Amusement park essay

As we grow older, experiences grew together with us. Good afternoon, sir. I am Eunice and today I would like to talk about my most memorable experience. During the December holiday, my father brought my whole family to Sunday Lagoon. The attractions that I like the most were Scream Park, Extreme Park and Water Park. I didn’t like amusement park and wild life park because I felt that it was board playing in those parks. In Scream Park, We had to walk around inside the place for 20 minutes.

The workers there disguised as ghost or zombies, they would suddenly jump into our way or chased us. When all of us were walking inside, my sister and I saw ghost standing at the corner, and we thought that it is just trying to scare us, so we slow down and stared at it. Suddenly the ghost ran toward us, we were shock and started to scream and ran away. Even my father that was walking behind me screamed very loud and ran as fast as he could. We thought that 20 minutes have already past but it was just the starting.

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There would have some zombies that lock inside some cages and they would suddenly shout at us. After 20 minutes walking inside, we saw the word “exit’. All of us felt relief because we thought that it was over, but suddenly there was a zombie loading a chainsaw running toward us, all of us scream immediately and ran out. Another park that like the most was Extreme Park. It was really exciting there. We played most of the games and the game that I liked the most is the Bungee Trampoline. It was really exciting and fun there.

It is almost twelve when we finish playing in Extreme Park; we had our lunch at station 1 . After enjoy eating our lunch, we went to amusement park and wild life park. We only spent 30 minutes there because wild life park are just basically a lot of animals, and amusement park is similar with Extreme Park, but is was more suitable for young kids to play. The only game that found exciting in amusement park is the roller coaster. It was quiet exciting and I was just screaming for the whole time. The worse game is the candy land.

It was made for the young kid and it was really childish. After that, we move on to Water Park. There are many exiting games on water. The best game is the waterwheel AD Firstly, we went in and sat on the chair that were prepaid for us. Suddenly, the light switch off and water splashing on us from different direction. The show is about we were sitting on the roller coaster and we go through a lot of different adventures. The show takes about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, all Of us were really wet. This was the best game that I had played today.

After playing in the water park, it was already time to go home. I realized that became beerier. In the past, whenever I saw these types of games, I will immediately tell myself that I am not going to play these, but that day when saw those games I felt exciting and wanted play. This trip is really a memorable experience to me because I did not expect that it was so fun that I didn’t even feel like going home. Another reason was my family seldom spent times go to theme park together and this trip all of us were together.