Air And Angels Poem Analysis essay

This turn of events caused Done to begin rating poetry expressing his doubt and shame Of being a Catholic as well as his other feelings of love lust and emotions. Coming from a long line of exiled writers John Donna’s expressionism and second nature literary technique seems almost genetic. Being Sir Thomas Mere’s fourth generation great nephew, Donna’s ideas weren’t too far from a Utopia. Unlike Utopia, which caused Sir Thomas More to be executed, Pseudo Martyr , Donna’s renunciation of the Catholic Faith gave him quite the platter of brownie points.

Stating that the people could still follow the king and obey the pope he king pressured reluctant Done to become a part of ministry by denying him any post other than inside the church. Air and Angels the poem is a double entendre with a separate meaning each time the poem is read. Having multiple meanings and ideas within his poems, John Donna’s words journeys through several minds all at once arriving at confusion and admiration. Reading Donna’s works once or twice will not provide understanding because each time a new idea and a greater depth of understanding will dance into the imagination.

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Donna’s Air and Angels poem is no exception to his twisted thoughts and knotted words. The difficulty level within this piece is revolutionary, yet cautious. Serving as a warning on how easily one can become emotionally attached and the difficulty level in reversing such an action, as well as giving examples of how beautiful one person’s love can be. From the initial meeting of that persons voice to the comfort it will bring. To the passion in their eyes and the love spewing from their souls. Their body is a temple for the soul inhabited by love.

Love is then compared to a warship carrying tones of wares or cargo. So much that the boat needs ballasting or extra stability to stay afloat. The first theme most people assume from reading the title is a spiritual one. Cleansing of the spirit understanding one’s faith, Done often wrote about religion and understanding and how innovative one can be within his own religion. Personifying his faith within an Angel Done declares his love for his faith. Faith is believing in something that has not been or cannot be seen.

Faith is his opening for the poem saying Twice or thrice I loved thee before knew thy face or name” the overwhelming force of the unknown speaks to the soul through angels and untamed all consuming love that takes over the mind, body and spirit. So powerful it forces a bow and praises to be lifted. 1 Calling his soul the child of love Done says that he called out to his faith to personify his souls parent, love, in a form he’d recognize, a human. 2 Done knows this human to be his love because of the confidence and control it has when it comes to flattery and insults.

Level headed and omnipresent with an intimidating sense of security it is an overwhelming presence. Feelings of inordinate love so prominent and heavy that it can sink a pinnacle with love the mere count of the hairs on the head. 3 Therefore Donna’s love isn’t of nothing because no en cannot love a none thing nor can they love everything everywhere at once. This making your love much like an angel’s wings and face of air. The angel itself is not pure but the air it wears forgives its flaws and makes it one of purity.

Much like the love from above making Done holy and forgiven of his mistakes. 5 The second theme is off man and woman’s love. Much like the difference between a man and woman ;s love, Neither are perfect but together they make a heaven on earth. Done begins with stating that before he saw his love he followed her voice and loved it. Wild and untamed like a lid fire her voice consumed him . He prayed and worshiped for her take a shape in which he would recognize as his love. He’d know her from her confidence her ability to balance her heart with his.

Their love overcome with emotion nothing will understand and be able to stay. Neither of them perfect but their love together is as pure as it can get. Done was a constant skeptic when it came to the religion of his country and his religious upbringing. Raised a Catholic he constantly fought with the world around him. Done completed his schooling to only be denied a degree because he fused to take an oath into the Anglican Church. John Done later started to question his stance within the church once his brother died of a fever in prison for providing sanctuary to a Catholic pope.

This all before him associating himself and his new wife because of them eloping against her father’s and her uncle’s,who was Donna’s then boss, wishes. They lived eight years as poor men with six children because of her father’s refusal to pay her wedding dowry. Air and angels are both symbols of purity and comfort. The comfort that is radiated from Donna’s words are mentally overwhelming hill the purity of his words The common themes of air and angel are the one of a man and woman with two different complex meanings of love and the second one about a man an angel and love.