America essay

Throughout the course, and as the semester is ending, I have learned a lot about Linguistics and some of its major scope. Moving on, we have been presented with various video documentaries pertaining to the study of language. How it has evolved around humans and how we adapt to the changes we undergo in our daily living are some of the topics being tackled in the documentaries. Telling tales (from explorations) is one of the studies under language and cognition.

And in the video, experiments were done on children and studied owe lying can be learned and they eventually discover the causes and effects of it to people. Children tend to lie to get away, and 70% of the children in the video would peak and when they peak, most of them will lie. Most of the time, the smartest kids are the one who lie more than the ordinary ones. Several concepts were also introduced to the class through the video. There are terms such as negation and aversion which are symptoms that accompany lies according to Walters. Negation is the term for the dropping of curtain-like behavior when people are lying.

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On the other hand, there are even machines that are related to lying. It is the polygraph. These are used by law enforcers in America for 50 years, and believed to be the best tool to detect liars but later found out that it is actually flawed. Other options were also presented in the video. Another one is through the brain waves. Several experiments were done and it is proved that it is more accurate in the given situations. The term for this is Brain Fingerprinting machine. Through a persons memory, the real story came out through this machine.