Analysis Sample (The Real World) essay

The schooling system is constantly changing, as is the world and what it values. Many people have stated that they believe schooling does nothing to prepare their children or others children for the trials and challenges that come with “living in the real world. ” Christy Lee, a teacher, spoke out in an educational forum arguing that schools in this day and age are a part of the real world and essential for children. E begins her speech by stating that schools are currently readying their dents for the real world, and believes that those people who have an opinion against this are “click©d” and “Old”. Lee’s continues her speech and enforces her opinion by stating her previous experience as a teacher in both public and private schools. Lee includes the reader in her speech by using words like “we all need to”, encouraging the reader to feel inclined to comply with what Lee is saying. Throughout the next portion of her speech, Lee excludes the negative contributors, suggesting that they are outdated in some way.

Lee acknowledges other people who have experienced how schools prepare their children for the real world. Lee uses persuasive language to encourage readers to “consider the suggested initiatives for cooperation between schools, business and government. ” Lee implies in her speech that businesses owners expect schools to teach their students the correct training for their particular business, and to have the correct knowledge for it. In conjunction with her statements, Lee provides a photograph of a snowplows containing different types of schools alongside sinuses that a student may be employed in.

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Lee concludes her speech by mentioning the extra curricular activities/artistic classes that are generally singled out and criticized by the public. Lee argues that these subjects and sporting competitions assist and are reflected in the real world. Lee provides a table containing a profile of a real world student, demonstrating that the activities at school influence a young person’s deciduous pub the real world, and generally encourage the student to get or create work for themselves.