution to the murder, which does not obligate you to anything, it’s just the easiest way out; do not need much intelligence/mind to kill a man. Even if you catch the true culprit and deprive him of his life by the death penalty, relatives of the victim to calm down and will think that justice is done. However, there is no justice, because it is the lightest punishment for the offender, because who knows how long he mocked the victim before the murder, and the court simply decided to kill him in a minute or less.