Apology Letter essay

Dear, Mom & Dad: understand that stealing is wrong and illegal and what happened in the past couple weeks made me realize that the consequences are just not worth this illegal action. I myself have no good reason for what I did but I just want you to know that if I would’ve really thought about it, would have never done such a stupid and foolish thing. Surely deserved a punishment for what I did because I needed to learn a valuable lesson. I wish didn’t do it because now I’m embarrassed. I know I probably lost all respect from you guys.

Normally I wouldn’t get into any trouble, but this time I did and for the most foolish act Seibel. I was with the wrong people at the wrong time. I should’ve took myself out of the situation before it turned into this chaos. You guys always tell me the consequences Of shoplifting and went against your rules and did it anyways. Know you guys are embarrassed because of what did. Having to get that phone call and be shocked hearing author child committed a crime. Having to sit in a room and be told what has to be done so this problem can go away.

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I know it was extremely hard for you guys. You guys were probably like “are you sure you have the right number, because this doesn’t sound like my child”. I know tears were shed. Egret doing what I did. Learned that it’s not fun having to get called out in front of a crowd of people. I’ve also learned that it takes a lot of time out of my life because I have to do many different things to get myself out of the situation. I even had to miss a class or TV because I had to go to a sheriffs office. It’s embarrassing to walk in that door and have to sit and talk about what I did.

This experience was the worst ever. I could’ve done a lot to prevent this situation from happening. I could have stayed home, I could have not been with the people I was with, or could have paid for everything. It was a stupid mistake. I lost a lot because of this stupid mistake. I lost trust in you guys and respect and my dignity. I regret that entire day. I realize I made an immature decision. I got caught up with someone else that was doing it and even though I knew it was wrong I still engaged in this action myself. I wasn’t thinking before did it. Isn’t considering the consequences that would happen if I was to get caught. I intend to correct my actions by completing this program, doing everything right, and focusing on improving myself from now. I would never in life for any reason or under any circumstances make it so that have to deal with this situation again. Also, I will make it so that you guys don’t ever have to deal with this situation again. It’s embarrassing for the entire household. Know you guys didn’t expect this from me. Knowing that I’m a good student in school, I do good things when I can, and that I’m your child. Admit I felt horrible having to sit in a room with officers taking down my information because just committed a crime. Having to stay in a room for almost three hours with officers that see me as a criminal. Also felt horrible when I had to explain to you guys why I did it, how it happened, who was with, and what made me do it. Not only did get questioned by you guys; also got questioned by the officers. Felt like I was getting interrogated which isn’t the best feeling in the world. Having to be in a room with you guys yelling at me for about an hour was horrible.

I couldn’t leave the room either because I put myself in the situation so I had to stay there and listen. Got lucky because if this program wasn’t around I’d be in court dealing with a judge. This will be the first and last time i shoplift. It wouldn’t be pretty if ever shoplifted again and have much worse things to do. I’d have to deal with a judge and probably worse. I’d lose all respect from o guys if i ever shoplifted again. It’s not worth it; it wasn’t worth it the first time and it sure won’t be worth it a second time.

Shoplifting is a selfish and unreasonable act. It’s unfair for me to benefit from shoplifting because I’m breaking the law. I understand why I’m in this situation. Accept all punishment. I understand that I deserve the punishment am receiving. I take full responsibility for what Eve done. Took things that didn’t belong to me. I didn’t work to get any of things I took, which means I didn’t deserve them. It didn’t feel right taking the things took. When took them felt guilty on the inside . I felt that it was wrong. But, I let peer pressure get to me.

Even though felt the way I felt still did it because of the other person that did it. Know now that I should be my own leader and let others actions guide me to do the wrong thing. I know what the consequences are of shoplifting. Know what I lost because of what did. None of this was worth it. Learned a very valuable lesson. I may have learned it the hard way, but I deserved to learn this lesson. Promise you guys I will never do anything like this again. I apologize for the embarrassment, the tears I made anyone shed, and the time I took out your lives.