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This is because not exercising and smoking can affect your health hugely. There are other things that can contribute to our health such as going to bed at a reasonable time. This is because you will be getting the right amount of sleep your body will need to fulfill tasks in day to day life such as work. Getting the amount of sleep has a massive effect on your health due to people having a physical working job therefore need to have extra hours of sleep to recharge the body.

When you have drugs and alcohol this can have a have a very big negative affect on your health due to the drugs and alcohol having an impact on your mental state and physical state due to the possibility of not being fit to care for your children and also o could possibly lose your job which will also affect your health because you will no longer have the right amount of money to care for yourself. Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. To maintain good well-being you can engage in more activities to help you achieve a good social life.

Having a good social life helps your well-being because it stops you from being depressed. Well-being can also be when you are doing an activity what makes you feel relaxed such as listening to music or even playing video games. You can also have an impact on your well-being due to starting to do n activity for your enjoyment. Egg: joining a gym this will affect your well being simply because after you are improving your body this can help you feel more confident in yourself.

In reality your well-being is something that makes you more comfortable for example even being organized can have a massive affect on your well-being because you then will be able to sort out the work you have and also other things you have to keep such as bank statements. Having a bad well-being affects your overall mood, this can come from simple things such as being bored and also not being active, doing these impel things could have an impact on your well-being because when you are active you are more reasonably not going to be bored, when you are bored you seem not to concentrate and also you seem not to be motivated.

When these things are continuous it could affect your work due to you may not being motivated to do it. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages 1 . Some therapies can diagnose problems; examples of therapies that can do this are acupuncture and aromatherapy. Acupuncture can diagnose problems by looking at the quality of a pulse at certain locations of the body also acupuncture can diagnose skin problems and also if certain things wrong with the body this then leads then to curing the problems. The problems acupuncture can cure are back pain and depression.

Aromatherapy can diagnose problems by touching and feeling the body to if there are problems with the skin or muscle while performing an aromatherapy massage this can diagnose that there are problems within the body. This therapy can diagnose skin problems such as eczema. Diagnosing problems can help your health and wellbeing by detecting problems that you might have. This especially appeals to improving your health because you will be able to detect problems that you have/could have in the future therefore giving you the ability to prevent the illness in the foreseeable future. 2.

Complementary therapies are used to relax people from what problems they have for example depression. To cure depression you can use acupuncture, this is by the needles in acupuncture being inserted into certain places in the body; this releases tension and stress by putting acupuncture needles in specific points in the body which is believed to promote the body’s trial healing capabilities, This leads on to the therapies that can relax you can also be used as an aid to people with terminal illness’ this is because relaxing the person with the illness will take their mind of what is wrong with them.

If any therapy in fact is relaxing this could be beneficial to a person’s well-being because it might help them feel more comfortable in themselves with their problems you have. Acupuncture helps relax you simply due to it releasing tension and stress by the needles. Being relaxed and comfortable d because of this therapy will help you in day-to-day life because you will nearly feel happier because the stress you would have had is now gone. This also affects your health by the stress that you had could of affected how your body was working.

An example of this is that you possibly wouldn’t have had enough water and have not eaten properly therefore making you more stressed. 3. Complementary therapies can be used in a variety of different ways. They use a variety of methods such as using needles, medication and creams. Examples Of therapies that use these methods are acupuncture and also aromatherapy. Aromatherapy oils/creams can be rubbed into the skin and also inhaled by your nose. The needles are used in the therapy acupuncture.

Another way they can be used is by creams. The creams can be used in herbal medicines. Finally they can also be used via medication; the therapy that used medication is Herbal Medicines. The fact that complementary therapies can be used in numerous amounts of ways is very beneficial to your health due to the fact that you not be able to have a therapy which uses something you can’t have due to a medical condition. An example of this is the oils in herbal medicine due to people possibly being allergic to the oils.

If this the problem then another therapy could work to cure the problem you have such has acupuncture. This can be beneficial to our health due to certain people having problems with ways complementary therapies are used, for example in aromatherapy people may have eczema so rubbing oils into the body would aggravate the eczema making it worse. To counteract this the therapy could be inhaled to give a similar feeling of calmness therefore it is also affecting your well-being due to giving the feeling of calmness.

Disadvantages 1 . Some of the items used in complementary therapies can be allergic such as n the therapy Bach Flower Remedies. If you have one of the remedies when you are allergic to the remedies it could potentially lead to side effects such as: rashes, migraines and also fatigue. This can affect your health by potentially making it worse due to the side effects that could happen if you take the remedies if you are allergic to them. When you take/have things you are allergic to you could become very ill and possibly die.

This disadvantage can also affect your well- being because if you are experiencing pain as a side effect this could to having a lack of concentration. This can affect your well- being because when you are not concentrating you seem to be unmotivated. This then leads to you not being able to fulfill your full potential at tasks. An example of this is doing your revision, if you do not revise for exams and tasks this could impact your life by a lot because if you do not get good grades it could lead to not being able to find a job. 2.

Another disadvantage is that some therapies are expensive such as acupuncture and reflexology. These therapies cost quite a lot due to the physical actions of the therapies. These therapies might be expensive and articulacy hard to afford. As well as the reason of if you have little money therapy/ treatments are wasteful because you might not be able to afford it. People who can’t afford therapies will more likely spend their money on essential things such as food and water. If people still want to have therapy when having little money this will potentially lead to debt.

This can affect your well-being due to stress being created when having debt, this is because you have to pay back the money you owe and you possibly might not have the money to pay back. Stress can also have a big impact on your health, for example in this case if you are spending valuable money on therapies which should be used on food and drink you will not be achieving the guidelines of food and drink you will be needing in one day. Another way this can affect your health and well-being is by depression.

This is due to not having the funds that you need to attend the high price therapies. This is by not benefiting from what the therapy can offer to help the problems such as stress and headaches which potentially be cured by expensive therapies. 3. Most people believe that therapies are a waste of time due to there not Ewing a lot of scientific evidence that they can treat these problems. For some therapies such as acupuncture there is evidence that it cures back pain but there is not enough evidence to say that all therapies work to cure problems.

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