Advertising between dreams and reality essay

However, some people abide to the proclaimed aims of advertising and offer a true and useful arrive to the consumer while others deviate from their dominant goal and this turn advertising as an inappropriate mean Of marketing for the family and the individual. Large societies who deal in trustworthy and needed products always resort to purposeful advertising. In this case, advertising is an advantageous and valuable mean of marketing. As the main aim of this companies is to offer a service to its consumers by introducing them to a new authentic products in the markets that will help and comfort them.

Such advertising campaigns attempts to improve the economic by expansion of the racket, it also help in producing huge number of goods and increase the sales, it develops the works of vendors as their works is notably enhanced by advertising; as selling and advertising are inseparable and it is said that all ads suppose to “create an anxiety relievable by purchase”, they should focus on the benefit of the consumer as well. Moreover it offers numerous employment opportunities.

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While on the social level ,advertising beside introducing products , it helps consumers to become more acquainted with new products, their variable uses and tell them about the new uses of reduces. Advertising also connect people directly to the manufacturer of the product, and this help ordinary people to buy in less prices and increases the profit of the manufacturer. Therefore, good advertising along with high quality products help in spreading the products successfully among consumers.

Although, worldwide companies of high quality products sometimes fail to grab the attention of the consumers when resorting to lousy and bad quality advertising that depend on going around the product without referring to its main aim in order to make silly story just to be more viewable. But this type of ads prove real failure as the viewer remember the story of the ad without the product presented -A company as Samsung have launched two ads for two new products ;the first one starts with a man and a girl preparing for certain ceremony; a wedding or an anniversary party.

From the first second the ad concentrates on the remarkable features of this mobile they are selling that distinct it from the other mobiles and it is the high quality camera ,so, the two couple starts taking pictures of natural scenes , moving objects and pictures in open areas at night showing the clear strictures and the high quality of the camera. Thus the ad recommends this mobile for those who use cameras professionally.

On the other hand, the same company launched an ad For smart TV which starts by a very pretty young lady wearing tiny shorts and shirt and waving to man in the other building as he thought Then, all man in the opposite building misunderstood her waving to be waving to them, they all run across the street to meet her but in fact she was waving to her to her W to increase the volume . The viewer of this add do not understand the nature of the product after more than two minutes out of three minutes which are the total time of the ad passes.

Moreover, the ad do not refer to any of the qualities of this smart TV, It just refers that you can increase and decrease the volume without touching it. Accordingly, this advertising fails in fulfilling its main aim in making the consumer acquainted with the smart T. V. Or even succeeded in grabbing the attention by this fabricated story that targets certain gender and certain age. Thus, this ad is only described as trivial and not important at all and this differentiates high quality advertising and low ones.

Thus, ads as a sort of racketing introduce consumers to new products and good marketing and advertising takes the quality of the ad and product they are selling into consideration in order to achieve success. On the contrary, some companies prefer going around the bushes in order to sell their products by any means, for their certainty of the lack of true service or the usage of their products. So, they resort the this bad quality type of advertising to convince the consumer by their alleged products.

Some of this advertising campaigns pave the roads for other ,for instance the ad that announces the opening of city stars in which families walking in this huge mall, buying from every single shop clothes , jewelries , accessories, makeup , perfumes, bags, and food. They are buying all this products while they are in their utmost happiness and joy as if buying is the only pleasure they will experience. By this type Of ads they are playing with the emotions of the general public, and trying to turn them into materialism. People starve for material goals. Hey want to convince them that happiness comes while buying, so that they will starve for buying anything in order to reach their point of happiness and by time nothing will e satisfying and they will always want to buy more and more. Then, they will turn into buying more luxurious objects above their economic ability and are not needed , but to satisfy their internal needs, by this ads, they try to direct people’s mind that luxurious objects will present to them more happiness and success and convince them that it is one of the important aims in life.

Other advertising campaigns succeeded in creating new needs for the consumers and convert them into principal needs. Accordingly, people rushes into buying a lot of products beyond their needs. Those campaigns play on he psychology of consumers and create new weaknesses in them, and then pushes them to those newly created needs and weaknesses, for instances, in Close up ads they always try to convince people that using their products will give them self confidence, and they will be attractive for the other sex without ever mentioning the main aim of this tooth paste.

These kinds of ads depend on cheap ideas to increase the number of their viewers. In addition to this ad, there is a lot carrying the same idea as the ad of Barrel they try to convince the consumer that by drinking their product will be a real man, actually they re playing on the values of society and relate the masculinity which is related to protection and sacrifice to drinking a mere drink.

Also in the ads of shampoos as Sunlit they uses an extraordinary model and try to convince the consumer that through buying their product they will be that pretty and their hair will be shiny, long and attractive as the model. In this kind of ads they always prepare the viewer to live in fancy dreams, and the realm of artificiality, and convince them that their life will be stunning on using their products. They always try to convince the consumer that he always need to et new products as a substitute of his old versions. One of the most disadvantages of these dreamy ads is its bad effect on the poor.

As many of this advertising are directed to particular class forgetting about other poor classes that maybe found in One country, for instance, an ad like Mountain view which is a residential compound for only the very high classes in society which is full of gardens, pools, flowers, and huge villas. Such ads of course make certain classes resentful on their way of living ,it also spread hatred between different social classes. Taking the economics of the country into inconsideration, companies spent huge amounts of money on advertising campaigns so; as a result the price of the product is exposed to considerable increases.

Therefore, another advantage of bad advertising is the unnecessary rise in prices along with creating new needs to the consumer and playing in their mind by relating happiness to buying products. In conclusion, advertising is a sort of marketing that has numerous advantages and demerits. Among the advantages of advertising is intros icing consumer to new products, offering job opportunities, improving the economic situation f the country, opening new markets, improving the work of the vendors.

On the other hand, some advertising campaigns have negative effect on people by playing on their desires and needs and convincing them by extra needs that they have previously created for them . Society turned to materialism, and people become obsessed only with satisfying their needs to the extent of neglecting more important issues. They become fully ignorant about many social, political and economic issues. Thus, the negative impact of advertising is more dangerous on society than the positive ones.