AP Psych Erikson s stages essay

This stage is often associated with children who are in preschool. Ages between 3 and 6 c. They make and carry out plans, or they’re guilty for failing to do so. D. Some positive outcomes are that a parent who allows their child to do what he/she wants to do freely will allow the child to grow and become more of a unique individual. This freedom given to the child will serve to teach the child responsibilities and disciplines by himself/herself.

A positive outcome of a fearful parent is that the parent probably has some underlying season for why he/she is restricting their child from doing/wearing certain things. This reason could benefit the child’s safety. E. Some possible negative outcomes are that the child will not be able to learn a sense of independence, and this may further develop into them thinking that whatever they are doing is wrong. Another negative outcome for not addressing the issue IS self doubt and discouragement f. Fig Script: Initiative v.

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Guilt Benjamin Caliphate (B) – Boy who can’t be independent Jennifer Line (J) – Stage directions Elizabeth Mathew (E) – Girl who can be independent Dispatch Shank (D) – Benjamin and Elizabethan mother Anus Sod (A) – Benjamin and Elizabethan father Prologue: Today, you will meet two interesting siblings both are learning to develop into their preschool years.